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185964204_AFCwildcard.jpg.2921630c28d933a5b88ad9a2a76c84ce.jpgWELCOME TO TODAY'S LONG ISLAND 1857775307_495(7).jpg.1f36771f0c67ddc58da043077df3359e.jpgELECTRIC FOOTBALL LEAGUE'S

                                                                                AFC WILD CARD GAME#3       

1857775307_495(7).jpg.1f36771f0c67ddc58da043077df3359e.jpg                             1545890475_TITANSNEW.jpg.fbdbe70adad5afc1566d8e4838137628.jpgTennessee Titans (4-3) at Miami Dolphins (5-2) 1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.dfad11dd6acb054bae64441270449769.gif

                                                                               December 7, 2020 at 3pm


Picture12.png.34664f0c1f132a0ec9d4fbfceb84a525.png795025222_PREGAMESUMMARY.png.a497f24674ab5e73ede1198aaf1647ce.pngLIEFL MAIN PAGE:https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/ 

123984328_TOURNAMENTOFCHAMPIONS.thumb.png.738395dd946dd8ccebc5da9a4b047354.pngLIEFL 2020 TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONSflowers.jpg.1b9910a282ed75712f1464a2e7811ddb.jpg



1216737195_xmas(1).png.9019367595e724ec419067cbca2c17f9.pngIN THE NEWS: Don't forget what goes under the Christmas tree for the Kids! No, we don't work for Tudor Games, but without them, there is no us!







45506275_MADEINUSA.png.f438484491364599cdbdacf1b940f251.pngARTICLE WRITTEN BY WILLIAM O'CONNELL

 Picture15.jpg.d5ba47a499ca383b5b3c102b33363a32.jpgDecember 5, 2020, Miami Florida. (Photos will follow)

It doesn't matter really, who reads our Forum, we read it! Suffolk County Long Island is an extremely diversified place to live, with nearly two million people in a 60 mile radius, yet it feels, and is, so segregated. We decided to be leaders in being the change we want to see, therefore, we are using our hobby to form the "National United Brotherhood of Electric Football Membership" which supports solidarity, and commitment for a more diversified America! If you want to be part of this, we will add you to our list. Who knows maybe we can all meet some day!

This year's Long Island Electric Football "Tournament of Champions" is one of unforeseen hero's, players who rise to the occasion to satisfy the ego of their coaches, and lots of heartbreak in the chase for the Grand Daddy of them all, the LIEFL-Super Bowl XVI title, which will literally be played in Tampa, Florida on December 15th and winning purse $$$! The competition seems a little more real when there is more at stake in the league! 

Sylviaart.png.2b192a11c27add723cfa81eb97a0ed3e.pngJust a little back story. The history of this Miami Dolphins team is what made our original LIEFL successful, but those years have flown by since 1972, when a legendary woman from Havana, Cuba immigrated here on Long Island in the late 50's to escape the incoming wrath of Cuban Dictator, Fidel Castro. Her family lost everything to the Communist Regime, and her father was imprisoned in the Bay of Pigs Revolution when he exiled to fight against Castro, but the family never lose their sense of dignity, and they never escaped their roots of what transpired them to do great things in the face of evil. Fast forward to building her own family, she eventually bought an electric football game for her son's in 1972, and she taught the kids how to play electric football. Imagine? This woman, Sylvia, wasn't just anybody, she was a bonafide athlete who played internationally on the Cuban Volleyball team long ago, long before the generation of fame and money empowered athletes, but she loved all sports, and she passed them on to her children with a trophy room of more than 600 trophies, plaques, awards, citations, and whatever else made her the woman she was (Some of her trophies to left). In Bay Shore, Long Island, she was the first woman's umpire in the men's baseball league, she started CYO Youth sports for girls in basketball, softball, and volleyball, and she inspired thousands of kids in the developmental stages of their lives, when children are so impressionable. She is someone who believed in equality for women, and she fought for civil, human, and women's rights in this country.  In a sense, she was a respected pioneer!

