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2020 Long Island EFL Week#4 Los Angeles Chargers (2-1) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-2)

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September 14, 2020. Tampa, Florida

Raymond James Stadium

Raymond James Stadium, also known as "Ray Jay", is a multi-purpose stadium located in Tampa, Florida where the LIEFL Commissioner William O'Connell graduated High School. It is home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League as well as the NCAA's South Florida Bulls football team and the Tampa Bay Vipers of the XFL. The stadium seats 65,618. With the addition of temporary seating, it can be expanded to 75,000 for special events.

THE COUNTDOWN: The Long Island Electric Football League will be featuring NFL stadiums between week-4 and week-5 from a different artistic angle!

Pay no mind to their records, it is a real challenge playing in an intense league for $$$ with eight decent coaches, as each week these coaches try to outperform the previous week in a Kaizen, or "change for the better" approach to electric football.

The controversy in the Long Island Electric Football League about coaches began when Slawson's Corner and Long Island Sports Hall of Fame Analyst and Historian Andrew Slawson, critiqued LIEFL rookie Coach Levi Vick's performance as a new coach, calling him a "disaster" and an embarrassment." Now, Vick is in the "hot-seat" this season. In a tight 5-3 majority vote yesterday with Vick present the league decided that if "wetback" Coach Levi Vick (3-12) doesn't perform to ten wins this season, he may not make the cut for next season, and he will be replaced by a waiting list of 10 coaches who believe they can perform at a very high-level in the LIEFL. 

Apparently there is someone with a 50-win, win streak from the Shinnecock Bush League who has won three straight Super-Bowls in a 32 person league. If it's true, we want that person in this league.  We would need some proof before we just add another person. It's possible to keep Vick and a new person, if members are willing to give up a team for a new coach, but we'd need ten coaches so it would mean adding two coaches and the $$$ win pool would grow to almost $4,000 for a Super Bowl Winner! The most important thing is to have guys who will stay committed. 

Commissioner Billy O'C said, "In my experience most leagues compete at a high-level, so it's really all relative. I have played against some tremendous coaches around the country. It is really a matter of rules that can dictate some of the outcome of a game. I really like what I see in Vick, and some guys take this too seriously. We can't all be champions, and we can't win every game, that is absurd to think any other way. The guy has done well with what he has. Once he gets his mind wrapped around the league and the drafts, then if he fails we can judge, but he is learning a lot. What I like about the LIEFL is the pace, the no-stop rules, the no-turn rules, and the split-second decisions we have to make because of the rules. It makes the energy and flow of the game a stressful real-feel style to the game." Coach Pizz, who is coaching today has taken a lot of criticism because he brought Vick in. Pizz said in defense of Vick," Vick did win a Super Bowl in a 20 person league. He can't be that bad, but maybe the league wasn't intense, who knows.

This WEEK#4 Long Island Electric Football League game match-up will be a battle to stay alive in the season's playoff picture. One false move between the 2019 battle-hardened and AFC Divisional Championship Game finalist Los Angeles Chargers (2-1), or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-2),could mean disaster for either team!  The Bucs face a premiere back in Coach Viggs Los Angeles Chargers All-Pro LaDanian Tomlinson. Tomlinson is the #2 rusher in the AFC, with six touchdowns and 380 yards rushing--totaling 627 yards already for the 2020 season, but the Chargers will have their hands full too, with the Ricky Bell-Jimmie Giles combo.

These two are for real! They have a combined total almost 700 yards, and Giles was explosive against the tough NFC Conference finalist, Carolina Panthers with his devastating 223 yards in kick-returns, which beat Carolina, 21-17! Coach Pizz has his Buccaneers in prime condition for today's game against a fierce and hungry Chargers team. Coach Viggs said,"The Chargers at (2-1) are the best team in the AFC I feel. I know that Miami and Indianapolis can't beat us, so our biggest threat is here and now in Tampa. Do you understand? I don't look further than here and now. We have a very challenging schedule, so I have to win some road games in order to get were we need to go." Pizz said, "We are going to have to slow down their running game and make quick, sound decisions to beat Viggs and LA. Nothing comes easy. They have a song that says that ... it don't come easy, and it won't!"

c1art.thumb.jpg.b73a8b95b09706fcf731be332e28c775.jpgTHE PLAY-BY-PLAY: Los Angeles Chargers (2-1) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-2)

As the intensity built before the game with all of the league controversy swirling. Here we have an NFC team playing an AFC team and there's always a different level of competition that rises to that occasion because these coaches really do value the AFC-NFC, Who's-Who of the league, and for Coach Eddie Viggs his Los Angeles Chargers are one of those teams that plays a different style when they're playing NFC teams.

