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2020 Long Island EFL NFC Wild Card Game Detroit Lions (5-2) vs Carolina Panthers (4-3)

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2065755968_495(7).jpg.f327e4d936b33ac572aac0b66d632d88.jpgLIONS BEAT PANTHERS IN A THRILLER 37-34 TO ADVANCE TO THE NFC DCG IN GREEN BAY BUT NOT WITHOUT CONTROVERSY!


1413223572_NFCWILDCARD.jpg.29e3e67767ade140aaad0f72ae9de83f.jpg Detroit's Super back Dexter Bussey pushed the Carolina Panthers to their limit as he outplayed the defense in the Lions 37-34 NFC Wild Card

Game victory over the Panthers to advance them to the NFC Divisional Championship Game against the ((6-1) Green Bay Packers!

December 10, 2020. Detroit, Michigan. Christmas time is almost here, but in the pre-game talk, the game between the LIEFL NFC North Division second place Detroit Lions (5-2), and the NFC South Division Champion Carolina Panthers (4-3), has the making of a historic one from the start. Two epic teams on a collision course can only end in drama. We already have seen the two time defending LIEFL Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams upset by the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Wild Card Game, and that opened the floodgates in the search for a new Sheriff in town.  The question is, who will it be?
Detroit's Dexter Bussey is not your average electric football player. Anytime the legendary Bussey steps on the board, coaches show up to watch because he's magical! All leagues have a Bussey or two. He is one of the most exciting players in the Long Island Electric Football League. Bussey has been the catalyst to the Lions success and this year, Bussey's sporting his best season on record. This Hall of Fame caliber player has amassed 480 career carries for 10,816 yards, with 69 touchdowns in the LIEFL. For Bussey now, it is about the rings, not the stats! In electric football we never know when the durable plastic bottoms will fade, but Bussey's is 40 years old. Currently, Bussey ranks #3 in the LIEFL in kick returns with 20 carries for 1322 yards, with six touchdowns, but the big numbers are in All-Purpose yards for Bussey. He ranks #2 in the LIEFL with 55 carries for 1863 yards, with 16 touchdowns! In other words, he is consistent! Bussey also ranked #6 in NFC rushing with 34 carries for 471 yards, including nine touchdowns, so this guy can do it all!
The Lions are no stranger to huge games, nor are the Panthers. These two high impact teams are explosive, and playing in a decent league equals a collision course to war! Too add to the excitement of the game is the colorful characters in the league who play the game. All season long we have presented a perception of Lions coach Johnny Freeport Chucker. The Chucker is the biggest non-stop trash talker in the league, but league coaches have not pushed their negative opinions onto his players. Dexter Bussey is the guy you want on your side in big games. He may not win them all, but he's bringing the draining anxiety, the cardiac care unit, and everything but the kitchen sink when he is on!  These coaches respect talent, they just ignore the Chucker. 
After losing and losing in this league, Detroit came back strong since our first Long Island Electric Football League Draft and seven game season format, which began in 2008. Detroit has had four five-win seasons since then. In their first NFC Championship Game in 2008, Detroit lost to the New York Giants 45-38, but in their LIEFL Super Bowl XII, run season when they beat New England, 42-17 the Lions had to beat the defending NFC Champion New York Giants 31-24, to get there! Dexter Bussey will not let this team down, but the team may let Bussey down. The Lions had the #1 ranked offense in the NFC this season with 130 points, and on defense they ranked #10th. 
Lions Coach Johnny Freeport Chucker said, "Listen for years my team was in the doghouse, but no more. When you play me, be ready for the Lions Den!  I don't care how good your team is, lets see you try to stop Dexter. I've seen all these coaches on You Tube videos, and they have nothing on me or my team. For years coaches in tournaments have trash talked me, and now I am getting revenge. McQueen is that good of a coach. Don't forget I won a Super Bowl with this team in 2016, so I have nothing to lose and I feel no pressure. If Bussey doesn't get the job done, good luck stopping my receivers."
The Freeport Chucker is a never-ending trash-talker. He refuses to accept reality in many ways when it comes to electric football. Once a coach gets to this level, make room for the Big Boys, because the pressure is on, and the payday is on the line. This is the chance for the Chucker to make his move and get to Green Bay. Coach Viggs has asked to have his home team Packers be allowed to cover the field with flour. League Rules Commissioner Pete Porcelli said, "The league is considering a "snow covered" field for the game, but some coaches feel that if the Lions make it, it is coach Viggs strategy for the Packers to slow down Bussey. The league has never had a snow covered game, and I am turning to Billy O'C and Andy Slawson for input on a league vote, with majority rule in place. That will happen on Friday after this game." Coach McQueen is against it and the Chucker doesn't care.
While the Chucker continues to bash everyone in the league with his talk, Coach Matt McQueen reserved his harsh opinions of Chucker and the Lions. He said, "This is a really exciting game.  It could come down to special teams. That is where I feel Greg Jones will match Bussey. The Lions are a good team, but I think they are in for a surprise today because we will match their firepower. We are ready for the challenge.  The only team that stopped us for two seasons are the Rams. Playing Detroit is our road to the Super Bowl because we don't think Green Bay will beat us should we advance to this weekend's NFC Championship Game." 

