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Multi-Stop Passing

RCG 11

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RCG, I play a solitaire league, so not sure how much this will help, but thought I'd pass it on anyway.  Maybe you can take some of it for your use.  I use a multi-stop system by running the board in about 3-second increments and adjusting all players at each stop to allow reaction to the ball/ball carrier, continuation of blocks, etc.  This also allows my receivers to run precise pass routes - 90 degree cuts for drags, outs, and ups, as well as sharp cuts for slants, posts, corners, Z's, and allows the defensive backs and linebackers to drop into coverage, react to the receiver's moves, etc.  Once a receiver is open after one of my 3-second stops, I then attempt the pass.  I have primary and secondary receivers designated for each pass play, so if the primary receiver is open, I have to throw to him.  If he is covered, I look for the secondary receiver and, if open, must throw to him.  If both of them are covered, then I can throw to any other open receiver.  After the pass is caught, i adjust everyone in reaction to the throw, other than the player who caught the ball (he is still concentrating on making the catch),. Then I proceed as normal from that point, stopping and adjusting players at 3-second intervals. I don;t worry about whether players are engaged, as I look at it as the defenders would still react to the ball/ball carrier, and the blockers would still try to maintain their blocks, so I adjust all players. Hope this helps. 

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On 7/17/2020 at 11:39 PM, RCG 11 said:

Can anyone explain a multi- stop pass play as far as recommended number of stops, when they should happen and what other player adjustments are made during the play. 


  I offer up the following multi-stop method for pass plays.  If you wanted to know "my" whole multi-stop method, I will happily discuss this with you but for now, I'll limit it only to the pass play in question.  I put "my" in quotes because my rules are nothing more than a synthetization of the many various rules I've read.  I picked and chose what I considered the best and use them.  Again, I can go into more detail, but we'll limit it to passing.

1.  I use a "Snap Action" that I could elaborate on, but we will start from the point where the type of play has been declared--in this case a Pass Play.  Offense retains control of the board and runs the board.

2.  TTQB:  When desired, the Offense stops the board for what I call the "Stop-to-throw" and identifies the intended receiver.  If using a throwing QB (like the TTQB) the throw is made at this time.  Assuming the catch is made, all unengaged players on both sides are pivoted/adjusted.  Control of the board passes to the Defense and play proceeds as normal.

2a.  Sticks:  When desired, the Offense stops the board for what I all the "Stop-to-throw" and identifies the intended receiver.  If using passing sticks, the passing sticks are used to measure and determine the target point of the football.  Once the ball marker has been placed appropriately, all unengaged players on both sides are pivoted/adjusted.  Control of the board remains with the Offense.

2b.  The board is stopped upon the ball being caught.  I call this the "Stop-to-catch".  The receiver may be down by contact at this point.  But if a legal receiver has caught the ball and can run after the catch (either from a reception or an interception), all unengaged models are pivoted/adjusted.  Control passes to the Defense and play proceeds as normal.

That's all I got.  Hope it was helpful.

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