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I want a Timer synced to board’ motor(s)

Coach Shawn

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I wish there was a timer that would run your field motor for the specified time.  

And that you could easily change the time duration with the touch of a button or turn of a dial.

This would guarantee that time would fair to both players.

The timer also needs a switch that can override the timer and shutoff the motor.  This would enable the offense to stop the motor during a pass play when they need to.

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Well for example, when we do a field goal we set up the offense and defense.  We then run the board for 1 second.  If any defender contacts the kicker in that time then the FG is blocked.  We use a timer and when it beeps we manually start the board, when the timer beeps again we stop the board.  The thing is one player starts and stops the board a split second slower or faster.  Reaction time to hearing the timer being different.   It seems like a minor difference but it often means a blocked kick or not.   
  So ideally when a FG is tried I should just hit the timer button labelled FG and it automatically turns the board on for exactly 1 second.   Thus the defense always gets their full second to blitz and the offense never gets stuck with the board running just a tad longer.

and that applies to many timed situations.  Kick offs, Passing, fumble recoveries, etc

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