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LONG ISLAND EFL (Established 1972)

About This League

Long Island Electric Football League was formed in 1972. The rich tradition and history of the LIEFL features all 32 NFL teams 67 BIG MEN, in Home/Away Uniforms with eight consistent coaches responsible for four teams each. This is our 7th straight seven-game format season after playing ten 14-game seasons.
  1. What's new in this league
  2. As kids what did we know? We did the best we could to understand football because we played organized football. The 1978-79 Long Island EFL season had 19 teams and 4 different Conferences, two for the American Football League and two for the National Football League... We called the league the OLD AFL before we merged and invested in the league, teams, and new bottoms doing chores to make extra money to pay for them and having our parents help us. The Denver Broncos were one of those new teams that we added to our league after they played the Dallas Cowboys in NFL Super Bowl XII in 1978 Tudor Games featured the Cowboys and the Broncos when you went to buy a new game in the store. Those Denver Broncos became one of our most powerful teams and it was the first time we transitioned to using the total team control player bases. That season they beat the Miami Dolphins 8-5, delivering the Dolphins first loss in 73 games. We loved electric football that much. We had Eddie, Paul, Kevin, Robby, Joey, and William. We made it work. 1978 PDF Long Island Electric Football Standings.pdf
  3. Long Island Electric Football 1976-77 Tournament Super Bowl II. What is incredible about these records is that we actually had the savvy as nine and ten year old's to save an enormous amount of data that we wrote down as a rule in our league. The manila folders for each team for each season are mind-boggling! The time warp has returned into a throwback era which we saved everything! All stored in boxes, bins and in a really old dresser in our garage. It's hard to explain some of the things we do when we our kids, but thank goodness for having the foresight to initiate a lifelong tradition of keeping impeccable records for the Long Island Electric Football League. We are rich with tradition and incredible that we save every season on paper, now on computer since we started the league nearly 50 years ago! We would love to know your thoughts and read all about your leagues. 1976 Long Island Electric Football Championship Tournament.pdf
  5. A recap of an amazing Long Island Electric Football League Super Bowl XI! --feel free to check out our page with some amazing rich tradition and history! OFFICIAL JULY 2020 RECAP OF LONG ISLAND EFL SUPER BOWL XI.pdf
  6. If you enjoy reading about electric football, here is a little history about the Long Island Electric Football League: This year Long Island EFL celebrates our 49th year in the hobby with Long Island Super Bowl XVI, in the Granddaddy of them all! In 1971, I had the chance to step on the Miami Dolphins field at the Orange Bowl in Miami while we were on vacation as children. In those days people could just walk right into the stadium without being stopped. I couldn't have been more than nine-years old. We had watched the Monday Night game the night before on television. My older cousin Julio, who was in high school at the time, promised to take us to the stadium the next day. True to his promise, he walked me thru the entire stadium, although you couldn't go into the locker rooms. But the magic of being able to step on the field, which was turf, gave me a mesmerizing and overwhelming sensation because I found a piece of a Miami Dolphins Aqua player's Jersey while people were cleaning the stadium up. A man cleaning the bleachers called me over to him and he handed me a book. It was a Dolphins magazine with Dolphin Quarterback Bob Griese on the front cover. I still have it to this day, but the whole episode quickly made me an instant Dolphins fan. Fast forward to 1972, my love for electric football became contagious when my mother, an International and Olympic volleyball player from Havana, Cuba bought and taught me to play this memorable game. Mom was an avid sports fan and athlete and she saw that the game sparked interest in me after walking onto that field at the Orange Bowl in 1971. The first original teams we had were the Dolphins and Packers who played in LIEFL Super Bowl I on December 28, 1974, which we called the AFL Championship Game in which I played with the Miami Dolphins who beat Mom's Green Bay Packers 24-17 on the kitchen table. She didn't look so happy, or maybe she let me win, but her competitive nature got the better of her and in 1975, Mom helped us expand by ordering from those old order forms that Tudor provided, the Bears, Rams, Steelers, Giants, and Raiders. The game quickly became popular with all the kids in the neighborhood, thanks to our parents, we all joined forces and started collecting all of the NFL teams any chance we had when Tudor Games, located on Johnson Street in Brooklyn, NY., had those massive electric football sales of $1 per team. Living close to Brooklyn on Long Island, we now wonder why it took so long for the teams to be delivered because we were less than 30 miles away from the Johnson Avenue Tudor Games facility. But, we received the teams with amazing excitement as we numbered our players to match the stars of the time, and the gridiron of the metal board became our childhood addiction. I am sure the game kept us from a lot of trouble too. We then graduated to 19 teams with a mixed version of the AFC and the NFC broken into AFC Conference I and II, and NFC Conference I and II by our 1978 season. As we look through our files it is incredible that we kept all of this information as you can see from the files we have shared thus far. It wasn't long after that we collected all 32 teams in their home and away uniforms making for an awesome league. Check this fascinating fact out. At nine years of age we