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2022-23 LIEFL S U P E R B O W L X V I I NFC San Francisco 49ers (7-3) vs. AFC Kansas City Chiefs (7-3) UNBELIEVABLE!

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LONG ISLAND ELECTRIC FOOTBALL LEAGUE S U P E R  B O W L X V I I, was action packed from the opening kickoff with our two top teams and coaches facing off. Kansas City Chiefs running back Priest Holmes and return specialist Tyreek Hill combined for 595 yards with five touchdowns in the game to beat the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers 47-37!

abhellLIEFL.jpg.815a3dfcd7c1cff1d2f382bccd8f8882.jpgCoquina Key, Florida January 21, 2023. LIEFL S U P E R B O W L X V I I, was a huge success!  With $3200 dollars on the line, it was a big day for South Bronx native Coaches Matt Zoo-York (18-14) and Ed Viggs (20-13). We turned this game into a Super Bowl Party. We brought the stadium with us, set it up, and made it look fantastic. Since everything was set, we decided to play the Super Bowl Game last night, and we are so glad we did because the buzz-vibe was so alive and ripe for a sensational LIEFL season finish.

Zoo-York took his Chiefs team from worst to first in the Long Island Electric Football League. They didn't even win the division. In tremendous competition, all the top teams in the league lost in upsets by these AFC Championship Chiefs Wild Card team to get to the show. At stake is $1800 dollars to the winner, which gets handed to the winner in an envelop as soon as they win the game, and the loser gets $1400 dollars! 

The excitement is buzzing before the opening kickoff between the Kansas City Chiefs (7-3) and the San Francisco 49ers (7-3). Coaches just can't believe that their team didn't make the Super Bowl and the Chiefs did. Coach Johnny Freeport Chucker said, "This isn't something I expected to see. I guess I didn't pay close enough attention to them, but Zoo-York seemed to hide Tyreek Hill until the first game of the playoffs. I've never seen a player play like he did. He crushed it! We know Priest Holmes is a steady running back but I just didn't think anything of it.  We play 30 minute games during the regular season, but these 60-minute games is the true test of your team. Great coaches expose all of your weaknesses and that's Coach Viggs for you, but today I think he's going to find out just how good this Chiefs team is because he wasn't here when Hill blew up Miami 58-57! That was the best electric football game I ever watched!  I am happy that Zoo made it this far, but can he beat the GOAT?" Before we decided to play last night, That was the buzz, can Zoo pull off a win against Viggs. Viggs stunned last year with his Packers, beating the Miami Dolphins 52-49 in LIEFL Super Bowl XVI.

To get here, the 49ers dropped Green Bay 38-35 in the NFC Divisional Championship Game and then they whipped the New York Giants 51-44!  This is a battle-hardened 49ers electric football team, is loaded with offensive weapons. It's been Jerry Rice and Ricky Watters who have brought a lethal offensive attack for San Francisco, but they have to match the 52 points per game that Kansas City has put on the scoreboard in the last three games.  That will be tough to beat!