Chick-fil-A_Kickoff_Game_logo2020.png.c21ae43fff009f1db51f963db8e320ba.pngPANTHERS.jpg.89e99ee5462f2b598542d969343a75a2.jpgAs game time approached, the two coaches shook hands, the player bases were dipped in water, the field was cleaned, and the opening kick off was at 6:00 on the nose!

The opening kickoff in this intense rivalry saw Greg Jones explode on a 74 yard run! On first down, Carolina running back Deshaun Foster, ran for an 18 yard first down on the very first play. Then the Lions defense stopped the Panthers on the next set of downs, which set up a third down play as Panthers quarterback Ryan Tannenhill ran for seven yards to the one yard line! Then on the next play on fourth down, Foster stormed into the end zone for the first score of the game, to give the Panthers the 7-0 lead, with 7:01 left in the first quarter!

CARTD.png.9b4ee4732204ce910a71eae456c69aed.pngPanthers 7
LIONSTD.png.e76ac36a59064489aebf3bdd61700360.pngLions 0 at 7:01
lions.jpg.0e8cd1f2e6efba826923fb7c9ef3c732.jpgLions running back Dexter Bussey wasted no time making a statement in this game. After a beautiful 58-yard kick return Bussey on the first play of the game from scrimmage ran 42 yards into the end zone to tie the score at 7-7, with 4:46 remaining in the first quarter! What a play by the All-Pro!
CARTD.png.9b4ee4732204ce910a71eae456c69aed.pngPanthers 7
LIONSTD.png.e76ac36a59064489aebf3bdd61700360.pngLions 7 at 4:46
PANTHERS.jpg.89e99ee5462f2b598542d969343a75a2.jpgThe Panthers roared right back as Greg Jones was hit head on at the 32-yard line hard by Bussey, helping his own team's cause. On first down, Foster exploded 43 yards to the 25-yard line of the Lions as the two minute warning sounded for the first quarter. After being stopped on the first two runs Foster and the Panthers had nowhere to go, forcing a third down pass play as the first quarter came to a close!
Second quarter action:
The Panthers will be forced to kick a field goal after the Lions stopped them on third down with a near sack! From 27 yards away Carolina made the field goal to give the Panthers the edge, 10-7, with 14:02 remaining in the half!
CARTD.png.9b4ee4732204ce910a71eae456c69aed.pngPanthers 10
LIONSTD.png.e76ac36a59064489aebf3bdd61700360.pngLions 7 at 14:02
lions.jpg.0e8cd1f2e6efba826923fb7c9ef3c732.jpgBussey returned the ensuing kick return 45-yards, and then he rushed for two runs of 13 and 4 yards before being stopped on two straight plays. It was time for Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford to step up the Lions offense and on third down Stafford connected with Bussey for a 42-yard touchdown pass to give the Lions the lead 14-10, at 6:42 remaining in the half!
CARTD.png.9b4ee4732204ce910a71eae456c69aed.pngPanthers 10
LIONSTD.png.e76ac36a59064489aebf3bdd61700360.pngLions 14 at 6:42
PANTHERS.jpg.89e99ee5462f2b598542d969343a75a2.jpgThe excitement continued to build in the game as receiver Keary Colbert caught a quick 10-yard pass from Tannenhill to give Carolina the lead 17-14, after Greg Jones came up big on the kick return 89 yards with 3:06 remaining in the half, with the intensity building!
CARTD.png.9b4ee4732204ce910a71eae456c69aed.pngPanthers 17
LIONSTD.png.e76ac36a59064489aebf3bdd61700360.pngLions 14 at 3:06
lions.jpg.0e8cd1f2e6efba826923fb7c9ef3c732.jpgAfter a 35-yard kick return by Bussey and the Lions, the Panthers called a time out with 2:33 remaining in the half. The Lions ran one more play before the two minute warning went off and they were stopped after losing five yards on the next play. Stafford and the Lions put the ball up in the air as Calvin Johnson came down with the catch and took a 55-yard pass to the 15-yard line for the first down! The Freeport Chucker was on fire! On first down, Bussey ran to the line of scrimmage as Carolina defensive tackle Stan Mc Clover, an All-Pro in 2019, made the tackle. And, with 1:23 left in the half the Lions called a timeout which brought up a huge play on second down. In an unbelievable play, and the first play of its kind in the tournament Lions quarterback Matt Stafford ran a quarterback sneak from 15 yards away into the end zone to give Detroit the lead 21-17, with 1:06 remaining in the half, and a timeout was called by Carolina! The Freeport Chucker was going crazy shouting, "Booyah baby, all day long!"
