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My new AC controller dropped to the floor and now won't work - suggestions?


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I just got the new $69.99 AC controller for my Ultimate board. Seemed great while I've had it the past few weeks.

But just now, the box part (the one that all the cords plug into) slid off my table and fell onto my wooden floor.

It didn't fall hard, and nothing appears broken. But now I turn it on and - nothing. I removed the box cover and looked inside. The inner tightening ring to the AC jack was loose, so I re-threaded it and tightened it up. But all the wires appear connected and I can't see any reason why anything wouldn't work.

Any ideas?


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Very sorry. 😵‍💫 Not a clue.

Can you plug the motion generator directly into a wireless remote? Then use the remote control to turn the generator off and on until you can get a new AC controller from Tudor? Or, perhaps plug the motion generator into a surge protector and use the surge protector to turn the motion generator on and off.

I've turned my AC controller permanently on and I only use a remote control. I picked up the remote at an ACE Hardware.

Enjoy the Journey   T43   🏈♾️

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8 hours ago, Daryl Collins said:

I would enjoy seeing a picture of this setup,


Following the flow of electricity.

  • Power comes into the Two-outlet remote control Receiver.
  • The electric Clock with red sweep hand plugs into one Receiver outlet.
  • The motion generator Power Cord plugs into the other Receiver outlet.
  • When the hand-held remote control transmitter is turned ON then electricity flows to the Clock and to the Converter Box.
    • (When the hand-held remote control transmitter is turned OFF then electricity stops flowing to the Clock and to the Converter Box.)
  • Electricity flows from the Converter Box, through the Y adaptor, and into Patch cords 1 and 2.
  • Patch cords 1 and 2 transmit electricity to wave generators 1 and 2.
    • (wave generators are shown in actual location under the field)

I wrap a rubber band around the button on the Tutor Play Action Remote so that the Play Action Remote is permanently ON.




Enjoy the Journey.    T43.     🏈♾️

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Using my basic knowledge of electronics. 
check the following with a multi meter. 
Set the meter to register VDC 

Turn on ac switch 

Test output of converter for voltage, connect converter to the box (leave on)

Test box output to controller for voltage, connect controller (closed switch; speed dial to maximum)

Test box output to generator for voltage.

This will find the faulty component.👍🏾


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35 minutes ago, Daryl Collins said:

That is the coolest!!

Thank you. The wireless remote enables me to control the action on the field with my left hand and film the action with my right hand. I'm sure AARP would say that's good for my brain health. I hope. 🤞😃

Enjoy the Journey    T43    🏈♾️

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