When people die, the life they lived is acknowledged and then days, weeks, months, and years pass by and sometimes memories fade, but we can't allow that.  It's been five years since the death of my mom Sylvia, and I get to think about her every time we play, remembering the legacy of her life, the love for her children, and the dedicated coach and athlete she was. It was Sylvia, who bought my first electric football game uniting a community of kids who are now men who still play! The United Brotherhood of Electric Football stands in Sylvia's name because that's what she did, unite people from every walk of life.  She made our house into sort of a United Nations, with kids coming over and playing from every ethnicity. She was rare for the 1960's and seventies in New York, but she did the right thing, she was a bridge builder.  This is our bridge to cross together to open people's minds and transform a world of ignorance into understanding. It's what Sylvia was all about--togetherness, teamwork, winning, and individual self-growth. I am proud to say that she made me the man I am today.


56920269_playoff.png.20a2ad3483d9160f1e6d36d2f3863372.pngThe Miami Dolphins were a surprise powerhouse last year. After winning several players in the draft two seasons ago, it took some time for Miami to develop, but when they did, their picks were instrumental in making the Dolphins a serious contender again. One of those players who changed the Miami front line is Jason Taylor. Under the tutelage of LIEFL Hall of Fame Member, Bob Kuechenberg, Taylor gradually grew into the nose and center positions, and he has been mostly responsible for Mercury Morris' production. He didn't do it alone. Larry Little has also been very important to anchoring that front line of the Dolphins, bringing back All-Pro status to a one dominant team.

These 2020 Dolphins are not the Miami Dolphins of 40 years ago when we first started playing this game, however, there are some speedy player base bottoms that are still in the league that remain left over from that time. We took the fastest guys from the old-school era and we added them to the draft! The Morris II, bottom is one of them. We call him Morris II, because this is the Mercury Morris rebirth after we accidentally clipped the bottom of the old Morris thirty years ago after Morris set records. He had 118 touchdowns with the bottom before it was destroyed. Has that ever happened to any of you?  What a heartbreaking situation which destroyed a Hall of Fame players lifespan.
Returning AFC Champion Miami is back this year, but this game playing against the Tennessee Titans (4-3), is going to be a fierce battle of defenses and we cannot predict the outcome. We know that Tennessee does magical things, and you can never count them out of a game because between Titans receiver Brandon Jones and Enron Kinney, the pair have 975 yards with five touchdowns. Then they have the steady Lorenzo Neal, and the big guy in the backfield, Eddie George, who has rushed for 325 yards on 48 carries, with five touchdowns.
These Titans are a dangerous football team. In a very short span of six years, Tennessee has made it to two AFC Championship Games, both times coming up short, once 21-17, to New England in 2016, and the other in 2018, to Los Angeles, 42-27. Tennessee's front line is anchored by All-Pro Bruce Matthews, but going up against Miami's Jason Taylor and Larry Little will be a huge challenge for anyone. Taylor seems to get better every game. He has ten defensive tackles this season, so we expect to watch Miami shut down the running game of the Titans and Miami will have to rely on their defense to stop two great Titan receivers to offset the balance of a running attack. Coach Billy O'C will came prepared today, and playing against coach Kevin Maloney will be another huge challenge. Maloney plays these Tennessee Titans on a variety of levels depending on the competition. These plastic figures seem to rise to the occasion without any coaching, or is it our illusion, delusion, or simply something we choose to feel or ignore in the love we have for our league, teams, and the Electric Football Nation Brotherhood?
When Miami lost in the LIEFL-Super Bowl XIV last year to the Los Angeles Rams 44-41, we knew they'd be competitive this year, but there's one major obstacle in their way and possibly two. The obstacle in beating the Los Angeles Chargers or Indianapolis Colts whichever, is a huge undertaking but it's great competition and that's what the NFC needs is a great AFC challenge. The Chargers are primed for another Super Bowl, but this time they may very well overcome the obstacles to be the next Super Bowl winner. As we get to this level in the playoffs the teams who have been winning all year are the teams who make the high impact, high octane statements of where their mission has led them. Now that the Los Angeles Rams are out of the picture, the Seattle Seahawks will take on the Washington football team in next week's NFC Divisional Championship Game. As for the AFC the winner of this game is going to head to Baltimore to play The almighty Ravens who have surprised everybody this year with some fantastic electric football. They will have to take on the mouth of the league and the biggest trash talker in Johnny Freeport Chucker.


