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The Running Back - The Man, or Part of a Plan?

NO Dave

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Tell us about your process for finding the next great running back. What sort of base does he get? Is the "the workhorse" or is it part of your balanced attack? Who are some of the greats that you've based up? 

My faves (No particular order) -

2003 - Charlie Garner, Eagles - First back I ever put on a field who made an opponent nervous. He was on a single clip rookie base. 

2009 - Herschel Walker, Eagles - He was on a single clip green base, and ran like his namesake. 

2007 - Marcel Shipp, Cardinals - On a red rookie base, and has been my only back to rush for 100+ yards in each game in an 8-game regular season. 

2010 - Otis Armstrong, Broncos - First back I had who would have opponents looking for him on the field. However, I was still iffy on passes, so this poor guy saw a lot of 8 in the box. Because of his base, he was amazing on screen passes. He was on a first run ProLine strong rookie base. 

2017-2018- The Ultimate Weapon - Marcus Dupree, Breakers - When coaches (plural) tell you "I had three dudes set to cover just him!", you must be doing something right. Here was a back who had an explosive first step, and then could outrun defensive backs, and did, on many occasions. First back to gain 1,500 all-purpose yards in a season, and our regular seasons are only 40 plays per game, and only 8 games long. He was the leading reason I won back-to-back JOEFL trophies in N'Awlins, and that single-clip rookie base is the only one I can genuinely say that I ran until it wore out. 

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I'm kind of old school and prefer the time when there were fullbacks and halfbacks and before the NFL turned into touch football... I generally like all my backs on fast bases and mix up my running plays between fullbacks and halfbacks ala Taylor and Hornung (Packers), Harris and Bleier (Steelers), Brown and Foreman (Vikings), Garrison and Hill (Cowboys), Hubbard and Davis (Raiders), Lincoln and Lowe (Chargers), Ameche and Moore (Baltimore Colts), etc. That being said there are teams where only one of the backs is really going to be the go to back - Ron Johnson (New York Giants), Tony Dorsett or Emmitt Smith (Dallas Cowboys,  Floyd LIttle (Denver Broncos, etc. (All my players are on single clip rookie bases.)  

Most rushing yards in a season - Timmy Brown (Philadelphia Eagles -1,483 (running mate - Tom Woodeshick)

Best rushing average for a season - Paul Lowe (San Diego Chargers - 6.66 (running mate - Keith Lincoln)

Most rushing yards career - Larry Brown (Washington Redskins) - 3,043 (4 years) (running mates (Charlie Harraway, John Riggins)

Best rushing average  career - O. J. Simpson  (Buffalo Bills) - 6.22 (4 years) (running mate (Jim Braxton)

O.J. is probably my most dangerous back, although he suffers the same fate as O.J. did for most of his career (really bad teams)

Please note, these stats are all from my solitaire league over the course of 6 seasons played between 1966 and the present.  Some of the seasons stretched over many years due to college and my subsequent job that required a lot of travel. I played whenever I was home, which wasn't very frequently.   I'm retired now, so i'm getting more time to play, as I have an understanding wife.

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Back to running backs - does the name Roshan Lobo ring a bell? I created a solitaire league a few years back based on the Elite Football League of India. The real EFLI was a one-and-done, despite their claims of being backed by the likes of Kurt Warner and Mark Wahlberg. My EEFLI (Elite Electric Football League of India) was a part of Season IV of the MFCA Solitaire Challenge. The Bangalore Warhawks won the EEFLI, and based on points earned, were picked to play in the championship game against David Foster's Kansas State Wildcats. David and I mailed our teams to Chris LeMay, who played the championship game. The real Roshan Lobo, weighing in at around 155, was the star of the EFLI. My little plastic Roshan Lobo, a combination of speed and strength, was the EEFLI rushing leader and the MVP of the championship game - definitely "The Man". I have attached the SCPC Game Day edition.

The real Roshan Lobo

lobo1.jpg.7901d433553fce6e612bf67e287ba8be.jpg     lobo2.jpg.98325c8bb448aee52ecbb74c3365ea80.jpg

The plastic Roshan Lobo

397088055_RoshanLobo(44)followshisblocks.JPG.149bfa15965b909d9ee596d72d6a4878.JPG  lobo3.JPG.233623250db60bba28be8e126d54751d.JPG

Season IV Special Editin.pdf

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