CARTD.png.9b4ee4732204ce910a71eae456c69aed.pngPanthers 17
LIONSTD.png.e76ac36a59064489aebf3bdd61700360.pngLions 21 at 1:06
PANTHERS.jpg.89e99ee5462f2b598542d969343a75a2.jpgTo close the first half Greg Jones ran a beautiful 60 yard return, and once again Jones came up big in the playoffs, but it's not enough. The Panthers kicked a field goal, with no time left from 40 yards away to make the score 21-20, to end the first half!   
CARTD.png.9b4ee4732204ce910a71eae456c69aed.pngPanthers 20
LIONSTD.png.e76ac36a59064489aebf3bdd61700360.pngLions 21 END FIRST HALF
Third quarter action:
lions.jpg.0e8cd1f2e6efba826923fb7c9ef3c732.jpgWith the score 21-20 at the half, to begin the third quarter Dexter Bussey ran the ball 40 yards on the kick return. After a 40-yard run on first down, Carolina figured out Detroit stopping the Lions on two running plays in a row. On third down it was quarterback Matthew Stafford again who ran another quarterback sneak for seven yards, as he was tackled by linebacker Sam Mills, who was voted All-Pro this season. The play forced a fourth down field goal from 13 yards away to make the score 24-20 Lions, with 6:36 left in the third quarter!
CARTD.png.9b4ee4732204ce910a71eae456c69aed.pngPanthers 20
LIONSTD.png.e76ac36a59064489aebf3bdd61700360.pngLions 24 at 6:36
PANTHERS.jpg.89e99ee5462f2b598542d969343a75a2.jpgThe Panthers came storming right back as Carolina running back Greg Jones collided with Detroit linebacker William Gay at the 40 yard line. Two plays later DeShaun Foster took over with a beautiful 44-yard run down to the Lions 13-yard line as the two minute warning sounded in the third quarter. Carolina Coach McQueen has played spectacular today with his Panthers, and the Freeport Chucker had a look of concern on his face, but these two very intense coaches have not said two words the entire game to each other. It's just been a mental battle with two elite teams going at it as the third quarter quickly came to a close after two failed running attempts by Foster. Carolina was forced to pass!
4th quarter action
PANTHERS.jpg.89e99ee5462f2b598542d969343a75a2.jpgQuarterback Ryan Tannehill took a quarterback sneak around the left side of the field, but he was hit hard by Bussey and the Panthers were cut short on third down, 13-yards shy of the first as they kicked a 17-yard field goal in a nail biter, with the Lions in the lead 24-23 with 14:25 remaining in the game!
CARTD.png.9b4ee4732204ce910a71eae456c69aed.pngPanthers 23
LIONSTD.png.e76ac36a59064489aebf3bdd61700360.pngLions 24 at 14:25
lions.jpg.0e8cd1f2e6efba826923fb7c9ef3c732.jpgIn a huge head-on collision Foster collided with Bussey at the 40 yard line, on a huge stop, saving Bussey from scoring on a 100 yard touchdown! What a huge play! On first down, Bussey ran a 22 yard first down to the Carolina 38 yard line! On the very next play Bussey exploded into the end zone on a 38-yd electrifying touchdown to put the Lions up 31-23 in the big game, with 9:47 left to go in the game! Wow! Dexter Bussey is Dexter Bussey who just passed 159 yards rushing in the game!
CARTD.png.9b4ee4732204ce910a71eae456c69aed.pngPanthers 23
LIONSTD.png.e76ac36a59064489aebf3bdd61700360.pngLions 31 at 9:49
