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2022-23 Long Island EFL DRAMATIC WEEK#6 UPDATE!

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(LONG ISLAND EFL PHOTOS TRANSFORMED BY BE FUNKY) It was Tennessee Titans rookie sensation Derrick Henry (#22 Blue) and return specialist Brandon Jones who helped the Titans carve their way to victory, stopping Miami just short of their goal to be the only team to go undefeated in the Long Island Electric Football League's 6th Consecutive 7-Game season beating Miami 13-10! in a stunner . We have been in the hobby 50 years it's only getting better!

65001962_NFL-Shield-Team-Category-Banner(3).thumb.png.7b263d02f438bc61d0de5745f3c7cb49.pngWritten by: Levi Vick with Matt Zoo-York as the main Contributing Writers. Our Stats, Standings and Coaches Forum Page will follow separately.  

(Long Island New York). Long Island Electric Football League. December 28, 2022. Thanks for reading. We hope you are enjoying your holiday season! In good spirit, we welcome you to our Tudor Games Forum page where we encourage building the hobby through your stories and leagues from all the pro's who play for the art and excitement of the game to newcomers learning to play this electrifying game. We are thrilled that this is our 50th year in the hobby! Our league is well documented, possibly more than any league in the world from what we can see. We also encourage embrace and check out the National Electric Football Game Museum.

We accept all comments both positive and negative as a league. It is the reason we write these short articles, to expose our league to the electric football community with the hope that you do the same with your leagues so that we can help make the Forum and ELF hobby grow. Besides we love reading both individual and league stories. 

It has been a very busy ten days in the LIEFL and in life. Our league is locked out and filled with eight stubborn hardcore METAL-BOARD warriors who are all childhood best friends but we refuse to quit playing this game yet. We play for money, fellowship, and the love of the hobby!

The LIEFL exclusively uses the Tudor Games 67-Big Men in our league with no variations to players permitted, that's not our league. We also play with all 32 NFL teams in what will be our 6th consecutive 7-Game season. Prior to that from 1974 to 2000 we played 14 game seasons, but life got in the way, we all became working professionals in some way, but we didn't want to lose the passion for our hobby so the 7-Game season in 2008 was our best choice, created by our leader Billy O'C as a way to keep the tradition of electric football alive. O'C will end this dynasty soon and what happens to all these great memories, teams and coaches as we face the reality of aging, health and other issues, we leave our memory here with the very company who made dreams come true, Tudor Games. The pioneer and makers of electric football beginning with Norm Sas to Tudor Games, Miggle, Coleco, and the lot have been at this perfection for a long time. Electric Football has been alive nearly 75 years! We have perfected our league too!

Further, in the Long Island Electric Football League, LIEFL, each coach plays with four teams. In addition, we also have a fill-in or alternate coach in the event two teams by the same coach are scheduled to play each other.  The league is very organized, complete with up-to-the-minute data and statistics, and we have a host of amazing and talented people who help us. It's incredible actually how the league has evolved since the seventies, but also we cannot forget the amazing contributors to the league and their dedication to building a powerful competitive and purposeful league. At the end of each week all of our coaches submit brief recaps summarizing their games for Commissioner Billy O'C to craft into these nifty Forum pages with the help of some of the coaches who do much of the writing. We write less because not many people read our page so we give the best we have time for, for those who enjoy reading.

What little time we have for the hobby we make the best of, and we plan on playing our last Super Bowl XX in 2025, God willing.

So, welcome to another exciting week on Long Island in Week #6 of the Long Island Electric Football League with some incredible and great matchups and coaches. The LIEFL playoff lens is starting to come into focus, but the battles that are left will be heartbreaking to the coaches who fold under pressure, but someone has to win, and someone has to lose in the league. Better luck next year, go build a team that loves to compete in the doldrums of the plastic figures we bring to life! 

We consider this to be big game week in the LIEFL Week #6 action with a focus on games that have playoff consequences' and possibilities as we approach the 2022-23 LIEFL playoffs. You read about the four teams who played on Christmas Eve in the Tudor Forum Long Island EFL Special Edition.

1081651330_download(1).jpg.a7ace244598fe82e69931f40de28e606.jpgGATORADE REPORT.  In this edition you'll read about the Dolphins (5-0) against the surprising Titans (4-1) in what will be an interesting game to read about below, and the Eagles (2-3) will battle for second place and a possible NFC Wild Card slot at the Redskins (2-3) in what will be a great offensive game ... we think. The Broncos (2-3) played the Chargers (4-1). Finally, in other huge games this week the Lions (2-3) played the Seahawks (1-4) on the road and the Beast of the week was the Monday Night Game matching up the Browns (3-2) at the rising Steelers (2-3) in a game that has tremendous playoff consequences for both teams, featuring two elite players, the “Bus” Jerome Bettis and the Slickster Jim Brown! Bettis is top ten in LIEFL AFC Rushing with 32-384-5/64, 62TD, and Brown is top ten in two categories with big numbers 15-1009-5/4X100TD in all-purpose yards and 12-898-4/4 X100TDS in kick returns! It will be hard to stop these guys for opposing defenses in any league. There's more to read as we climb the mountain to LIEFL Super Bowl XVII!