49ers3art.thumb.jpg.54223086310211f0ff823654373da876.jpgchiefs.png.75db728ff343fbdc39858163eb041832.pngThe feeling waiting for the opening kickoff was intense. These two teams have been involved in all the playoff nail-biters.
AFC Championship Game MVP Superstar Tyreek Hill ran back a 42 yard opening kickoff and he was clobbered by San Francisco tackle Chris Doleman! The massive Chiefs offensive line of Buchanan, Lanier, Alt, McIntosh, and Taylor moved the Kansas City football fast as running back Priest Holmes, who has 12 touchdowns in the playoffs, exploded on a 47-yard run to the 49ers 11-yard line. What a run! The 49ers defense led by Charles Haley, Ronnie Lott, and Ken Norton came up big, pushing the Chiefs back 18 yards in two plays, forcing a pass play for Coach Matt Zoo York. On third down, Zoo found a wide open Tony Gonzalez who took it 30-yards down the sideline to score the first touchdown of the game at 7:56, with the score 7-0 Kansas City, in S U P E R  B O W L  X V I I!
SFTD.png.26338e9e075d7663b5d1fbb772b98985.pngIt was San Francisco's turn to show this Chiefs team that they wouldn't be pushed around. 49ers star Jerry Rice returned a speedy 51-yard kick return, and the 49ers offensive line went to work. Running back  Ricky Watters had two beautiful runs of 16 and 13 yards to bring the ball to the Chiefs 20-yard line and then the Chiefs defense stuffed the 49ers run handing the 49ers an 8-yard loss, bringing up third down. On third down, the 49ers were almost sacked with nobody open and nowhere to throw. Zoo York had everybody covered! Viggs was frustrated, but stayed cool. With nowhere to run or pass on 4th down the 49ers had to settle for a field goal to make the score 7-3 Chiefs, with the first quarter coming to a close.49ers4art.thumb.jpg.b2dc7508406eb0501aa05ff32e923370.jpg
chiefs.png.75db728ff343fbdc39858163eb041832.pngTo open the second quarter, Tyreek Hill nearly broke free for a hundred yard kickoff return but he was tilted by his own man, returning a 68-yard play to the 49ers 32-yard line. It only took one play for running back Priest Holmes to break through the left side of the field for a 32-yard touchdown scamper to give the Chiefs the lead 14-3, with 13:07 remaining in the half! This Chiefs offense has impressed the entire lead and is the new feared playoff contender. Matt Zoo-York has worked magic with this team. To put up 52 PPG in this league is an eye opener. He isn't backing down to Viggs or the world at the moment. Kansas City's commanding lead is just the beginning, but Viggs always has a trick or two up his sleeve. Viggs won at least six comeback games this season dragging teams into overtime and winning the games after the coin toss. He's a cool customer under pressure.
Before the game, the teams were touched up with paint, made to look like they had brand new uniforms so that there are no imperfections. The players are clean because we have a protocol we follow. We wash our hands. Every player's base is dipped in water and completely dried, the field is cleaned with hot water, then Windex, and then the players are weighed and inspected to be sure that there is no cheating in a world of cheaters. Finally, the two coaches choose the game board and agree on it. 
SFTD.png.26338e9e075d7663b5d1fbb772b98985.pngOn the kickoff, Jerry Rice returned to 48-yard kick return but the Chiefs defense showed up big stopping the 49ers again on two runs, until Coach Viggs wasted no time going to the air. Viggs threw a 71-yard bomb connecting with who else? Jerry Rice! Rice exploded down field for a 49ers touchdown, making the score 14-10, with 5:42 left in the half. What a play! San Francisco has their mojo back!
chiefs.png.75db728ff343fbdc39858163eb041832.pngTyreek Hill returned a 40-yard kick return, only to be turned by his own man. One play later is was Priest Holmes who tore up the gridiron again, this time to the 49ers left side of the line, even after the 49ers made adjustments, and Holmes just busted in for the touchdown! The Chiefs take the runaway lead 21-10, at 2:58 remaining in the half! WOW the excitement is mounting!
Kansas City is working on all cylinders!
SFTD.png.26338e9e075d7663b5d1fbb772b98985.pngOn the next kick return, San Francisco's Jerry Rice returned to spectacular 64-yarder. On first down Ricky Watters was stopped again by Kansas City's defensive front on the run, but on second down on the verge of being sacked coach Viggs threw a rocket  to Dwight Clark who blazed 50 yards into the endzone for the score with 59 seconds remaining in the half. The 49ers are going to go for two-points, which Clark caught in the end zone to make the score 21-18, Kansas City with the lead!
49ers7art.thumb.jpg.a515468ebfaf24de96c3a2b9d2645869.jpgchiefs.png.75db728ff343fbdc39858163eb041832.pngWhat a way to bring a first half of football to a close! Kansas City fired right back as they have done throughout these playoffs with an incredible Tyreek Hill 100-yard kick return to end the first half! Holy cow! What a spectacular run, right through the middle of the field with Hill finding a lane and almost tackled by Charles Haley! The Chiefs explode for a 28-18 lead in LIEFL S U P E R  B O W L  X V I I as the first half comes to a close! It's not looking good for a frustrated Coach Viggs.
SFTD.png.26338e9e075d7663b5d1fbb772b98985.pngThe 49ers received the football to begin the third quarter and Jerry Rice had something boiling in him because he ignited! Rice ran back an electrifying 100-yard kick return for the touchdown to answer the Chiefs to open the third quarter, and the fireworks have begun with the score 28-24, Chiefs still. Jerry Rice took in the two-point conversion to make it 28-26, the Chiefs have the lead with 12:28 left to go in the third quarter! These two players Rice and Hill would be stars in any league, and whoever gets lucky enough to have this league will love the league, the players, and the organization! 49ers8art.thumb.jpg.d08a06035538191364aa9026ef82ed21.jpg
chiefs.png.75db728ff343fbdc39858163eb041832.pngThis time on Tyreek Hill's first run of the second half he ran back a 45-yard kickoff return, but the 49ers came up big, stopping Priest Holmes twice on two runs, and then on third down Zoo-York hit Tyreek Hill for a 59 yard first down to the three yard line! One play after that, Holmes ran in his third touchdown of the game with the Chiefs making the two-point conversion to Tony Gonzalez, to give Kansas City the lead 36-26. The Chiefs took command with 1:31 remaining in the third quarter! What great football game!

