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2020 LONG ISLAND EFL SUPER BOWL XVI PRE-GAME WRITE UP: AFC Miami Dolphins (8-2) vs Green Bay Packers (8-1) December 27, 2020

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: LIEFL SUPERBOWL XVI will be played on Sunday December 27, 2020.



PLUGGED IN with Coach Matt McQueen. It was a lot of fun writing these articles, not always grammatically correct, but nevertheless, we put the records out there, and it was a huge undertaking for the losing team to have to write articles, but we decided to do it for the love of the hobby, to put on display the magic we all experience in bringing electric football and our heroes to life through these plastic figures.  We decided as a league we won't be doing it next year because the league is not as interesting to people as we thought, and we are totally fine with that. The show must go on in our 50th year next season!

This Long Island Electric Football Super Bowl XVI, really does have a Florida Super Bowl feel to it. It might be the unforeseen matchup of the year when the re-engineered Miami Dolphins (8-2) and Green Bay Packers (8-1) take the field. For league Commissioner Billy O'C, BOC, who also resides in Coquina in the winter. The Dolphins are on the verge of winning their 7th Long Island Electric Football League Super Bowl!  As the #1 All-Time win team in our league with 151 wins with 36 losses, this will be a game!  The history and the roots are all here because Green Bay is some stiff competition. They too, with their win over Washington in the NFC Divisional Championship Team made it their 100th victory!  That is a great feat in any league, and we have the records of every game to prove it, even from our younger day handwriting! 

RICH HISTORY: BOC said, "I am so pumped up for this game. I can win some cash too! I remember as kids in that Miami 28-3 win on December 7, 1978, in Super Bowl III over Green Bay. That 1978 season, Miami went (13-1), and they scored an LIEFL leading 239 offensive points, giving up only 93 points in 14 games. They had 32 touchdowns that season and our original Mercury Morris had 143 carries for 2943 yards with 29 touchdowns, but Green Bay's Terdell Middleton wasn't far off. He was the #2 leading all-purpose player with 122 carries for 1934 yards, with 18 touchdowns!  That season Green Bay went (8-6) but they had huge upsets over the league leading Minnesota Vikings 14-2, who were (13-1), and the Denver Broncos 14-10, who were (12-3)! In those days, our Broncos played in the NFC. For The Miami-Green Bay Super Bowl, we played on the back stoop of my childhood home outdoors in the cold.  It was so cool! This electric football stuff is a game for the ages. The teams we build, work with tirelessly to get to this point, makes us feel like we really have something at stake.  I love the Packers and what Coach Viggs has done with them because I too, did the same over the past three seasons with this new generation Miami team. We will beat Green Bay and they are in for a rude awakening Sunday."


Coach Viggs said, "As a kid I didn't know football the way I do now.  I have planned and planned for this game like a General's last stand, but I have obstacles to overcome.  We get the ball first, and we have to really work the clock.  I pass better than O'C, who is an average coach who cannot pass or make the big pass plays.  All he has on me is the running game, but I have a few things in mind today to stop that. If I can force the pass, watch out baby! It's all about the matchups. I have great faith in my team. We know Duper had 523 yards last Super Bowl, but that was against the Rams, we are the Packers!  Our defense is #1 in the LIEFL for a reason.  I built them to stop teams like the Rams and Dolphins. So here we are. We have won some big games, and beating Washington with that tough defense showed me we should be here.  We belong here.  We respect Miami, but we have to make them respect us early on."

The difference between this team and the LIEFL Dolphins teams of the 70's is Mark Duper. Mercury Morris used to get the ball on almost every play in the past, and now he shares those duties and responsibilities with other players and that is what makes this team so food. They are a four-punch team.  

Over the past two seasons making it to the AFC Championship Game and winning after being absent from the big show for so long, this Dolphins team is well rounded.  The league has undergone extreme competitive changes due to our draft, and it has become necessary to be that four punch team which means great passing, running, special teams, and a defense that wins games. Last year Miami lost the Los Angeles Rams in overtime in LIEFL-Super Bowl XV, 44-41. Miami has not stopped winning! They have improved each game but not without questions. After losing 18 games for three seasons the Dolphins have come back strong, and some say stronger than ever, with 15 wins in the last two seasons. That's a lot of winning and Coach Billy OC said, "It took a lot to rebuild this team and I just couldn't watch them be destroyed by every team in the league in one of the most humbling experiences in my fun times as an electric football coach. But I got some great draft picks and one of them is Mark Duper who changed the way teams around the league have to play us." Don't forget, Duper had over 500 yards in last year's Super Bowl, and he is on fire! Dolphins lineman Jason Taylor has been nothing less than sensational and O'C has two tackles in Manny Fernandez and AJ Duhe, who are going to give Colin Cole and Forrest Gregg a huge challenge.