Which teams will remain in the playoff hunt and WHO will spoil the playoff chances for the contenders to advance? The rest of the games we had some major upsets, so we picked the best games to write about. The Falcons (4-1) played the Bills (2-3), the Giants (4-1) were at the sleeping  Bears (2-3), the “red hot” AFC #1 Offense Raiders (3-2) played the Colts (2-3) in our Christmas Eve doubleheader game along with the Jaguars (2-3) who faced the Patriots (3-2).

Last season the New Orleans Saints were spoilers. They beat the Atlanta Falcons at Atlanta on their home field 27-21 in OT to eliminate the Dirty Birds from the playoff picture! That same scenario will occur this season when the Falcons play the Saints at Atlanta in the season finale only this time Atlanta is (4-2) and in a better position to make the playoffs! It’s brutal, exciting and intense even to be on the losing side! Is Johnny Freeport-Chucker ready? He said, “Man, _ _ _ _ _!”



dol3art.thumb.jpg.516b719a4374449137ae45cef48875eb.jpgThe Miami Dolphins (5-0) and Tennessee Titans (4-1) is one of the most highly anticipated game's of the 2022-23 LIEFL season. Titans Coach Kevin Maloney came ready to clash. Mac said, "I 've been watching this game on the schedule for weeks back when we were 3-0, but something felt different in my team this year. After losing to Pittsburgh 17-7, there were many unanswered questions for us, but after this game, we think this season's playoffs will end different." Miami beat Tennessee in the 2020 playoffs 42-20 in a beat down. Maloney never forgot it.

It looked like it was all Dolphins in the first half in this game. Miami completely dominated the first half and like magic with Dolphins running back Mercury Morris rushing for 74 yards with two big runs and holes opened for 27 and 30 yards compliments of LIEFL All-Pro's Jason Taylor and Larry Little who paved the way. In the second half, something came over the Titans as they changed the momentum of the game when rookie sensation Derrick Henry exploded with an electrifying and dramatic 60-yard touchdown run! Henry has had huge runs. He even had a 41 yard run against Pittsburgh, but this one against an elite defense was a memorable one. When Tennessee played division rival Indianapolis earlier this season in week three, Henry had two touchdowns on the same type of play against Miami, for 64, and 59 yards in that game against the Colts. That was his 171 yard game that earned Henry a place in the LIEFL record book! Normally in this league and since 2008, it is rare to see those games with 150 yards or more rushing because we think that we have such tremendous defensive teams in the league. 

After that big run by Henry, Billy O'C's two time back-to-back AFC Champions tried to close the leak in the line. Titans tackles Jeffrey Stewart and Zack Pillar opened holes from both the left and right side in the trenches and Henry took full advantage naturally. The Titans defense then went after Mercury Morris, not an easy task, but the Titans shut Morris down and silenced him for the remainder of the game. It was the Titans who ruled the Dolphins in overtime 13-10 when all was said and done in overtime! What a game!

Will the Patriots upset Billy O'C's Miami Dolphins in Miami in Week#7 to win the division?

We will pick a few select games from this week’s schedule to highlight. Up next, it's the Atlanta Falcons at the Buffalo Bills.

1842510639_LIEFL495LOGO.png.19ff8d103c797a1931ab5e6798e2f747.pngNEW STADIUM 

League Commissioner Billy O’C said, “When fan favorite Coach Johnny Freeport Chucker and Joey Pizz asked me to come see the new stadium Chucker built, I thought they were joking. I could not believe it cost $11 dollars and the scoreboard was $40 dollars. Leave it to Chucker to be creative. The stadium is beautiful! We are waiting for the Grecian Architectural Temple for the Coliseum to be complete which costs $30 dollars. We thought, what better way to bring the intensity to life to give our main field a lifelike gladiators feel! The field is going to get so much use and it's causing scheduling issues because now everyone wants to play on that field.

289051900_billsfalcs1.thumb.jpg.6cd825d98c8ca17c37ace2594f439421.jpgIn LIEFL Week #6 action, we start with the first teams to play at the new stadium in a classic matchup between the Atlanta Falcons (4-1) and the Buffalo Bills (2-3). You already know who Gerald Riggs is in the Long Island Electric Football League if you’ve been following. Riggs is in the top five in LIEFL NFC Rushing with 36-428-8TDS/33TD, but he leads the entire LIEFL in all-purpose yards with 53-1406-10TDS/100TD, and he is second in the NFC in kick returns with 16-1009-1TD/100TD! Both Riggs and Simpson are prime-time players who frustrate coaches around the league, but all of the coaches have weapons of their own who are top performers. This game will be a huge defensive game, so it is critical to control the clock and keep these two giant performers struggling for the ball.

