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2020 Long Island EFL AFC DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME#1 Miami Dolphins (6-2) vs Baltimore Ravens (6-1)

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1493353196_495(7).jpg.bce6e0777a86194db632e5d22e64c54b.jpg291216911_afcdivisional.png.2e9b78889db49be40ddffce7a0969eb2.pngDecember 12, 2020. Miami Florida. PREGAME: The lifelike feel of real football versus electric football we hobbyists seem to get before a big game can bring on the same anxiousness we might get before a big sporting event, and if you played football, we know how much excitement putting on the pads may feel. It is unreal that were are in this 2020 AFC Divisional Championship Game matchup in the Long island Electric Football League because when when you look ahead in life it seems like an eternity, but looking back feels like being in a vortex and time warp continuum of sorts because time went so fast, like a click of a light switch.

This game may very well be a grudge match between the AFC North Champion Baltimore Ravens (6-1),and the AFC East Champion Miami Dolphins (6-2). In the first LIEFL seven-game season format played in 2008, these Ravens upset Miami 21-17 in the AFC Wild Card Game to advance Baltimore to the AFC Divisional Championship Game where they lost to the LIEFL-Super Bowl XI Champion Oakland Raiders, 21-14. Coach Billy O'C will never forget that game. He said, "I recognized that the Dolphins weren't playing consistently great competition until the draft changed the league. And now I question whether or not they were the great team that I thought they were. Losing is a humbling experience, but it's not all about that, especially if you have a love for a hobby. In this game you have to lose with dignity and humility. And what I really loved about losing was the fact that from the point that the Ravens beat us in that game in 2008, to today, we've been beaten many times, which means we have a competitive league. To me that is what is important, the balance of the league. This season we had 25 teams battling right up to week six. You can never count on victory like the old days. So today I have a special gift for the Ravens and their non-stop loudmouth coach, and his name is Jason Taylor."

One thing about Baltimore is they are consistent, and so is the trash their coach Johnny Freeport Chucker talks about everyone in the league. In the seven season's they have been in the LIEFL, they have made the playoffs six times, making it to the second round of the AFC Divisional Championship Game three times. It's time for Baltimore to rise up as first seed in this tournament, and for the Chucker to put his money where his mouth is!
The Ravens have had an amazing year, but of course even having an amazing year comes with criticism. Johnny Freeport Chucker, who just took his Detroit Lions to the NFC Divisional Championship Game is the coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Chucker, the 6'4" retired Police Detective, has played tough against everyone this year, really tweaking his coaching skills to big tournament level. He is focused, disciplined on the board, and determined. He said, "Billy O'C can't pass and you can't win without a passing game in the big games, and our defense is going to beat up on these Dolphins and take away Mercury Morris' kryptonite, until Miami has nothing left. We are going to make him pay when he makes a mistake. Viggs is the best coach in the league and I am gunning for his Packers. Just watch--there will be an upset in the snow bowl this weekend. We can beat Miami, and then it's on to tear up the winner of the overrated Colts and Chargers. My goal is to get the Ravens and the Lions into the 2020 LIEFL-Super Bowl, but either way I am driving down to Florida for some fun this week."
It didn't seem to phase Chucker that Miami won the AFC title last season.  He is all about the game-plan and the upset, but Miami doesn't just have Morris. They have Mark Duper and Mark Clayton, and they match up well against the Ravens stars Derrick Mason, and tight end Mark Andrews. Duper has 18 all-purpose carries and 1007 yards, with two touchdowns versus Mason's 19 all-purpose carries for 1203 yards, with four touchdowns. And when we looked at the data for the running backs for Miami Mercury Morris and the Ravens Jamal Lewis, these two players have been excellent producers. Morris was #4 in rushing right behind Lewis who was #3 in the AFC. Morris had 51 rushes for 516 yards, with nine touchdowns and Lewis had 53 rushes for 526 yards with 10 touchdowns!
The key matchups on the line will be All-Pro's Jason Taylor and Larry Little taking on All-Pro's Willie Anderson and John Ogden. Let's not forget Baltimore's five-time LIEFL Pro-Bowler Ray Lewis at linebacker, who's a beast! 


291216911_afcdivisional.png.2e9b78889db49be40ddffce7a0969eb2.pngMiami's Mercury Morris had a record crushing performance with 323 rushing yards, seven touchdowns, tying OJ Simpson's Super Bowl record as Miami defeated the Baltimore Ravens in a huge upset 52-46!  Baltimore's Derrick Mason set a record four 100 yard kick returns in the game as the two teams put on a light show with 12 touchdowns and an unexpected 1381 total yards, in an epic game!