"If you can't run with the big dogs stay on the porch." -John Madden

December 7, 2020, Miami Florida. 951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngWhat a way to open again on an electrifying kick return the Miami Dolphins made a statement 

when Mark Duper ran back an electrifying hundred yard touchdown as the Dolphins took the lead 7-0, at 14:40!
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngDolphins 7
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngTitans 0 14:40
Looks like Miami has come prepared but you can expect the same thing in return from a team who's been here a few times themselves in the Titans. The Dolphins sure did look good on that kick return with lots of blocking up front which opened up a huge hole in the center of the field for Super Duper!
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngTennessee's Brandon Jones opened up the Titans first runback with a beautiful 63-yard return himself as the mysterious Tennessee Titans start off on their first possession. On first down Titans running back Eddie George tried to run around the left side of the field, but he was tackled by Miami linebacker Zach Thomas for a 7-yard loss as the Miami defense gets amped up! On second down, Tennessee lost five more yards, forcing a third down pass by Titans quarterback Ryan Tannenhill, but that Miami defense stopped the Titans offense, and they were forced to kick a field goal. Coach Kevin Maloney looked frustrated as he kicked a 35 yard field goal 35 yards through the uprights to make the score 7-3, Miami, with 8:30 left to go and the first quarter!
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngDolphins 7
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngTitans 3 at 8:30
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngOn the kickoff for Miami, Duper ran 48 yards on the return and on first down Miami LIEFL Hall of Fame running back Mercury Morris ran for 8 yards, but he was stopped on second down, forcing a third down play where quarterback Dan Marino connected with one of the Marx Brothers Mark Clayton, for a 24-yard first down, bringing the ball to the Titans 24-yard line. On the next first down Morris was pushed back for a 4-yard loss by the Titans defense led by Jacob Ford. With time running out in the first quarter, Miami decided to let the first quarter come to a close as the teams switched sides on the field.
Second Quarter Action:
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngTo open the second quarter Mercury Morris took charge, exploding from the 38-yard line, bringing the ball to the Titans 13 yard line for a first down with 13:10 remaining in the half! And on the very next play Morris swept around the right side following Larry Little and Brian Cox into the end zone to give the Dolphins a 14-3 advantage with 11:33 left to go in the half!
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngDolphins 14
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngTitans 3 at 11:33
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngBrandon Jones exploded for 55-yard kick return and he was hit hard by Miami defensive tackle, Manny Fernandez! Coach Maloney has to get this Tennessee team motivated, but the Titans seem sluggish. Whatever spark lit Maloney pushed the button on the Titans next play as the front line opened up a hole for running back Eddie George as George ran for 3 yards, 4 yards 14 yards, and finally into the end zone with a 26-yard touchdown to make the score 14-10, Miami in the lead with 4:05 remaining in the half!
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngDolphins 14
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngTitans 10 at 4:05
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngOn Miami's next kick return Duper returned the ball for 47 yards! On first down Morris ran 14 yards and the Titans call a timeout with 41 seconds remaining
in the half. After running for another 10 yards and a first down Morris and the Dolphins then called timeout at the Titans 29-yard line. Miami set up to pass as they try to run away with the lead going into halftime. On a tremendous play with 16 seconds left Marino found Morris wide open in the middle of the field and Morris ran it into the end zone for a touchdown on a great 29 yard play to extend Miami's lead to 21-10, to end the half!
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngDolphins 21
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngTitans 10 END OF FIRST HALF
Third Quarter Action
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngTennessee came out on fire to begin the second half as Brandon Jones returned the ball 37 yards! On first down, Titans quarterback Ryan Tannenhill threw a strike to Jones on the very next play for a 38-yard first down as Jones ran the ball to the Miami 25 yard line! What a play! One play later Eddie George picked up a 15-yard first down on a beautifully executed run as Tennessee came alive in the second half with 10:49 left in the third quarter! The Dolphins have been switching up the "D" line throughout the entire game with all different looks, and quite frankly Coach Maloney has had a hard time making the adjustments as Coach Billy O'C kept Maloney's Titans off balance. On the next play Miami's All-Pro defensive end Jason Taylor, came in like a monster to make a huge tackle for a 9-yard Titans loss! On third down the Titans couldn't get anything rolling and Tannenhill was sacked by Miami at the 45-yard line by Mark Clayton, forcing a field goal on fourth down to make the score 21-13, Miami still had the lead with 5:45 left to go in the third!