PANTHERS.jpg.89e99ee5462f2b598542d969343a75a2.jpgWow! Greg Jones and the Panthers answered right back as Jones just busted through the line for a hundred yard kick return, on a spectacular scorching run, bringing the Panthers within one point to tie the game. The Panthers decided to attempt a two-point conversion for the tie, with 8:42 left to go in the game. And the Panthers tied the game at 31-31 with 6:47 remaining, on a spectacular catch by Jeff King who broke away at the 2-yard line for the two-point conversion!
CARTD.png.9b4ee4732204ce910a71eae456c69aed.pngPanthers 31
LIONSTD.png.e76ac36a59064489aebf3bdd61700360.pngLions 31 at 6:47
lions.jpg.0e8cd1f2e6efba826923fb7c9ef3c732.jpgAfter a beautiful 50 yard kick return by Bussey, the Panthers stacked up on the Lions running game stopping them on the first two plays from scrimmage as the two minute warning sounded off, and the team switch sides for the last time in the game! On a beast of a play Lions receiver,  Calvin Johnson took it 58 yards into the end zone on a cross pattern to give the Lions the lead 38-31, as Detroit decided to go for their own two-point conversion with just 1:11 left to go in the game as Carolina called a timeoutOh my goodness! Detroit failed to convert the two points and instead Matthew Stafford was sacked 30 yards behind the line of scrimmage as Carolina got the ball back with 56 seconds remaining in the game, and the Panthers called their last time out. Detroit still had two timeouts left with the score, 37-31!
CARTD.png.9b4ee4732204ce910a71eae456c69aed.pngPanthers 31
LIONSTD.png.e76ac36a59064489aebf3bdd61700360.pngLions 37 at 56 seconds.
PANTHERS.jpg.89e99ee5462f2b598542d969343a75a2.jpgWith seconds left, the Panthers needed a touchdown run on this play. Greg Jones Randall ran the kickoff back 50 amazing yards only to be turned around at midfield! The face of disappointment on Coach McQueen couldn't be ignored. The Panthers had a settle for a field goal as they ran out of time! In a dramatic finish the Detroit Lions (6-2), advance to the NFC Divisional Championship Game to play the Green Bay Packers (6-1), after beating the Panthers 37-34 in a spectacular finish!
CARTD.png.9b4ee4732204ce910a71eae456c69aed.pngPanthers 34
LIONSTD.png.e76ac36a59064489aebf3bdd61700360.pngLions 37 FINAL
1855686105_LIEFLSTATS(1).png.c3d4cd832f213cee4529fad04ff17151.png Picture12.png.2d1873a9dcf3487530eb6e7147edb2d4.png Picture15.jpg.3cfa165fdd9cf45967f2da5efa0600f9.jpgGATORDATE POST GAME REPORT
34 PANTHERS.jpg.89e99ee5462f2b598542d969343a75a2.jpgCarolina Panthers (4-4) COACH MATT MCQUEEN (12-16)
CARTD.png.9b4ee4732204ce910a71eae456c69aed.pngPANTHERS OFFENSE: Foster RU: 10-110-1/44, Colbert REC: 1-11-1/11TD, Jones KR: 7-445-1/100TD, King REC: 1-2-0 (2PTC), Tannenhill 1-7-0
(10) TACKLES: Colbert, Jones (2-SAC), Mc Clover (2), Webster, Short, Hayden, Foster, Mills 
37 lions.jpg.0e8cd1f2e6efba826923fb7c9ef3c732.jpg Detroit Lions (6-2) Johnny Freeport Chucker (18-9)
NEXT OPPONENT: at Green Bay for the NFC DCG
LIONS OFFENSE:  Bussey RU: 15-159-2/42TD, REC: 1-42-1/42TD, KR: 6-268-0/58, Bussey APY: 22-469-3/58, Johnson REC: 2-113-1/58TD, Stafford RU:2-22-1/15TD      
(9) TACKLES:   Bussey (2), Donaldson, Brown, Gay (2), Moore, Baker, English  
TOTAL OFFENSE: 26-604-5/58TD






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Coach Viggs has asked to have his home team Packers be allowed to cover the field with flour. League Rules Commissioner Pete Porcelli said, "The league is considering a "snow covered" field for the game, but some coaches feel that if the Lions make it, it is coach Viggs strategy for the Packers to slow down Bussey. The league has never had a snow covered game, and I am turning to Billy O'C and Andy Slawson for input on a league vote, with majority rule in place. That will happen on Friday after this game." Coach McQueen is against it and the Chucker doesn't care.

PLAY IT IN THE SNOW!!! I love snow games. Championship football, Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI. How could you not play it in the snow!!


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