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Ravenna Al

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On 4/25/2020 at 6:31 PM, Ravenna Al said:

My solitaire league is the WMLMF - West Michigan League of Miniature Football. It is a fantasy league consisting of 22 teams, most of which are of my own creation. I started with 4 teams in it's 1st season, expanded it to 8 teams the next year, and then added more each season until I had reached the 22 teams that are in it now. The last few years that I ran the league I played a 9 or 10 week season (games actually, as a weeks worth of games takes me about a month to play) for each team, then ran a 4 team playoff ending with a championship game that I call the Gumbo Bowl. The WMMF is split into two conferences, each with two divisions. The Paranormal and World Domination divisions are in the North Conference, while over in the Un-North Conference is the Lifestyles and Potpourri divisions. When I decided to make my own teams, I couldn't decide whether to make them with home or away jerseys, Istead, I went with the offense having away uni's and the defense having home uni's. My reasoning is that when you are on offense, you are attacking, usually someplace away from home. When you are under attack, you are defending your home. This is opposite of many other leagues I've seen that split the offense and defense wth different jerseys. Anyways, here is a little background information and the rosters of each team........


The Paranormal Division – The Paranormal Division starts with one of the original 4 teams that I made around 15 or 16 years ago. They won the first 2 Gumbo Bowls and have been in the playoffs every year. They're big, hairy, smelly and don't even wear any uniforms. Of course, I'm talking about the Canadian Sasquatch. They prefer to pound the ball with their 2 stellar running backs, Grog and Muckman. When they aren't running the ball, they resort to Stinkwater, one of the top quarterbacks in the league. His favorite target is the undisputed top tight end, Tipper. On defense they rely on one of the WMMF's best tackles, Tank, who is always in the top 10 in tackles. They also have one of the premier defensive backs in Gopher.




4 Flowers RB             27 Stickums LCB

7 Stinkwater QB       39 Gopher SS

14 Badgas WR          40 Junior FS

20 Trotter RB           43 Ralph RCB

21 Muckman RB     55 Chappy LLB

32 Grog RB              57 Thinker RLB

50 Rocky LT            62 Spook MLB

61 Kenji RT             66 Bubbles MLB

67 Jojo RG              77 Shorty RDE

70 Ho-Chi C            82 Too Tall LDE

72 Stump LG          91 Patches NT

80 Tipper TE          96 Tank RDT

81 Theodore WR    99 Shy Guy LDT


K - 3 Bunyons


Head Coach: Shaquille O’Neal

Sasquatch 1.JPG

Sasquatch 2.JPG

Love it very innovative!

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