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngDolphins 21
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngTitans 13 at 5:45
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngCoach Billy OC was certainly playing a superior game, and as we said if Miami wins this one they head to the AFC Divisional Championship Game to play the number one seed Baltimore Ravens, but the Dolphins defense has sparked some power with Jason Taylor making two tackles in a row! Miami just blew this one out of the water with another hundred yard kick return by Mark Duper into a clear open field for a super play as Miami expanded the lead 28-13, on a spectacular electrifying kick return by Duper!
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngDolphins 28
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngTitans 13 at 4:28
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngWe haven't seen the Titans lose like this all season in this fashion of dominance in a very long time. After a beautiful kick return of 41 yards by Brandon Jones, on first down Eddie George was stopped in his tracks by Jason Taylor again along with Manny Fernandez at the 41 yard line, with the third quarter coming to a close and the two minute warning blowing! When play picked up, the Miami Dolphin defense just exploded on the Titans as Jason Taylor made his fourth tackle of the game, forcing a pass play on third down, which the Dolphins stopped in their tracks! On fourth down Tennessee was forced to punt Titans the football as Miami corners them.
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngDolphins 28
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngTitans 13 End of Third Quarter
Fourth Quarter Action:
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngMercury Morris opened the fourth quarter with a huge run of 32 yards, bringing the ball down to the Tennessee 18-yard line as Jason Taylor split the center right open with Morris following Taylor's lead. Morris has close to 100 yards rushing in the game! And this Miami front line is dominating! It almost seems that Tennessee is losing their momentum and right now Miami is working on all cylinders, certainly looking like the playoff team they did this last year in their run to the AFC Championship Game and LIEFL-Super Bowl! It's going to be almost impossible for Tennessee to come back from this one as Morris again, exploded around the right side 30 yards into the end zone to make the score 35-13, with 10:37 left to go in the game! What a play and what a run as Morris scores his third touchdown of the game! The frustration on Coach Maloney's face said it all. Things are not going as planned, and that can make a coach frustrated.
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngDolphins 35
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngTitans 13 at 10:37
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngThe Miami defense continued to be relentless as Manny Fernandez and Brian Cox make a huge hit at the 47-yard line of the Titans to bring Brandon Jones to the ground! Miami is playing some game, and we will see the Titans sporting new uniforms for 2021, as we donate these uniforms to the National Electric Football Museum, as Larry Csonka makes the Dolphins 15th tackle of the game to stop Eddie George at the line of scrimmage. Tennessee is not finished yet. Eddie George exploded right through the middle for a 25-yard run but Manny Fernandez made his fourth tackle of the game with 5:03 remaining in the game.
That was an absolutely beautiful play by the Titans front line. And, on the very next play it was Fernandez again, making his fifth tackle of the game for a three-yard loss! This Miami defense is no joke and the Ravens will have their hands full next week against Taylor, Fernandez, and Company! We may be seeing this Dolphins team challenge again for an AFC Championship, but oh boy, they are they up against some stiff competition in Baltimore, Los Angeles, or Indianapolis.
On the next play Brandon Jones broke free at the 28-yard line and he roared into the end zone for the touchdown to make the score 35-20, as the two minute warning sounded off with Miami still in the lead.
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngDolphins 35
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngTitans 20 at 2:00
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngCoach Billy O'C will now kill the clock and attempt to bring his Dolphins to the divisional championship game for the second straight season, and for the first time in a long time we are seeing an outstanding Miami Dolphin defense play a major role in stopping a touch Tennessee Titans football team, but when the games to to this point in the season, the best survive, and the mistakes are picked out and taken advantage of! Manny Fernandez and Jason Taylor have been the anchors in this game with 54 seconds left to go, Miami finally called a timeout. Morris ran for another first down down to the 33-yard line of the Titans as the Dolphins called their final time out with 19 seconds remaining in the game, with Miami somehow making it look easy. On the Dolphins last play of the game, Mercury Morris ran into the end zone from 33 yards for an incredible touchdown, Morris fourth touchdown of the game as the Miami Dolphins (6-2) beat the Tennessee Titans (4-4), 42-20! The Dolphins were very convincing today with six touchdowns. They shut down a very good Tennessee team as they advance to play the Baltimore Ravens (6-1)!
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngDolphins 42
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngTitans 20 FINAL SCORE