The matchup between the Packers front line and Dolphins front line should be a very good one. Miami Lineman Larry little can hang with anybody in the league, and so can Jason Taylor who has a whopping ten tackles and a sack. Coach Paddy Brannigan, who also has a home in Florida said, "I really like the matchups and I put nothing past coach Viggs because he is the best coach in our league. The difference between him and O'C is planning. It's not good enough that he plays against a great coach, you need to be fully prepared for Viggs because he is a "mental approach" which you have to be ready for. I was shocked that I lost with Washington against Green Bay and I still think Washington is the better team. That opening NFCDG kickoff by Sterling Sharpe, in many ways was the beginning of the end for me. It gave Viggs the momentum, but the Packers made the big plays early on and we couldn't cover the points. I thought Tony Green played sensational too in our loss. This guy Viggs, has an action for every reaction, and execution will be the difference in the game. Viggs is what I call a "core coach".  He played the game, was a quarterback for two Long Island Rutgers Cup Teams, and a cornerback who understands reactions like few do."

There is an awful lot of work to be done before the game between statistics gathering information, putting it all together and we ask ourselves is it all worth it in the end? We hope that someday somebody will appreciate what we have developed in a terrific league, and some might say this is the way a league should be run with detailed information, structure, organization, and professional people running the league. It has been joyful and has brought a lot of joy and that's what the holiday season is about. If you have read the articles this season you have followed these teams each one battling to get to where they are in a fast-paced high-octane quick setups, one-stop efficient league. We are proud to be part of the National Electric Football Game Museum run by the legendary Chris LeMay of Tennessee. 
It has taken 49 years to create the Packers team that is on the field today, playing at a never before seen level. Nobody can deny the history of the Green Bay Packers, especially when it comes to one of the greatest coaches in the history of all sports Vince Lombardi. Lombardi was not just a football coach. He was a man who stood for the challenge of men. He coached men to stand up to men, and to be men of character, of good moral fiber. His players rose to the occasion in the face of defeat. That is Green Bay's motto ... just win baby!
To keep the tradition alive in our league we work really hard on the historic NFL teams like the Packers the Vikings, Steelers, Browns and others to be at peak performance so that our history remains rich and complete. You only know how good your teams are when you face other competition. We know over the years what Miami has done and they have been in at least as many as 20 tournaments with just 11 players on their team.
We have very strict rules of 11 man rosters which is a challenge because a coach has to find their 11 best for offense and defense. They're also very strict rules when it comes to running and passing with the exception of the Super Bowl. In the Super Bowl game you can run and pass all you want compared to regular season where you are allowed to pass once every set of downs, which means you can pass all day long as long as you get your first down on that one play. It is a tremendous challenge and the coaches love it because the great equalizer is the running game, so come to pass, but defend the run.
The Green Bay Packers started to show signs last season that they would be performing at a different level this year when they made it to the NFC Wild Card Game, losing to the Carolina Panther 42-20, but a lot has changed. Detroit beat Carolina this season, but so did Green Bay in the regular season. Most of Green Bay's competition was in their own division. It turns out that their division once again proved to be one of the top performing divisions in the LIEFL. The Chicago Bears were a step away from making the playoffs. They are in the position that Green Bay was in last year as an emerging team. They are one or two players away from becoming a Super Bowl contender, and that's exactly what the league is about, bettering every single team so that no team is ever safe in the league, and they are just a game away from victory or defeat, or being knocked out of contention by a single mistake!
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Well I, for one have thoroughly enjoyed reading about and following this league. But I do understand that there may be the perception that not that many people are interested. But I can almost assure you that there are more than you realize. Just because they aren't "liking" or responding doesn't meant that are not interested or have not been following it. You know your league and all your records will forever have a place in The National Electric Football Game Musuem.  

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