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Ideas for Kickstarters


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If Bryan asked me for ideas for a Kickstarter my first idea would be Vegas Gold bases. If there are five Tiers, then I would level up to the top Tier just to get Vegas Gold bases with Vegas Gold dials. Let's say, $500. for 12 TTC and 12 Rookie. Vegas Gold is the Gold used by the New Orleans Saints, Baylor, University of Washington, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Boston College, Navy, UCLA, Colorado and Colorado State.... The list just goes on and on. A footnote on this idea. Please, if you must use ITZ's plastic formula — which I'm sure Bryan will because he sells tweaked ITZ bases on his webpage — then something between formula 55 and formula 100. I won't spend another penny on bouncy formula 37.

Second I would ask Bryan to sell stock in Tudor. Like the Green Bay Packers' stock, the stock would be worthless, but I would be shareholder of history. This isn't strictly a Kickstarter, but I would gladly buy an old 1949 Model 500 and use it to frame my stock shares.

Finally, I would come in at Tier Five for video editing software for Tudor. Perhaps a few classes on how to use the software. Much of the EF game video on Youtube is stream of consciousness.  When I hear people counting one-mississippi, two-mississippi, or, I hear commentators talking smack, I tune right out. The Medium is still the message.

Enjoy the Journey.  T43.  🏈♾️

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What I'd like to see offered is the old 620-style field.  Sold as board only and as a complete game set.  Use the new motors and sell field covers.  Even a Super Bowl edition would be sweet.

TTC dials that don't have a notch in the rear of the disc, so opponents can't see if your QB is set to spin in place.

Mean 13 with necks.

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