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Looking for players in PNW...Seattle, Tacoma


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I used to live in Texas and was part of the Alamo City EFL when it first started in 1998.  Then got transferred to Oklahoma, where I played in the Tulsa OKIefl for three years.  I moved to Puyallup area in 2001, and found no one up here to play.  Would love to join or help build an established league.  
I saw the Seattle league under the league tab, which I find interesting because I was in Kent for 9 years and never played anyone.  If there is such a league, please let me know.  I am willing to drive to play.


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Hope you find someone, Don't give up, they are out there. It only took me 20 years to finally find enough people to start a league here in the Nashville, TN area. We are just finishing up our first season in the MUSIC CITY EFL.

So you played with Jerry McGhee in the Alamo City EFL? I have a rule set from that league in the archives of the NEFGM Library. Any more information you could give me about that league and your time playing in the Tulsa OKlefl? 

I know Jerry very well, I played a game with him on his big board once at a BAMA BLAST Tournament in 1999. I aslo served with him on the Board of Directors of the MFCA. GOOD LUCK in your seasrch. 

Thanks, Chris LeMay


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Yes I lost the year one semi final game to Jerry, if you see him tell him I should have rushed with Nusmeyer on that last play.  He should know why.  I still have the year 1 rule book.  It was what we adopted for the OKiefl league when we used it.  I also remember playing on the VA Tech board.  Ran very smooth, and I really liked the two sided switches he put into it.  I have not talked to Jerry since I moved up to Washington.  But trust me, he is a good one and I wish more were like him.

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