had the insight to keep meticulous records. As we dig up an entire bin of league records beginning in 1975, you will find our league has a rich history and tradition with all of the details, statistics, standings, and records for all 32 NFL teams that are more than 40 years old. We have every record of every game in this league, including tournaments against outside leagues since the late 70's as we celebrate our 16th Super Bowl this year 2020 after picking the game back up in 2008. When I graduated from high school in Tampa in 1981, I traveled back to Miami in May of 1980 a few times because my grandmother lived there and it was completely transformed. There were riots going on in the streets of the Overtown section in Miami the first time I went back. And in 1982, when I visited again, I got to go see the great game between the Chargers and the Dolphins in the playoffs on January 2nd 1982 when Tony Nathan ran the hook and ladder play and the Dolphins lost to the Chargers 41-38 in an epic game. You could no longer walk freely into the stadium in 1982, and in 2008 the historic Orange Bowl was demolished to make way for the Marlins MLB stadium. 2020 is a hallmark year for us. Thanks to Tudor Games for allowing us all this platform to inform people about our leagues, we will take you inside the LIEFL with all of the excitement and joy it brings us. Tudor Games inspired us to keep the hobby going! We understand that our league information may be meaningless to you, but it is the spirit in all of us that spark our love for the game that matters most. LIEFL's rich tradition and yours is what makes us respect and embrace everyone's leagues around the world. Like all leagues, we fantasize and bring our own vision of reality through our leagues and player figures as metal-board warriors uplift men and women, and children who find joy, laughter and wonderful camaraderie as we all make new friends around the world. Electric Football is nothing less than an outstanding way to commemorate this incredible hobby that only we who play the game would understand. In reminiscing, our 2017 season was the beginning of Draft pick strategies that work to affect. Buffalo's OJ Simpson crushed many LIEFL long standing records which collapsed the test-of-time by dismantling our defending LIEFL 2016 Super Bowl Champion Detroit Lions and everyone in their path. While we thought it was a great match-up on paper, the Bills and the "Electric Company" became our second Wild Card Team to win a Super Bowl, setting a new standard for the league (See the Video Below). In 2019, we decided to change the rules to better suit the competition, with three guards and two tackles allowed on the front line so that the running game would expand the excitement of the game and the receivers would be three to four inches from the left and right side of the line adding to the excitement of man-to-man coverage. In our league you have only 40 seconds to set up your play. The theory of player set-ups changed the game with the outside lanes now open for running backs to risk-reward run and defenses to adjust to 5-I formations in the trenches. Sensation was the result of the changes with players now doing things we never thought possible. We know you have had the same experiences and that is the cool part of the game as it comes to life! I am sure this has happened to all of you when a great team does things you couldn't predict, and they play so great in that moment, but fail the following season. That to us is a great league when we use Japanese Kaizen Philosophy as a way to utilize "constant continuous improvement" for the betterment of the league . As we draft new and exciting bottoms the league continues to evolve just like it does in the NFL when new Drafted players compete with the best-of-the-best in an already established league. All of us in this LIEFL group of childhood friends were athletes who love a variety of sports played here on Long Island from Lacrosse, Football and Wrestling, to Hockey, Martial Arts, Basketball, and even Soccer. Here we are 40 years later transforming the game to never before seen heights for us. As we have gotten older we set a new standard. We went from playing a 14 game season to a seven game NFL season with all 32 teams which begins August 1, and ends December 15th. This will be our 5th straight seven-game season and we are loving it! While we may be a long way from the 1972 start when Mom showed me how to play this game, we will play five more seasons until 2025 and then realize that this ageless game should be donated to someone who treasures the memories just like we did as life comes to a close. Lets keep this rich tradition of electric football alive and historic so it too creates its own legacy. For these incredible player figures that come to life in our leagues ... Tudor Games, We Salute You! This August, we will provide a full range of information as our season kicks off complete with week-by-week schedules, scores, highlights, accurate LIEFL statistics, including Rushing, Receiving, Offense, Defense, Playoff, Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, and Historic games records as the season unfolds. (See last season's "2019 Season Recap" Below). God Bless America! With Love the LIEFL, William O'Connell 1981 LONG ISLAND ELECTRIC FOOTBALL LEAGUE.pdf
