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Welcome to Game 11 of the Hunger Games Double-Elimination Tournament. The Blue Jays lost to the Quick and the Dead in the final seconds of the second game of the tournament. The Quick and the Dead went for the 2-point conversion, succeeded, and won 50 to 49.

Blue Jays' halfback #24 rushed for 119 yards and two touchdowns in that game and he's definitely a player to watch because the Blue Jays don't pass much. In Game 2 they only passed three times for 30 yards. Like Denzel Washington said in the movie, Remember the Titans, "I run six plays, split veer. It’s like Novacaine. Just give it time, it always works.”

100_3158.thumb.png.3dc0f23fc362d6495b9a842faa7115ca.pngBLUE JAYS

The Knights in White Satin eliminated the Egyptians in Game 1 of the tournament by a score of 56 to 42. In Game 5 of the Tournament the Knights in White Satin beat the Tournament favorite Christmas Spirit by a score of 42 to 37. The Knights found themselves on the losing end of a 49 to 42 shootout with the GTO in Game 7 of the Tournament.

Watchout for Knights' Halfback / Kick Returner #34. In game 1 this little dynamo rushed for 115 yards and had 229 kick return yards. He was responsible for 3 of the Knights' 7 touchdowns. In game 5, HB / KR #34 was once again the game MVP with 25 rushing yards and 137 kick return yards and 2 touchdowns. In Game 7, #34 rushed for 120 yards and racked up 139 Kick Return yards and once again three touchdowns. This guy leaves scorch marks in the turf!

100_3161.thumb.png.d6fe113d9e1c069a57c3c0d8ec96cf03.pngKnights in White Satin

Let's go to the Coin Flip. The coin is a Xena: Warrior Princess commemorative coin. One side is 'XENA' and the other side is, 'X'.



Enjoy the Journey    T43   🏈♾️

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Is Knights in White Satin #34 the best running back in the Heavy Metal Electric Football Consortium?

Knights in White Satin #34 chalked up his fourth straight MVP. He scored three touchdowns, had 48 yards on kick returns, picked up 75 yards in receptions, and sprinted for 326 yards rushing on 14 attempts. Of course, he doesn't get a yard without an offensive line that opened holes large enough for a triceratops to run through. FB #21 had a good game also.

I think Hoosiers' #37 and Quick and the Dead #23 might argue the point.

The Blue Jays didn't give up without a fight. Truly, this was a game where the last team to possess the ball would win. Absolutely perfect game by both teams.

The final 25 seconds nearly gave me a heart attack ❣️


Hope is everywhere. The NFL builds hope by so-called, "Tough Defense." There's 'hope' the defense gets the ball back for an offense that we hope can move the ball.

In the Heavy Metal Electric Football Consortium (HMEFC) Hope is built on the expression, "The Best Defense is a Great Offense." The Mission Statement of the HMEFC is, "Each play in the game of electric football should be filled with hope before the motion generator is turned on and should be exhilarating after the motion generator is turned on." The Blue Jays and the Knights in White Satin embody that mission. I hope you found the last 25 seconds of Game 11 to be exhilarating! 😃👍

Enjoy the Journey   T43   🏈♾️

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6 hours ago, Daryl Collins said:

The Jays didn’t lose, they just ran out of time! 

Exactly. 😃👍

Next time the Jays and the Knights play it may be the Knights in White Satin who run out of time.   Can't wait to play that game. 🤠

Enjoy the Journey.  🏈♾️


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