Chick-fil-A_Kickoff_Game_logo2020.png.74fa5c3e20bc1644eb4a3b73da187259.png1386232314_OIP(19).jpg.e4451c6137fffd13b0016e8e26aeb53b.jpgThe explosion started on the opening kickoff for Coach Chucker with Ravens star Derek Mason lighting it up with a hundred yard kick return to give the Ravens their first score 7-0, at 14:45 in the first quarter!  What an electrifying trailblazing run and statement!
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 7
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 0 at 14:45
1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.6798040fa8588307e54637d6b953c21f.gifMiami came right back with a nice 40-yard kick return by Dolphins set-up man, Mark Duper. The Dolphins front line took over on first down with lineman Jason Taylor leading the way, exploding and opening a hole for running back Mercury Morris to make way for a 53-yard rushing first down, bringing the ball to the seven-yard line of Baltimore. Two plays later, Morris was in the end zone to tie the game at 7-7, with 8:34 remaining in the first quarter! The Ravens watched Morris blow right through them like no team has this season!
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 7
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 7 at 8:34
1386232314_OIP(19).jpg.e4451c6137fffd13b0016e8e26aeb53b.jpgNobody is going to stop Derek Mason today! Mason exploded for his second straight 100-yard kick return into the end zone to put the Ravens ahead 14-7! Coach Chucker is going wild, with 6:53 on a the clock and a spectacular run by Mason who has been unstoppable all season long!
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 14
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 7 at 6:53
1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.6798040fa8588307e54637d6b953c21f.gifMiami Coach Billy O'C remains calm and keeps the game in control with his running attack, and after their first drive, the Dolphins are going to push the Ravens to the limit. What an incredible impressive drive by the Dolphins. After a 50-yard kick return by Mark Duper with time running down in the quarter the Dolphins drove the ball all the way down to the two minute warning where Mercury Mars had three runs of 16, 16, and 12 yards down to the eight-yard line of the Ravens. With three first downs in a row Morris on his next run Morris ran straight into the end zone to tie the game 14-14, as the first quarter came to a close
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 14
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 14 at 6:53 End of first quarter
Second quarter action
1386232314_OIP(19).jpg.e4451c6137fffd13b0016e8e26aeb53b.jpgDerek Mason is an amazing electric football player!  He is a no fear runner.  Mason just ran back his third straight 100-yard touchdown in an incredible run straight through the middle of the field to give the Ravens a 21-14 lead and this place is going crazy in an uproar!!! You could feel that Mason was going to have a special day! What a spectacular run for the All-Pro!  This game is turning into a historic game and it's obvious that both of these teams are going to battle to the last second to earn the right to advance to the AFC Championship Game!
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 21
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 14 at 14:45
1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.6798040fa8588307e54637d6b953c21f.gifMiami had another impressive drive creating a firestorm of offense and blistering through the Ravens defense, beginning with a 56-yard kick return by Mark Duper. On first down, Morris ran 42 yards to the two-yard line of Baltimore, and one play later Morris stormed into the end zone for his third rushing touchdown of the game! Morris was having as impressive a day as Mason in this incredible matchup, with 10:11 left in the half!
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 21
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 21 at 10:11
1386232314_OIP(19).jpg.e4451c6137fffd13b0016e8e26aeb53b.jpgThis time Mason ran back the kick 41 yards. On first down, the Miami defense ran right through the Baltimore offensive line, stopping Jamal Lewis at the line of scrimmage. Lewis, who touched the ball for the first time in the game was slow to get up after being tackled by defensive tackle Manny Fernandez of Miami. On second down, Lewis ran for nine yards, one yard shy of the first down. The Ravens weren't taking any chances on third down. Quarterback Lamar Jackson made a beautiful eight yard pass to Mark Ingram to bring the ball to the Dolphins 42-yard line. The two-minute warning sounded off for the first half. On the next run the Ravens were shut down by Dolphins All-Pro Jason Taylor who made a huge tackle. The Chucker made a few comments about Taylor to the effect that, "It's a long game."
The Dolphins defense was relentless. They held Lamar Jackson to a 10-yard pass, still 10-yards short of the first down, bringing up a third down play for the Ravens. Baltimore was stuffed again third down by the Dolphins defense as veteran Bob Kuchenberg, still with his original player base from 1972, made a huge tackle for a five-yard loss forcing a field goal for the Ravens from 47 yards away to make the score 24-21, with 1:08 left to go in the half and Miami called a timeout with Baltimore in the lead!
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 24
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 21 at 1:08
After being spun around in the center of the field by the 30-yard line Morris ran in a 38-yard touchdown to stun the Ravens as the Dolphins took back the lead 28-24 with 37 seconds left to go and the half! Wow! Morris scored his fourth touchdown of the game making it seven total between the two teams before the half!
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 24
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 28 at 37 seconds
1386232314_OIP(19).jpg.e4451c6137fffd13b0016e8e26aeb53b.jpgAs the half came to a close Derrick Mason returned the ball 54 yards and he was tackled by Larry little and Mark Clayton. The Ravens called field goal and made it from 46 yards away to make the score 28-27, Miami led the game going into the second half, but what a first half of football!
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 27
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 28 End of the first half
Second half action
1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.6798040fa8588307e54637d6b953c21f.gifTo open that second half Miami's Mark Duper ran the ball back 35 yards. On first down Mercury Morris blew a hole open from 15 yards out and then ran another first down for 12 yards, bringing the ball to the Baltimore 38-yard line. On the next set of first downs Morris ran a 38 yard blazing touchdown into the end zone for his fifth touchdown of the game to make the score 35-27, and Miami is going to go for the two-point conversion at 10:07! On the two point conversion Marino lobbed it up to Clayton in the end zone and the Dolphins jumped ahead 36-27! The excitement was endless!
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 27
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 36 at 7:54 
1386232314_OIP(19).jpg.e4451c6137fffd13b0016e8e26aeb53b.jpgDerrick Mason ran the kickoff back 37 yards when the Ravens got the ball back. The Dolphins stuffed the run and there was nowhere to go for Jamal Lewis. Baltimore decided to air it out and quarterback Lamar Jackson threw a 21-yard pass to Mark Ingram for the first down! On the very next play the Ravens passed again, this time it was completed to tight end Mark Andrews for 47-yards, bringing the ball to the Miami one yard line with 1:27 remaining in the third quarter with the two minute drill sounding off! On first down Mark Andrews caught a nice touchdown pass from Jackson to bring the Ravens within reach with the score, 36-33! on the two-point conversion try, Jackson hit Andrews again in the end zone for the two-point conversion to make the score 36-35 with Miami in the lead at 14:39! The tremendous energy in the room was magical!
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 35
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 36 at 14:39 
1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.6798040fa8588307e54637d6b953c21f.gifThe Dolphins are making history yet again. Mark Duper took back a kick return that blew the doors off the Baltimore defense 90 yards to the Ravens 10-yard line and on the next play Mercury Morris ran in his sixth touchdown of the game for a Long Island Electric Football League Record! Morris then followed up with a two-point conversion on a pass from Marino to give Miami a 44-35 lead, at 9:33 left in the game! Don't leave your seat!
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 35
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 44 at 9:33 
1386232314_OIP(19).jpg.e4451c6137fffd13b0016e8e26aeb53b.jpgThis game is beyond a nail biter as we watched Derrick Mason run back his fourth absolutely electrifying 100-yard touchdown of the game setting another Long Island Electric Football League historic record with his fourth 100 yarder, making the score 44-43 at 8:19 left in the game after Mark Andrews caught his second two-point conversion of the game! This game is historic indeed!  A colossal matchup of two battling teams in a game as exciting as any Super Bowl!
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 43
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 44 at 8:19
1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.6798040fa8588307e54637d6b953c21f.gif The Miami Dolphins make this a historic day as Duper returns the ball 46 yards, and one play later Mercury Morris ties in all-time touchdown record in a game with his seventh touchdown, on a 54-yard touchdown around the end as he just ramps up the yardage on this Ravens defense in a spectacular performance by Miami to make the score 52-43 after Mark Clayton caught the two yard two-point conversion from Miami quarterback Dan Marino with 3:45 remaining in the game!  Morris and the Dolphins offense rolled over the Ravens stunning them with another record, 323 yards rushing in the game for Morris! Holy Cow! Miami is playing championship football!  
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 43
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 52 at 3:45
These two teams have laid it all on the line, both playing a spectacular football game as the Freeport Chucker gets one more chance at Miami trailing in the game by nine, and only a miracle can win this one for the Ravens as Miami looks like they're either going to play Los Angeles or Indianapolis! Coach Chucker was very upset. He shook hands with Billy O'C and said he'd get him back.
With time running out in the game Mason ran a 53-yard kick return back and Baltimore had to pass, but they could only manage four yards on a catch by Jamal Lewis as time ran down and the Ravens ran out of timeouts. In a dramatic finish on a 54-yard field goal by Baltimore to end the game, the Miami Dolphins (7-2), win this AFC Divisional Championship Game in a historic battle of revenge by the Dolphins 52-46! What an upset! Miami heads to their second straight AFC title game to face a fierce opponent!
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRavens 46
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDolphins 52 FINAL SCORE


