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Round front vs square front

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So when I look at the list of Pro-Line bases, I notice the round front bases are out of stock. Are they that much more popular, or is there something I’m missing? I would get square front bases for my line but I don’t know whether to wait for the rounded bases to come back in stock. I’ve read the literature, I just want to make a coaches informed decision to outfit my team. 
Also, do the words strength and fast accurately apply here?


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On 7/17/2023 at 12:40 PM, Daryl Collins said:

square front bases for my line

Maybe. 😃🤚 Maybe not.

My offensive lines have three blocking schemes (pulling guards, tackles, and TEs aside). 

1. Influence blocking is where each base on the offensive line is programmed to block in the same direction, and

2. Double team blocking, and

3. mano y mano blocking.

I don't have any Proline bases anymore so I'm using ITZ flat-front and ITZ round-front bases to illustrate my blocking schemes.

I recruited round-front bases from the offense (the Arctic Vortex QB wanted to play center or he was walking 😃) and I paid them Time-and-a-half. 😃

My bottom line is that I don't see much difference between the blocking, or attack, of round-front bases and flat-front bases.

There is definitely a difference from one player to another and not all offensive lineman are good at every type of blocking scheme. A powerful left tackle (as illustrated in the first two video clips) is essential.

Enjoy the Journey  T43  🏈♾️


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Excellent post! I looked at ITZ bases. Right now, in part, thanks to you, I have plenty of bases to play with. When I get there, I suppose I’ll go with what I know. I am intrigued though. Hard to believe all those years ago, I played with the same 24 bases dealt in the game for YEARS!

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The idea behind creating round front bases and straight front bases is that the flat front would allow a blocker to "stick" to the front of an opposing player or if on an RB they would stick to the back of a "lead blocker". Round front bases would allow a player to fight off the block of an opposing player and receivers to be able to escape from a cover corner on the line of scrimmage. 

The 2004 Fall Issue of "Plugged In!" has an excellent article regarding proline bases. It is well worth the read. It can be found in the NEFGM Library. 

Plugged IN!! – The National Electric Football Game Museum (nefgm.org)

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Man, do I love those old “Plugged In” mags! So happy they are available. So I’m raring to go get some Pro-line bases…. When they become orderable. (Spellcheck says not a word) I’ll order a bunch at one time and get different ones to play with. If I can build a team that dominates with them,(Black Helmet Saints), I will be a happy camper! If they don’t turn out as well as I hoped, it’ll still be a fun experiment. I won’t go in with my expectations sky high like I did all those years ago when the Pro-lines first came out. I brought those same bases out just the other day to see what I could do with them. Maybe I just got a really bad batch. It could happen. I don’t think it will be that way again.

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