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2020 Long Island EFL Week#5 New York Giants (2-2) vs Cincinnati Bengals (2-2)

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In a Long Island Electric Football League Historic Game  New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr., stunned the Cincinnati Bengals with his three 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns, tying Philadelphia's Harold Carmichael's three touchdowns and 338 yards record hew set earlier in the season. That is all the New York Giants would need as they defeat the Cincinnati Bengals 27-21, in OT! Beckham had four returns for total 376 yards! This one goes into the LIEFL record books!

September 23, 2020. Cincinnati, Ohio.


We are coming down to do-or-die in the Long Island Electric Football League Week#5, in a game between two fighting teams and coaches who want to see their team in the post-season. The NFC East is a powerhouse division and the New York Giants (2-2), have played great this season, but so have the AFC North Cincinnati Bengals (2-2)! With just two games remaining in the 2020 LIEFL season, Week#5 is where the men of the metal board, get separated from the boys! 

This is the time where teams have to perform on the road in order to make into the 2020 LIEFL playoff scene, where the games are fueled by charged up coaches, trash-talkers, and strategists! One of those trash-talkers needs no introduction, the 6-foot 4" Johnny Freeport-Chucker. We call him chucker because of the way he chucked the basketball when he was younger.  We never changed the name! The Chucker can certainly boast about his league leading coaching record this season at (12-5), but he is playing against a coach in Coach Pizz, who has just as much experience. 

The New York Giants have tenacity. Coach Pizz has one of the best running games in the league, and the Giants are proof of that for sure! Giants running back Saquon Barkley has been very impressive in one of the toughest divisions in the LIEFL, with one of the toughest schedules. Barkley has rushed 27 times for 317 yards, with 5 touchdowns this season. This team has depth. Odell Beckham Jr., has added a strong component to an already powerhouse offense for New York. OBJ has carried the ball 7 times for 395yards with one touchdown! The Giants line is stacked and will match up well against Cincinnati.  Their will be a great war between Bengals defensive tackle, All-Pro, Brian Blados against either David Deihl or Osi Ominyiora. This season Blados, Jacksonville's Rob Meier, and Dallas Randy White have been incredible. Blados has been voted LIEFL-1st Team All-Pro three straight season's. The Giants tackles are no pushovers.

The Bengals Chad Ocho-Cinco has been very consistent this season. Both he and receiver Chris Collinsworth lead the AFC in receiving. Ocho has climber to #11 in AFC all-purpose yards this season with 11 carries for 573 total yards with three touchdowns. He has become a huge threat in the AFC and he's just as dangerous catching the ball with 164 yards with three touchdowns. Collinsworth has the same amount of yardage with two touchdowns. That makes Cincinnati lethal! Cincinnati has yet to develop a strong running game. Running back Icky Woods adds 186 yards rushing to a unpredictable Cincinnati Bengals Football team. Chucker said, "Between my Ravens and Bengals I don't know who I love more. Pizz ain't nothing. His Giants are in for a surprise today. I am slashing everyone in the league in case you have not noticed. I am living in the backfield against Big Blue today. If I can't win with my team, they will destroy playoff hopes for other teams." Pizz said, "Right, we'll see."

THE PLAY BY PLAY: New York Giants (2-2) vs Cincinnati Bengals (2-2)

On the opening kickoff the Cincinnati Bengals kick return specialist Chad Ocho-Cinco Johnson ran a beautiful play slicing right through the middle of the Giants core for a 53-yard return! The Bengals front line on first down plowed down the Giants as Cincinnati running back Icky Woods ran for three, and then five yards. The Giants defense stopped woods on third down as tackle David Diehl came up big, forcing a fourth down play and a passing situation with 10:05 left to go and a half. On fourth down rookie quarterback Joe Burrow pegged Chris Collinsworth for a first down as Collinsworth ran the ball 34 yards for a first down to the Giants 12-yard line, with 7:38 left to go and a half! Wow! What a professional play by Coach Chucker! The Freeport Chucker is on fire this year! On defense, Giants defensive tackle David Diehl ran right through rookie Bengals tackle Trey Hopkins for a 5-yard loss. That was Diehl's third tackle of the game. 

On second down, the Giants defense stopped Woods again, forcing a third down-play as Michael Strahan ran right through Icky Woods, tossing him to the ground at the 20-yard line with 3rd and 18 coming up!

And on third down this coach Chucker decided to run a trap play on the Giants that they didn't expect, and even with double coverage Ocho-Cinco exploded into the end-zone from 20 yards away to score the touchdown 7-0, Cincinnati takes the lead over the Giants with 2:42 left to go in the half!

 Holy cow! On the opening kickoff for New York, Odell Beckham Jr., blazed down the right sideline for an amazing 100-yard kick return to tie the game at 7-7, with 1:20 left to go in the half! What an incredible run! The Giants are running on all cylinders as Coach Pizz raised his fist in the air and he pointed at The Chucker!

 The Bengals ran the ball back with another great return by Ocho-Cinco for 59-yards to the Giants 41-yard line.

 Two great coaches staring each other down as the first half comes to an end. The Giants have two home games left against Cleveland and division rival Dallas, which may determine who's going to the playoffs in that division. This is a very exciting Giants team, and Saquon Barkley hasn’t even touched the ball yet!

