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I didn't know who David Nickles is.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - ...The game of electric football--characterized by a buzzing board, hand-painted football player figures and exuberant boys--captured the imagination of the 1970s generation before video games were all the rage.

But don't tell the electric miniature football enthusiasts from around the country converging on Oxford, Ala., this weekend that the era is over. They are still in love with the game of their childhood, and will show it off at the Bama Blast convention and championship. 

The event is taking place Friday through Sunday at the Holiday Inn Express in Oxford, and is a qualifying event for the Miniature Football Coaches Association (MFCA) national championships in Cleveland in August.
Bama Blast founder David Nickles said that electronic football has enthralled people for decades, and new fans of the hobby are being added all the time. "It's been around a long, long time and a lot of people have great memories of it from childhood," Nickles said. "It started before video games, and young kids come to our event and just love it."  Nickles began playing electric football when he was 10-years-old, when his favorite professional team was the Cincinnati Bengals. Today, the players he brings to competitions such as the Bama Blast are painted as Bengals or Oregon Ducks (his favorite collegiate team).                      Published: Jun. 05, 2014, By Cheryl Wray for Alabama.com
Now I do know the name. Thank you Tudor Forum Coaches ❣️
Happy Birthday David 🎂
Enjoy the Journey    T43.    🏈♾️
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I have known David Nickles for near 25 years. One of the first people I met and got to know through this great game and hobby.  I first met him in 1999 at the Miggle Convention and Super Bowl of Electric Football Tournament in Philadelphia, PA. For several years I traveled to Alabama to play in the Bama Blast Tournament and to participate in leagues in that area. I true ambassador of the game.  

If you go to my YouTube Channel (The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum - YouTube) you can find a lot of videos featuring David, the Bama Blast and much more. 

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