52 1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.6798040fa8588307e54637d6b953c21f.gifMiami Dolphins (7-2) Coach Billy O'C (22-9)
Next Opponent: AFC Championship Game to play Los Angeles or IndiAnapolis
575158852_DOLPHINSTD.png.911dd124fbb1a00624940c441b58fc0c.pngDOLPHINS OFFENSE: Morris RU: 16-323-7/54TD/1493353196_495(7).jpg.bce6e0777a86194db632e5d22e64c54b.jpgLIEFL RECORD, REC: 1-2-0/2PTC, Duper KR: 7-379-0/90, Clayton 2-4-0/2x2PTC
(9) TACKLES: Cox (2), Thomas, Fernandez (2), Taylor, Duhe (2), Kuechenberg
46 1386232314_OIP(19).jpg.e4451c6137fffd13b0016e8e26aeb53b.jpgBaltimore Ravens (6-1) Coach Johnny Freeport Chucker (18-10)
RAVENSTD.png.c8036aa8f44757212c3b4ee4ef1046a1.pngRAVENS OFFENSE: Jamal Lewis RU: 4-9-0/9, Mason KR: 8-585-4/4x100TD!1493353196_495(7).jpg.bce6e0777a86194db632e5d22e64c54b.jpg LIEFL RECORD! REC: 1-10-0/10, Andrews 4-52-1/2x2PTC, Ingram 2-27-0/19
(6) TACKLES: Anderson (2), Yanda, Scott, Ray Lewis, Ingram
TOTAL OFFENSE: 19-673-5/4x100TD