 On the Bengals first play to start the second half, David Diehl just beat down rookie Trey Hopkins, making his fourth tackle of the Giants defensive tackle. The Chucker switched things around a little by putting Blados on Diehl. It didn’t matter to Diehl who's there. That is how you make All-Pro in this league, by making big plays that are noticeable in crucial situations against the best competition!

The Giants defense came up big on second down again, stopping Woods who lost eight yards, pushing Cincinnati back to the 45-yard line with 14 yards to go for a first down. The Bengals have done a tremendous job keeping the ball out of Barkley's hands on defense, but Beckham was blazing!

On a third down run, Bengals running back Icky Woods ran an amazing around-the-end play 45-yards into the end-zone for a great touchdown pass from rookie quarterback Joe Burrow, with 10:05 left to go in the game. The Bengals take the lead 14-7!

This coach has this Cincinnati squad prepared and outplaying a lot of teams!GIA1ART.thumb.jpg.ce76c899d68e73a7a76fee1f56edf1ed.jpg

Wow! The crowd was silenced on the kickoff as Giants returner Odell Beckham Jr., just ran his second 100-yard touchdown of the game with a scorching run through the middle of the field! He has played amazing this season! The Giants tie the game, 14-14, with 8:57 left to go in the game has the competition heats up!

On the kick return Ocho-Cinco ran the ball back 40-yards with an open field, but he was turned around by his own man, preventing him from doing more damage on the scoreboard for now.

On first down, Woods ran for a first down with a dazzling 11-yard run. David Diehl almost made his fifth tackle of the game. The Giants play a very tough Cleveland Brown team next week who beat this Bengal team 14-3.

Cincinnati found their momentum as Brian Blados battled hard with Diehl, who is playing a great game against him! Diehl pushing Blados back, but Blados is a technician, holding his ground in the battle for the trenches, making Diehl unable to get to Woods in the Bengals back-field. That's what makes these two guys so great. We watched everything about them as the play unfolds.

On the next play Icky Woods ran a stunning 45-yard touchdown sweep around Archie Griffin who set another blocking trap against the Giants as the Bengals take the lead 21-14! Other than the Bengals opening day game against the Chargers, this has to be the most impressive game the Bengals have played. It's certainly the best game for running back Icky Woods, with 2:58 left to go in the game!

What a play by the Giants kick-return team as OBJ ran back another spectacular run, this time for a 76-yard kick return! OBJ has 276 yards, with two touchdowns in the game already! He is dominating the game! Bengals lineman Anthony Munoz saved the day, tackling OBJ at the 24-yard line. The Giants will go right in the air with time running out in the game. What a play! What a thriller! On the last play the game New York tight end Mark Bavaro got wide open, scoring a 24-yard touchdown to tie the game 21-21! We are going into overtime!

And the Giants win the coin toss! 

The Chucker watched the game-changer in front of his own two eyes, and he couldn't believe it! What a game for the Giants as they lined up in solidarity in a straight line for the kickoff! They wanted to give OBJ as much room as he possibly would need to take his time running the ball back. What a game! What a game!

The anticipation built. On the kickoff history was made in this Long Island Electric Football League Wednesday Night game! In a stunning turn of events Odell Beckham Jr., ran back blazing third 100-yard touchdown as the Giants pull of a tremendous morale-boosting upset over the AFC North Cincinnati Bengals to win the game in overtime 27-21! The game left the coaches in the room speechless!

This was one of the best games seen in this league in a long time! The games just keep getting better and better. Both of these teams played like champions tonight and the Chucker had a few rare comments after the game. He said, “I really have to give credit to this team. The Giants played an incredible football game and Coach Pizz is an amazing coach. I got too confident in this game and I cost my team a playoff run, but the Giants are really an incredible football team and Odell Beckham put on a historic show tonight. Nobody would have stopped him! When guys like that play like that it's over. After his second run I knew I was in trouble I am blown away.”

Coach Pizz let out a huge roar for his Giants and he said, “I knew this would be a really hard game going into the game, but never in a million years did I think that Odell would put on that type of a performance tonight. He is quickly becoming a superstar in this league amongst many, many, stars. What a terrific performance. I'm so proud of my team, and now we have to get ready for a very tough team in Cleveland!”

No one else touched the ball for the Giants today except for OBJ and never has anybody been louder this season watching him take his third 100-yard touchdown back which is so rare. It's like the hat-trick in hockey!

Odell Beckham Jr., had 376 yards with three touchdowns tonight, tying Harold Carmichael's earlier season record of 338-yards with three touchdowns! Icky Woods had a great game, with 11 carries for 116-yards and two touchdowns, a 45-yard run, and the other was a 45-yard reception. Chad Ocho-Cinco Johnson continues to impress. He had 172-yards, with four carries and one 20-yard touchdown reception. What a game!
















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1 hour ago, nefgm.org said:

Once played in a tournament game where my kick returner returned 3 kickoffs for TD's. My opponent answered all 3 with TD drives. He finally stopped my 4th KR and then won the game on his final TD drive. Was on the verge of an upset of the top seeded coach in the tournament. Oh well...  


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