Picture12.png.8416702224deaf90b9263838b606e1e6.png1052987051_LIEFLSTATS(1).png.663d63f1d55048ddc8e4bf05e0266351.pngPicture15.jpg.92be37f4b3031752ef234e2db3e635e7.jpgGATORADE POST GAME REPORT
20 2010909117_TITANSNEW.jpg.9b10af4fb710c9b83aa44d6f50bf7e77.jpgTENNESSEE TITANS (4-4)
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngCoach: Kevin Maloney (10-17)
TITANSTD.png.011b29b9be14e5164ef505772b0e6471.pngTITANS OFFENSE: George RU: 11-84-1/26TD, REC: 1-3-0/3, APY: 12-87-1/26TD, Jones KR: 5-244-0/63, REC: 2-66-1/38
(8) TACKLES: Pilar (2), Matthews (2), Ford, P. Jones, Stewart (2)
TOTAL YARDS: 19-397-2/63
42 1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.e5a9fae54f83595217e527031b2461d4.gifMIAMI DOLPHINS (6-2)
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngCoach: Billy O'C (21-9)
951316891_DOLPHINSTD.png.31174ffb3ec1e94d9d2b3eb41c83af67.pngDOLPHINS OFFENSE: Morris RU: 12-154-3/33TD, REC: 1-24-1/24TD, APY: 13-178-4/33TD, Duper KR:6-397-2/2x100TD, Clayton 1-24-0/24.
TACKLES: Fernandez (5), Thomas (2), Cox, Clayton, Csonka, Morris, Taylor (4), Duhe







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Oh well, tough break for the Titans. Love the back story about your mom. Good name, too!! My wife's name is Sylvia, with whom I could not do what I do in the game and hobby with out her love and support. Been married for 20 years and she has accompanied me to many Electric Football Convention and Tournament events.  My biggest source of encouragement and promoter of the game to people I would otherwise never have gotten to meet and introduce to electric football. 862583997_Annotation2020-05-27175615.png.8064b47806b229edd1eb3fd47b50528c.png1861122973_Annotation2020-05-27180404.png.809a2fe50d860de0a1172204939fac7f.png1824241383_Annotation2020-05-27180507.png.90fd524b131d72e7c9453fa9ad5733d3.png    

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I was very surprised by the Titans.  Every time I have played against that coach the Titans give me trouble, but Miami really was on fire!  It will be tough to beat the Ravens, but I am gunning for a huge win over the loudest mouth of our league!  The Freeport Chucker!   Stay tuned!  I located eight games in the attic and I will talk to you about it as soon as I get a minute.  Is Zoom okay?

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