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Titans 24 Gladiators 20

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In what amounted to a tough defensive struggle, the Titans came from behind in the 4th quarter to edge the defending Old League champion Gladiators 24-20.  Leading 20-17 in the middle of the 4th quarter, the Gladiators pinned the Titans on their own 5 yard line with an out of bounds punt.  On the very first offensive play, Titans' FB #39, off a superb block on Gladiators' DT #61 by HB #47, raced 95 yards for the go-ahead (and wining) TD.  Previously, the Gladiator defense had shut down the Titans' running attack, with a 9 yard run being the Titans' biggest gain through 3 quarters.  The Titans had grabbed the lead in the first quarter, as Titan QB #18 threw TD passes to backup TE #84 and WR #89.  The Gladiators slowly, but steadily, came back, with FB #35 rushing for 178 yards and 2 TDs over the course of the first three quarters.

Following #39's 4th quarter run, the Gladiators marched the ball downfield, with QB #13 coming to life after a lackluster game to that point.  Unfortunately, time ran out as the Gladiators got the ball to the Titans' 10 yard line.  During the game, the Gladiators lost HB #42 to a season-ending injury (see below).

[My injury policy: If a player 'jumps the board' - i.e. goes off the board - or becomes separated from his base during the time when a play is taking place, he is lost for the season.  His base may not be used for another replacement player.  If a player goes down - i.e. is knocked, or falls over, during a play - he is injured.  If this occurs in the first half, he is out for the rest of the game; if it occurs in the second half, he must miss the next game]

First image set: (read R to L) : Gladiators' FB #35 takes an inside handoff for a short gain


Titans vs Glads h.jpg

Titans vs Glads g.jpg

Titans vs Glads f.jpg

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1) Great paint job! Love the straightforward designs. I’m a fan of Alabama, Penn St., Cleveland Browns’, ect. uniforms. 
2) I am continually amazed at the solitaire rules used by coaches to add realism to their games. This is on a whole other plane than what I engage in, but I enjoy reading about your games and how you conduct your leagues immensely!

3) Question; do you use charts to keep up with all this? What do your charts look like? Computer generated?

Thanks, Coach Jim!

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