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Red-Peg Rhinos beat Luna Bears

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Hi. The Red-Peg TTC bases were only manufactured for one year so the Red Rhinos are another of my Heritage teams. The Red Rhinos ride on Red-Peg bases and right from the factory they were exceedingly fast, but erratic. After I added 2.5 grams of weight the Red Rhinos became strong, consistent, and fast. The Red Rhinos won the Fruit Bowl in Season 14 and lost to the Hoosiers in Season 19.

In this game the Red Rhinos ran 50 offensive plays compared to 22 by the Luna Bears. Usually the Rhinos score on big plays but in this game the Rhinos ground out the yards on the ground and chewed up the clock. 

The Rhinos operate out of the Pro Set most of the time. In this game Tailback #39 rushed off the edge for 194 yards and 2 T.D.s. When defenses compensates to stop #39, then halfback #25 takes up the slack by running between the tackles. However, my teams rarely find yards between the tackles against the Luna Bears' 4-3 defense.

The Luna Bears have won two Fruit Bowls and I thought they would win this game. The coach (that would be me) lost the game by calling a pass play on 3rd and 5, instead of handing off the ball to Luna Bears halfback #28. In this game #28 rushed for 249 yards and 2 T.D.s on 9 attempts (that's a whopping 27 yards per carry). Most likely #28 would have easily gotten the first down.  I know how Seattle Seahawks' Coach Pete Carroll feels.



Fortunately it's a double elimination tournament so there's still opportunity for these two teams to meet again this season.

A final note. The Luna Bears ride on purple Convention bases with black dials. I've chatted with Tudor and my understanding is that the black dials are out-of-stock permanently. That makes the Luna Bears another of my Heritage Teams.

Enjoy the Journey T43 🏈♾️ 

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Some really good plays in this video.

Both offensive lines were impressive in their run blocking.  The RBs also had me cheering for the way they seemed to follow the blocking perfectly.   To me those plays are the ones that delight me most, when plastic figures conduct plays in an almost life like manner.

congrats on a great game.

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1 hour ago, Coach Shawn said:

To me those plays are the ones that delight me most, when plastic figures conduct plays in an almost life like manner.

Yes, yes, yes. "When plastic figures conduct plays in an almost life like manner." That's why I keep playing EF. Just for those moments.

A bit over a year ago you posted a video of a Free Safety racing a Wide Receiver to a ball in the corner of the end zone and the Free Safety got there first. It looked so lifelike I've never forgotten that play.

Enjoy the Journey T43 🏈♾️

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