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Favorite EF statistics...?


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Ladies and Gentle Dudes, 
Hope all is well with you. Keeping an aggressive schedule still trying to catch up season 19 from delays caused by COVID! Halfway through the last round of regular season games is putting me close to my goal of completing the regular season by Christmas. Season 19 post-season games unfortunately will not finish until after New Year's Day. 😞 Finishing those games and then completing season 20 by Christmas 2024 should not be a problem if I continue with the current schedule. Some interesting facts are becoming apparent.
I love statistics, especially since as much randomness as possible is plugged into my league. I don't pay attention to team standings as they finish out their seasons. I believe I've already shared how in a previous year, Tennessee, San Diego, and Philadelphia all ended up in the same division, upon which Philadelphia won that division. All 3 ended up in a higher ranked but still the same division. Philadelphia won that division too, way kewl. 🙂 Now then onto my current season.
Recently, Pittsburgh beat Atlanta, leaving them with just 1 loss each but, Atlanta's offensive point total earned them the division win and a spot in the playoffs. Now another excellent statistic popped up. Jacksonville beat the New York Jets 7-6 but because there was a 3-way tie of 1 loss each and the score was so low, San Francisco actually won the division by 10 points! Does that make sense? 
My question to coaches [like favorite plays or games] is - Do you have any favorite statistics from your leagues? Hope you enjoyed this. 
Blessings to all, Curt 🙂

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1 hour ago, Curt said:

[like favorite plays or games] Do you have any favorite statistics from your leagues?

I watch for a reduction in consistency. Once a player is tweaked, the player immediately starts to untweak. The statistics help me see this change. 📊📈

In my last game — Oughtin' Otters vs Quick and the Dead — the Oughtin' Otters halfback #39 started to run straighter and straighter. #39 is suppose to run a 30-yard curve to the left. By the end of the game he was curving right. The Otters are a left-handed team so this was a wretched development and resulted in a punt and a turnover on 4th down.

My statistics record if a play goes to the left, right, or straight. T5L is a sweep to the left.

In Season 28 Otters' #39 ran T5L 16 times and gained 52 yards in game 1, 103 yards in game 2, 59 yards in game 3, & 46 yards in game 4, 

In Season 31 Otters' #39 ran T5L 13 times and gained 33 yards in game 1, 45 yards in game 2, -1 yard in game 3, 16 yards in game 4.

In the first game of this season Otters' #39 ran T5L 4 times for 9 yards. Otters' #39 rushed for 209 yards in the game on dive plays. 

So, Otters' #39 is on injured reserve 🤕🤒 which is NFL speak for retweaking.

Enjoy the Journey   T43   🏈♾️

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On 10/14/2023 at 5:33 AM, Coach Shawn said:

I enjoy sacks and pressures.  
using stick passing allows you to add pressure on the QB as a stat.   If pressure is achieved you add an extra measure to your target ball placement  thus making it a more difficult completion.

I'm with Coach Shawn. I like sacks and pressure because they can be such game changers.

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