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Deliberate sight lines?

NO Dave

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I'll define a sight line as developing a "hole" in the defense during a play, where there are no obstructions to completing your TTQB Pass. Your offensive blockers play a key role in this, because they need to get their defender out of the way. 

I know there's been a lot of dialogue on passing sticks, but what about those of us who still use the old TTQB to pass? 

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I use the TTQB for all passing in my solitaire league, but don't really worry about sight lines.  All of my pass plays have a primary and secondary receiver.  If the primary receiver is open, I have to throw it to him.  If he is covered, and the secondary receiver is open, I have to throw it to him.  If both are covered, then I can choose any of the other receivers in the pattern.  This has resulted in learning how to throw over the top of defenders and dropping the ball down to the receiver when I don't have a LOS.  Not easy, but with practice, still doable.

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NO Dave, I would if I could, but don't think I'm coordinated enough to pass and film it at the same time. Maybe I'll experiment and see if I can work the TTTQB and my phone at the same time - no promises.  😉  It's a matter of angling the qb's base back at an angle & then drawing back the passing arm by a certain amounts depending on the length of the pass to put some "touch" on the pass. 

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