On the first down Chargers All-Pro lineman Earl Faison and Ernie Ladd, the AFC best lineman last year just ran right through the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive line for a 12-yard loss on the first play the game after a Jimmy Giles 41-yard kick-return. Viggs always seems to have something up his sleeve. Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Ricky Bell, is one of the biggest Tudor Games running backs in our league. He's a beast when he gets open and on second down he took the ball 38 yards to the Chargers 20-yard line for the first down!  Bell had consecutive runs of 7, 7, and 2 yards as it brings the Bucs to second and goal. On a blazing pass from quarterback Jameis Winston, Jimmy Giles caught a gorgeous 15-yard touchdown pass as the Bucs draw first blood with 1:57 remaining in the half, 7-0!

What happens when you have tremendous players on your team is they get the job done as a proven track record. On the opening kickoff for Los Angeles, All-Pro star running back LaDainian Tomlinson, is that go-to guy for the Chargers. He is their rock! Tomlinson blasted off with a hundred yard touchdown run with no one near him as LA ties the game 7-7, as the first half comes to a close! What a game!
After Tomlinson's touchdown it was time for Jimmy Giles to take the ball back to start the second half. Giles returned the ball 60-yards on a beautiful run tackled by Earl Faison again. Faison made his number known in the game! The Chargers defense stopped Tampa Bay running back Ricky Bell on second down on some great pursuit by Chargers defensive tackle, Booker Brown.  The LA defense is so fast that it's hard to get anything going against them. They might be the fastest defense in the league. And on the very next play Winston hit Dave Moore for a 56-yard TD scamper on an amazing run by Moore with two players in pursuit as the Buccaneers take the lead 14-7, with 9:00 minutes left to go in the game!
The Buccaneers defense came up big on first down as they hit Tomlinson hard, losing three-yards with 6:35 left to go in the game.
On third down Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers took the ball 28 yards for a quarterback sneak to the Tampa Bay 15 yard-line with 3:18 left to go in the game! On the last play the game with time running out, Chuck Muncie scored a touchdown to tie the game at 14-14, to send this game into overtime!
And as fate would have it, the Los Angeles Chargers won the coin toss in overtime!
What a thriller! This one could really impact Tampa Bay's season and Coach Pizz , was obviously very disappointed. This one will be tough to win with the ball in one of the best player in the league's hands. Chuck Muncie came out of nowhere on that last touchdown catch. The Chargers have made nine tackles today to Tampa Bay's two tackles!
And on the overtime return kickoff Tomlinson ran the ball back 86-yards, and it's exactly what the doctor ordered. Tomlinson took the ball to taking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14-yard line! This is what high level performance is all about. When their is an opportunity to take advantage of another team, coaches say they have to take full advantage of it. The Chargers have played very well as a team today. Losing a home game could destroy the Bucs entire season, considering there's only seven games in the season. Tampa Bay has looked sharp, but this game could have gone either way with that coin toss! This gives the Chargers the exact opportunity they needed. Coach Viggs knew it!
On the next run LaDainian Tomlinson took it in 12 yards to the Tampa Bay one yard line as Tomlinson was attacked hard by three players. First and goal for Los Angeles!  The Chargers line up in a T-formation, which is rare in this league with the experience all these coaches have everybody knows where the ball is going and who it's going to at the one yard line as Jimmy Giles makes the tackle on Tomlinson. And the Buccaneers goal line stance stops LT for the second straight time, this time at the two yard line! And on third down, as Rivers took two-steps back, he threw a pass to Kellen Winslow who ran in for the game winning touchdown in overtime 20-14 at 8:30 in overtime! What a finish for the Chargers who earned every inch of this victory!
It was Tomlinson's explosive abilities with 260 total yards on the day, including a 100 yard touchdown on the return, that really put the Chargers in the "W" bracket! The Los Angeles Chargers (3-1) play Buffalo in a REMATCH of last years controversial AFC Divisional Championship that the Chargers lost 49-48! What a match-up! Tampa Bay (1-3) plays Kansas City at home next week.










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Tudor games sells the master paint series we used lava Orange and red and mixed them to our liking. Then of course we painted the pants white and the helmet's white so the doctor is a uniforms look. They might be really cool if they had in their white jersey uniform those orange pants.

Efl 4eva! The unified brotherhood of Electric football

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Just now, Long island EFL said:

Tudor games sells the master paint series we used lava Orange and red and mixed them to our liking. Then of course we painted the pants white and the helmet's white so the doctor is a uniforms look. They might be really cool if they had in their white jersey uniform those orange pants.

Efl 4eva! The unified brotherhood of Electric football

Wasn't supposed to say doctor sorry about that I'm talking into the phone but if you need any more information contact us we would be more than happy to help you

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