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Should’ve never left


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As a Titans fan I have mixed emotions about seeing my boys in our Oilers throwbacks. I love the Oilers uniforms to death. The most beautiful uniforms ever. I just wish we could’ve worked something out to bring the Oilers back to Houston. Heck, the Browns did it! Believe it or not I still have a tough time even after 26 years with losing the Oilers. But go Titans! Now there is something that would make me feel a little better. Some Houston Oilers pre-painted teams! Mr Nutt if you’re reading this please hear my plea!

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I remember going to a sports shop in downtown Gatlinburg and seeing “Tennessee Oilers” gear back in the day. Felt wrong. Houston should’ve retained the Oilers name, for sure! I’m in agreement, as long as there are electric football pro teams made by Tudor, there should be throwback Oilers teams in the mix! I bought Uni-Forms in home and away and they look great! So will pre-painted teams when released. I know there is still a market for Oilers gear. Teams, field covers, ect., will all sell!

Luv Ya Blue! Indeed.

Journey On!

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Here is something I had never heard before.

From a Facebook post. 

“#BudAdams founded the Houston #Oilers. He then moved that team to #Nashville and as part of the deal, he was asked to change the name in exchange for keeping the team’s history. Thus the Houston Oilers became the Tennessee Oilers and then the Tennessee #Titans.”

Ashley Farrell - Senior Producer, Broadcasting for the Tennessee Titans


To all the fans, especially those who followed the Oilers from Houston to Tennessee & stayed loyal to this franchise, tomorrow will be a special day for all of us & win or lose I just wanted to say I hope it’s one of the best days you’ve ever experienced as Oilers/Titans fans.


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Thank you for sharing this. I have never heard this information either. I was hopeful for a hot second that something like what happened with the Browns would happen with us but those hopes were quickly dashed when the announcement came out that the Houston Texans were on the way in 1999. With their first season being 2002. It was a no brainer to move with the Titans with all my boys. Eddie George, Steve McNair and coach Jeff Fisher.

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