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  1. Hi Doug, I see you have numbers for the Washington Football Team. When will the Washington Football Teams uniforms comes out? Thank You. Rodney
  2. Hi Doug will you have new end zone for the NFL? Hope you and your family is doing great. Rodney
  3. I love to see these Fab 5 fingers and the throwback uniforms.
  4. Thank You. Doug for a great job on the new uniform . I can't wait to get them for the next football season.
  5. I seen the new uniform . I can wait to buy them so I can get ready to used them for next football season.
  6. I have that same set as well, Welcome to the electronic football web site. I hope you get some more people to play this great game of Electronic Football. Rodney
  7. Hi Doug, Do you know when the JETS get teams in White jersey? Thank You. Rodney
  8. Hi Doug, I have a horse racing game. Will you be selling any parts of Horses to the game. Some of my horses are broke and I want to get some new horses for it. Thank You Rodney
  9. Can't wait to buy these orange Pylons for end zone.
  10. Hi Doug, I hope you and the family are doing great. Will the JETS Teams get the new uniforms with the green helmets ? Thanks Rodney Hankins
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