RAV2 (2)art.jpg

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6 hours ago, nefgm.org said:

Another awesome write up and super pics. I quess since the Titans are out in the AFC, I will have to pull for the Colts. A Colts - Packers match up in the Super Bowl would be good. An old school NFL rivalry. DSC00266.thumb.JPG.7be1fe9b9d396d99182e57c91023eded.JPGDSC00270.thumb.JPG.c04a7f2570bcd4cccd7f6b450db8110f.JPGDSC00275.thumb.JPG.22eb645336eca6911d3fc6aa21870d66.JPG   

I love those games!  That game was such an intense game.  We have the biggest trash talker out there in this league, and the snow game is later today between Chucker and Viggs!  These are great pics above!     I love my Colts too, and if they beat LA the alternate coach plays me. The hardest part will be who to choose because the Colts and Dolphins are my teams!

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This game (Not this actual one ) was the game that a friend of mine had and the first one that I experienced playing electric football on, that led to my begging my parents for an electric football game. The AFL model with the Jets and Chiefs was the first game that I got for Christmas and the only one I ever owned as a kid. That original game of mine got lost a long time ago. I think it got stored in an outside storage building and wound up rusted out and ended up in the local garbage dump along with the original teams and 4 other teams that I had gotten as a kid and played my first solitaire game of electric football with. These pics are of one that i bought probably 15 years ago and included in my current  "Museum" collection.DSC00279.thumb.JPG.1cd1499291de38b66107596dc2a2ee68.JPGDSC00281.thumb.JPG.1bc66dbda61efa0b7ee3496a41c5913d.JPGDSC00284.thumb.JPG.106f967e6a81d59c16e3827121cb4472.JPGDSC00285.thumb.JPG.eca46f181c964b61390a7b03c850ec38.JPGDSC00289.thumb.JPG.96e4f7f8fb189eb9a2d4e9ebf6e32325.JPGDSC00290.thumb.JPG.7b9d819d8c25e75e7779063c4ccb27c2.JPG

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9 hours ago, nefgm.org said:

This game (Not this actual one ) was the game that a friend of mine had and the first one that I experienced playing electric football on, that led to my begging my parents for an electric football game. The AFL model with the Jets and Chiefs was the first game that I got for Christmas and the only one I ever owned as a kid. That original game of mine got lost a long time ago. I think it got stored in an outside storage building and wound up rusted out and ended up in the local garbage dump along with the original teams and 4 other teams that I had gotten as a kid and played my first solitaire game of electric football with. These pics are of one that i bought probably 15 years ago and included in my current  "Museum" collection.DSC00279.thumb.JPG.1cd1499291de38b66107596dc2a2ee68.JPGDSC00281.thumb.JPG.1bc66dbda61efa0b7ee3496a41c5913d.JPGDSC00284.thumb.JPG.106f967e6a81d59c16e3827121cb4472.JPGDSC00285.thumb.JPG.eca46f181c964b61390a7b03c850ec38.JPGDSC00289.thumb.JPG.96e4f7f8fb189eb9a2d4e9ebf6e32325.JPGDSC00290.thumb.JPG.7b9d819d8c25e75e7779063c4ccb27c2.JPG


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