  7. Electric Football! Sunday, Sep 17, 2006 by Bob "BobServo" Mackey Great Moments in Electric Football History Just like any other sport played over the last 50 years, electric football has a significant legacy to it. Yes, your real football has events like The Immaculate Reception, The Miracle on Ice, and Tom Landry’s famous killing spree when he thought his famous hat was stolen; electric football is not lacking any of these moments. There are at least six. Listen folks, as electric football’s primary historian, I can only do so much. Record keeping would be a lot easier if this game wasn’t played mostly by the illiterate. Prepare to be astounded by ELECTRIC FOOTBALL’S GREATEST MOMENTS! With the abolition of the ELF Negro Leagues, exciting multi-cultural game boxes such as this one were produced. Here, a young Alfonso Ribeiro is clearly enjoying himself. December 14, 1960: The Electric Football Negro Leagues are abolished and Larry “Emancipation” Daniels becomes the first black electric football player drafted into the EFL. Unfortunately, at this time sale of electric football to African-Americans was outlawed by most electric football commissioners (who believed that giving non-whites something to harness the power of electricity would only lead to race wars). Only in 1984 would the popularity of The Cosby Show change the minds of these men and finally make electric football available for one and all. Let freedom ring! January 9, 1974: The final play of the 1978 EFL finals. A freak vibration pops 39 year-old Vince Schmeckler’s QB off the table and onto the filthy carpet of the Suburban Assembly of God rec room. This game marks the first electric football win by temper tantrum, a strategy that most EFL players would adopt in the future. September 28, 1979: A tragedy: At Sacramento Plastics and Poison, the foremost producer of electric football sets, worker Pedro Martinez’s body gets stuck in the massive, unforgiving machinery of the factory. When plant owners are too budget-conscious to temporarily stop production and free the trapped worker, a massive strike is held that threatens the very future of electric football. Luckily, most serious electric football players knew at least nine to fourteen other people who had barely-touched electric football sets in their closets. May 7, 1987: Another tragedy: The EFL, trying to capitalize on the then-famous “Superbowl Shuffle,” rounded up a group of epileptics to videotape dancing for their new “Electric Football Shuffle.” In order to simulate the unique movements of electric football players, high-powered strobe lights were pointed at these epileptics to make them go into violent convulsions. Needless to say, TV viewers found this event nightmarish, which further tarnished the great majesty of electric football. November 16, 1992: 52 year-old Vance Turkle wins the 1992 regional EFL championship, and the custom designed trophy that goes along with it. When his mom comes to pick him up, tragedy strikes the ELF once again, and her words, “I don’t want that damn thing in my house,” causes Turkle to throw a traditional league-approved EFL tantrum. But with this tantrum… there were no winners; Turkle’s mother refused to budge on her anti-trophy stance. Vance retired from the league shortly thereafter. September 17, 2006: Keith Jackson’s Pro Electric Football 1958 goes into production, marking the first new electric football game to be produced in over 20 years. The shock-waves produced by this event are not unlike that of The Holocaust. LONG ISLAND EFL COMMISSIONER PROFESSOR WILLIAM O'CONNELL'S RESPONSE. In no way is my response related to Tudor Games or their opinion, it is my opinion and response to the blog that the above author wrote. While I am not sure I believe all of what the author blogs because I have not had the opportunity to officially fact-check the information in his article, the information he writes about Larry "Emancipation" Daniels amazed me in that these human problems against people of color still exist today. My mother was an Olympic athlete who basically brought the United Nations of friends to our home as children, and that is how we grew up--blinded to any color. About the only intelligent thing the author said in the article is referring to the emancipation and introduction of an African-American player into the game of electric football. The author refers to people who play electric football as "illiterate" in that 2006 article. Illiterate? To dare imply we electric football fanatics are illiterate illustrates how ignorant the author's statement is. Electric football is not only a game that requires skills, but it is a thinking person's game which requires all motor skills using many techniques to play the game. Electric Football is a game that knows no limits in reaching our world in a positive way. Finally, the pattern the author flagrantly uses in his labeling of us as illiterates because we play this amazing hobby, is theoretically part of our schemata and the organizational pattern of perception called, "Proximity" which is classifying us all who play this amazing game as, the word, illiterate implying that we "dumb" illiterates play a "dumb" game. There are a few unknown invariables that we would need to know in terms of how the author interpreted "us illiterates" to draw those conclusions. Perception-checking is part of free-thinking intellectualism on a meta-cognitive level. "When visually distinguishing different things in the organization of our perceptions, if a group of objects are close together, we guess that they are part of a larger whole," and that is not limited to how we group and characterize people as a whole. That is perception, at the heart of all communication. Tudor Games leadership under its new ownership has made huge progress in their role being responsible connecting people from all walks of life together regardless of color and gender. Because they are responsible, we want to buy from Tudor because we believe they recognize the power of people in a country torn by racial division and injustice because you know, the hobby of electric football does not discriminate. The Long Island Electric Football will always be about equality and justice. Maybe we should all add Larry “Emancipation” Daniels to our leagues and commemorate his bravery and dedication to a Sport he loved, but more important to a cause he believed in by breaking the racial divide and barriers in this country, including in electric football! Now announcing in the Long Island Electric Football League, for the Kansas City Chiefs, #27 Larry "Emancipation" Daniels!

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