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Season 15 Playoffs - Divisional Round

Bob Davis

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All four games in the Divisional Round of the Season 15 playoffs were very competitive. 

Houston Oilers 1-1-1 NFC South Champions at Denver Broncos 2-1 NFC Central Champions 

The Bronco defense comes up big in the first half sacking Oiler QB Kenny Stabler 3 times and forcing an interception. Bronco RB Otis Anderson rumbles 57 yards giving the Broncos a 7-0 lead. A fumble cost the Broncos a chance to go up by two scores. 7-0 Broncos at halftime. After a QB Craig Morton interception, the Oilers tie the game as FB Tim Wilson runs 43 yards for a TD. Morton however finds his range in the final minutes completing key passes including a 37 yarder to Anderson for the go ahead score. The Broncos fail on the two point conversion as time runs out. 

Broncos 13 Oilers 7


Cleveland Browns 3-0 AFC Midlands Champions at New England Patriots 3-0 AFC North Champions

The Browns defense played well holding the Pats to a pair of long field goals in the first half. On the offensive side of the ball, Browns QB Brian Sipe completed 5 of 5 passes in the first half the last a 32 yard strike to WR Dave Logan for a TD. Though Pats RB and return specialist Billy Simms had great kickoff and punt returns in the game, the Browns special teams took advantage of a Simm's 2nd quarter fumble during a kickoff return. Browns WR Reggie Rucker was able to recover the fumble and return it for a TD. The Browns led at halftime 14-6. Pats QB Tony Eason ended the first drive of the second half with a 34 yard touchdown to WR Harold Jackson. The two point conversion failed leaving the Pats trailing 14-12. The Browns next drive ends successfully as RB Charles White sprints 48 yards for a TD. The extra point gave the Browns a two score lead. The Pats quickly get into field goal range thanks to Eason completions to Simms and WR Stanley Morgan. K David Posey boots his 3rd field goal of the evening this one 37 yards bringing the Pats to within a score. With time running low, the Pats attempt an onside kick. The Browns recover. After a 23 yard run by White, the Brown offense assumes the victory formation ending the game. 

Browns 21 Patriots 15


Cincinnati Bengals 2-2 (Wildcard Winner) at Baltimore Colts 3-0 AFC Metro Champions

Bengal QB Art Schlichter had a rough first half going 0-4 while the Colt defense stuffed the Bengal running game. The Colts opened the scoring with a RB Rob Carpenter 2 yard burst for a TD. The Colts second drive resulted in a K Tony Linhart 39 yard field goal giving the Colts a 10-0 lead at the half. The Colts open the 2nd half successfully moving the ball, however a QB Bert Jones pass is tipped resulting in an interception. With the Bengal running game contained Schlichter goes to the air. After another incomplete pass, Schlichter pulls off an amazing 44 yard scramble for a TD. The Bengals are now within a field goal of tying the game. With time running low, the Colts go on a 6 play drive, with the key play being a 3rd down Bert Jones completion to WR John Jefferson, his 3rd catch of the night. From there the Colts assume the victory formation. 

Colts 10 Bengals 7


New Orleans Saints 2-1-1 (Wildcard Winners) at Oakland Raiders 2-1 NFC West Coast Champions

I was really looking forward to this game as this is the third straight year that the Saints and Raiders will have met in the playoffs with the score one game each. The Saints strike immediately as RB Tony Galbreath returns the opening kickoff 106 yards for the TD. The Raiders proceed on an epic 13 play drive (12 runs, 1 pass) ending with a QB Norris Weese 30 yard completion to TE Raymond Chester for a TD. The Raiders go for the 2 point conversion but RB Mark VanEghan is stuffed for no gain. The Saints next drive ends with a failed 4th down scramble attempt by QB Bobby Scott giving the Raiders a chance to take the lead. And they do as K Errol Mann boots a 45 yard field goal as time runs out in the first half. Raiders 9 Saints 7. The Saints defense comes out hot in the third quarter sacking Weese and forcing an interception. The Saints offense cashes in as their 5 play drive ends with Galbreath rumbling 9 yards for the go-ahead TD. The Raiders now need a TD as they trail 14-9. The Raiders grind down the field for 6 plays getting to the Saints 21 yard line. But on 4th a 11, Weese throws his second interception of the evening ending the Raiders hopes of a victory. 

Saints 14 Raiders 9


AFC Championship - Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Colts

NFC Championship - New Orleans Saints at Denver Broncos

Conference Championships.jpg

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Awesome report!! Thanks for posting. One of the goals I have for the museum is to have and keep league records in the archives of the museum for as many leagues (both solitaire and multiplayer leagues) as is possible. Is this something you would be interested in providing for your league? It can be as simple as you want to make it or as detailed as you want to make it. if this is something you would like to do, please let me know and I will give you more details.


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