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  1. Saw your post regarding The Kicking Game cards. I have a couple of sets of these, and enjoy using them, but forgot the method for using them for PAT's and field goals. Can you post a quick reminder for me?

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      I use the Kickoff cards for PAT's and Field Goals. On PAT's if a 30, 35, or 38 is drawn the kick is NO GOOD (30 Wide Right, 35 Blocked, and 38 Wide left). On Field Goals, the distance is measured from the spot of the kick plus 10 yards. The 10 yards is added to allow the ball to clear the cross bar. the spot of the kick is 7 to 8 yds from the line of scrimmage. So, say a kick from the 52yd Line (45 yd line of scrimmage) would have to be 62yds or longer to be GOOD. Longest field goal possible is 63 yds and shortest is 21 yards. Any field goal attempt 20yds or closer I treat the same as a PAT. 

      Thanks for the question, and let me know if you have any others,

      Chris LeMay      

  2. Can anyone explain a multi- stop pass play as far as recommended number of stops, when they should happen and what other player adjustments are made during the play.
  3. Hello Anthony-I love your style of play, and adopt it whenever I can. But I still don't have a complete rule set, particularly concerning the passing game. Can I get one anywhere.?
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