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RSFL Season 4 Kicks Off Tonight


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Our league starts games tonight.  In addition to the five founding teams, we've added a 6th--my son (28) is joining, and he painted a team to be his old Pop Warner team (Albany Titans).

Six teams allows us to have two divisions of three.  Schedule format is home-and-home with the other two teams in the division, and one game with each team in the other.  So seven games total over ten weeks; two teams on a bye each week (except for one where there are three games).

Bottom two teams in each division will meet in the first round of the playoffs (top teams get a bye), then division title games, then championship game.

Each team puts 50 clams in the kitty.  10 clam weekly prizes for 10 different categories (such as most rushing yards, fewest points allowed, etc.) randomly drawn at the completion of the games.  50 clams for division winners, and 100 clams for the champion.

We tweaked our rules a little.  We use passing sticks, so there weren't many (if any) shorter completions over the middle.  So now, if a receiver is between the numbers and any part of his base is within ten yards of the LOS, defense cannot pivot any player before the pass is caught.  Additionally, on all other pass attempts, defense can only pivot one player before the pass is caught, and only that defender can be called for DPI.  Previously, all unengaged defensive players could be pivoted on all pass attempts.

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The new rule about short over the middle passes worked as intended.  It opened up some attempts (and completions) that would not have been tried if the defense could pivot.

The new rule about only pivoting one defender on the pass attempt also brought a new wrinkle.  The defense really has to think about whether to go after the ball or make sure a man is in position to make the tackle if it's caught.

Last night's weekly prize went to the Broncos for most yards rushing.  

Bills (yours truly) and Bronos won, Big Blue (NYG home) and Lions lost.  G-Men (Giants away) and Albany Titans had byes.

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Just bought a 650 field on eBay (AFC 620-sized field, jets and browns), so it’s looking like we will all have home field boards. It’s not pristine with a couple rusty-ish spots along the tops of the rails, but I love the color scheme and it looks quite different from my other boards. Most importantly the field looks completely free of dents and wrinkles. 

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Inspected the new AFC field when I got home from work.  There is one small dimple in the field, but otherwise the playing surface is great.  Little imperfections are actually part of the "home field" advantage anyway.  I'll get pics later, but it's just like in the auction photos.


The field does have a crown to it.  I grabbed some binder clips this morning when I got to work to pull the field flat, but I think I prefer the allthread approach.  Binder clips can squeeze too hard and deaden the vibrations.  I'll play around with it tonight.  Are there any other ideas or methods for taking the crown out of a 620-type field?

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Those are tried and true methods, however, the other way was found as a "happy accident". A professor at a local university told me that he stacked several books on top of the board until he achieved the levelness he wanted, and left them there for a few days. Voila, crown was gone. 


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Didn't have time to let weight take the crown out of the 610 since we have a game on it last night, so I installed a couple lengths of all-thread.

Each team has chosen a home field:




Big Blue--660

Albany Titans--610

Lions--Miggle Super Bowl

Big Blue beat the Albany Titans in their home opener, 14-0.  And the visiting Bills defeated the G-men, 10-7.  Big Blue won the weekly prize, this time for most yards passing.

American Conference                                              National Conference

Big Blue 1-0                                                                 Bills 2-0

Lions   0-1                                                                   Broncos 1-0

Titans  0-1                                                                   G-men 0-1

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I let the ball drop on updating this, but we played last night.  One game (mine!) got cancelled last minitue as the other coach couldn't make it.

The expansion Albany Titans handed Big Blue a loss, winning their second game in a row.

The Lions beat the G-Men

Broncos at Bills make-up game will be played this weekend.

American Conference                                   National Conference

Big Blue  1-2                                                  Bills 2-0

Lions   2-1                                                     Broncos 1-1

Titans  2-1                                                     G-Men  1-2

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