San Francisco needed to stop Kansas City to reclaim this game and by the way the Chiefs are playing it's obvious that that will be difficult because the momentum of the Chiefs is giving Zoo-York that vision of a championship. His facial expressions and his confidence behind this Kansas City team are obvious. Viggs will never give in.
SFTD.png.26338e9e075d7663b5d1fbb772b98985.png49ers Jerry Rice returned a 52-yard kick return to the 48-yard line of the Chiefs on the ensuing kickoff. The San Francisco offense couldn't get anything going on the run. They were stopped on the first two plays and pushed back 14-yards which forced Coach Viggs to air it out again to Jerry Rice who ran another touchdown in for 30-yards, his third of the game, bringing the score to 36-34, after the 49ers 2-point conversion, with 8:20 remaining in the game!
49ers12art.thumb.jpg.53eeea544c654ab4531684918fee5cb3.jpgchiefs.png.75db728ff343fbdc39858163eb041832.pngTyreek Hill ran back a beautiful 72-yard kick return putting the Chiefs in great field position at the 28 yard line of San Francisco. It only took the Chiefs one play for Priest Holmes to run in his fourth touchdown of the game a 28-yard run! Kansas City scored on the two-point conversion on a pass to Tony Gonzalez to make the score 44-34 with the Chiefs in the lead! The two minute warning sounding off! It's been quite a game for Kansas City on defense. Coach Viggs was running out of time and answers in stopping this high-powered Kansas City offense. 
SFTD.png.26338e9e075d7663b5d1fbb772b98985.pngThe 49ers returned 44 yard kick return by Jerry Rice and they went out passing on first down with nobody open. Coach Zoo-York really played this game tight and built confidence throughout the game on offense, making this game a game out of reach for the San Francisco 49ers to come back from.

On 2nd and 3rd down the 49ers ran the ball but everywhere they turned, their were Kansas City defenders closing in. On 4th down San Francisco kicked a 49-yard field goal to make the score 44-37 with no timeouts left!
chiefs.png.75db728ff343fbdc39858163eb041832.pngThe Chiefs still had one time out after calling their first time out with 23 seconds remaining in the game as the clock ticked away when the Kansas City Chiefs (8-3) kicked a field goal to win LIEFL S U P E R  B O W L  X V I 47-37!
This place erupted for Coach Zoo-York who said, "This is a big one for this team and for me personally. It was great moves and adjusting player personnel that won this game against the best coach in the league. I took advantage of his game by studying his team." When we asked Coach Zoo what he was going to do with his earnings he said, "I am giving $100 back to the league, and the rest, I have no idea!" Coach Viggs said, "The Chiefs are definitely an impressive team and Zoo played amazing, what can I say? Great game! That is what the league is all about, using the draft to make a competitive league, but I will be back next season and lets see what I can do for the 49ers in the draft. It seems I need to make some changes on the offensive line because either Rickey Watters has slipped, or the league has gotten that much better. I think in any other league he'd be a beast, and he proved that the season he set the rushing record in the LIEFL, but we'll be back. I think I was a bit surprised that my Packers are not here, and that just shows how great the league is." 
Then it was time to vote on the game MVP. Kansas City's Priest Holmes was unstoppable in the running game rushing for 118-yards on nine carries, but Holmes did a lot of damage with four touchdowns. Tyreek Hill did it all. He had seven returns for 418 yards with a hundred yard touchdown run. He made a key 59 yard catch which set up a Holmes touchdown at a crucial point in the game. Both of these players will share the LIEFL Super Bowl XVII MVP Award. The San Francisco 49ers (7-4) played a great Super Bowl against one of the best teams we have seen in twenty years. What a way to celebrate after their post season absence since 1982-83. 
Kansas City held San Francisco's Ricky Watters to just 63 yards, and the big number that sticks out is Watters failed to get into the endzone. Jerry Rice played Super Bowl Super for the 49ers with six touches for 466-yards all-purpose yards, including a 100-yard touchdown return, plus another 102 yards receiving with two touchdowns! 




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