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District 6 (AKA Shamrock Bay) is playing District 7 (AKA Golden Grizzlies) in the First Hunger Games Double-Elimination Tournament.

Trivia: Shamrock Bay has played in eight Fruit Bowls, but only won three. The Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings don't have anything on the tenacious Shamrock Bay. Shamrock Bay lost five Fruit Bowls before picking up their first championship in Fruit Bowl 13. 

The Golden Grizzlies made their first Fruit Bowl appearance in Fruit Bowl 29 where they were beaten 34 — 31 by the Big Horn Rams.

From the beginning of the First Quarter, here's the first series for both teams.


 Shamrock Bay's Halfback #35 benefits from Stop Forward Progress tackling on both the 55-yard run and the 1-yard touchdown run.

Enjoy the Journey    T43    🏈♾️

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District 6 (AKA Shamrock Bay) beat District 7 (AKA Golden Grizzlies) in the 4th game of the First Hunger Games Double-Elimination Tournament. The video clip features a Pick Six, 🥳 and 2 Kick Offs returned for Touchdowns. 🥳🥳

About halfway through the Fourth Quarter I heard a strange rattling sound like a can full of screws, nuts, and washers rattling every time I turned on my field. Wha'ta'heck? The rattling got worse. I investigated. 🤔  Many of the screws on my offensive linemen were very loose. The screws were actually tapping the field. There's something I didn't expect! 🤕



Enjoy the Journey    T43   🏈♾️

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Wow.  The game opened with a bang!
Loved the Shamrocks first play from  scrimmage, it is epic.  Beautiful blocking and the runner slips just inside the looper.  At this point it looked to me like his angle would take him out of bounds but he makes the corner and breaks it down to the 1 yard line!  
great videos and as usual some awesome and interesting plays.

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6 hours ago, Coach Shawn said:

Wouldn’t that have been a sack?

You're correct in touch-tackling the QB is sacked. In Stop-Forward-Progress tackling the play is still alive because the QB is still moving forward.

The Golden Grizzlies QB is very erratic. The play was a simple drop back pass and he did an unexpected 180. I'm watching that spin-around through the screen of my camera and I abruptly stopped the play. I was lucky the QB hadn't crossed the line of scrimmage and that WR #5 had cleared the defender.

If I hadn't panicked and stopped the play the QB might have rushed for a few yards. The field is open in front of him.

Thanks for asking.

Enjoy the Journey.    T43   🏈♾️

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6 hours ago, Daryl Collins said:

Is this the new Ultimate board?

Yep, I haven't seen any reduction in speed or strength so the two fields must be very similar in calibration.

I have seen an up tick in kickoffs returned for Touchdowns but I think that may be the Special Teams Coach. 😃

Enjoy the Journey    T43.     🏈♾️

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