“Riggs is the guy that makes you think about how to stop him with a carefully devised game plan that can keep the ball out of his hands. This is a huge reality-check for my team playing against an elite team like the Dirty Birds, so we have to contain Riggs and keep him at bay. The equalizer today for my Buffalo Bills has to be defense,” said Coach Billy O’C. The Freeport Chucker said to Billy O’C, “It’s finally time for you to realize that I am the guy to beat in this league now.” Billy O’C just laughed, and said, “I love this guy, he’s crazy.”

The Falcons have to stop the innovative “Box-Style” running game and waggle passing game of the Bills and Coach Billy O’C. Billy O'C said, "Ah, the great equalizer of electric football is the "Box-Style" offensive backfield!" 

Falcons Lineman Bill Fralic has been a solid anchor in the trenches and recognized by the coaches for his gritty aggressiveness and line play. But the Buffalo Bills don't get intimidated by anybody. They have a defensive arsenal of their own led by LIEFL All-Pro lineman Marcel Dareus, Bruce Smith and Dee Hardison up front, all battle-hardened veteran players. It will be a great battle! 

fal22art.thumb.jpg.426634957650575d42858b2a21cb253a.jpgWith LIEFL All-Pro OJ Simpson running the football the 2017 LIEFL Super Bowl XIII MVP will come to play. The former detective Chucker said, “Thank God we are still allowed to have opinions in this country. Billy O’C is living in the past, he’s washed up, he has a guy involved in a double homicide still running the ball, and it’s time for the younger guys to take over the league and show him and “Pretty Boy” Viggs how it’s done.” Billy O’C said, “That is a whole other debate about OJ Simpson, and I am not entertaining it. We’ll see who is living in the past.” The bottom line is the Bills have to execute on defense, something they did not do last week in their 21-17 loss to the New England Patriots. In the offseason Billy OC said that he will be looking for a replacement for his tackles on Buffalo and he's going to leave the linebackers in place. O’C said, “I've noticed that my tackles are getting beat off the ball and for OJ to be successful he's got to have a line of steel in front of him. When that happens in the trenches, good luck trying to stop him.

Also, we're nearing the end of the season and they're still in the playoff hunt so I have to do whatever I can to get this team into the playoffs because once they're there, watch out!


It’s Game on!  

1842510639_LIEFL495LOGO.png.19ff8d103c797a1931ab5e6798e2f747.pngATLANTA FALCONS (4-1) VS BUFFALO BILLS (2-3)


It seems we've been featuring the Atlanta Falcons, but we try not to give any one team more press over the other. The problem is they are having a great year so it is hard not to give credit when credit  is due. The Buffalo Bills and Coach Billy O’C did exactly what he said his team would do in stopping Gerald Riggs and the Atlanta Falcons, he played defense and controlled the clock!  But it was the Bills offense that kept Riggs contained by taking time from the clock. The first touchdown of the game in the new stadium found three receivers wide open in the endzone on third down when Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen threw a missile to the speedy Andre Reed for a 26-yard strike right on the numbers to score! It was the only touchdown the Bills would need and make.

home1.thumb.jpg.64ae6b9a184e89c627313ecc52373105.jpg Atlanta came storming back with Gerald Riggs returning the kick return 65 yards to the Buffalo 40-yard line. Two plays later, Riggs was in the endzone to tie the score at 7-7! When the Bills got the ball back it was OJ Simpson who mastered his way down field eating the clock with help from Jay Brown who made a crucial 33-yard catch to seal the deal after seven more runs by Simpson. Simpson finished with just 38 yards rushing on 13 carries, and the Falcons not only contained him, but he didn’t score.  Riggs finished with 65 yards in special teams and 35 yards rushing with a touchdown. With 12 seconds left in the game Buffalo kicked the field goal to win the game in a battle of will,10-7 earning their 80th team win which is an enormous accomplishment! (PHOTO: Chucker's Roman Coliseum Electric Football Stadium. The Temple will be placed near the endzone).

While Chucker was not happy with his loss, he blamed it on last week’s game coached by Joe Bino, our alternate coach who beat Chucker in the Game of the Week 27-21 in OT. Chucker said, “Bino cursed my Falcons and now I have to take the curse out of them by destroying Joey Pizz Jets. We are hunting you down Pizz!”

 Buffalo (3-3), faces a very tough and hungry New York Jets team in the season finale in Week #7.

The Falcons are (4-2) and on the verge of making the playoffs for the first time since they lost to Pizz Minnesota Vikings in the LIEFL 2017 NFC Divisional Game, 24-17! Chucker was also involved in one of the most historic LIEFL games in the league in 2000, when Coach Eddie Viggs led his Cowboys to the highest scoring playoff game score in LIEFL history by beating Chucker’s Falcons 56-52 in the unforgettable LIEFL NFC Wild Card Game! The word “wild” lived up to its reputation.

In the LIEFL, all we expect is to be competitive and be in the game. When a team loses big, that coach has to find a replacement until he can put a team on the field who can compete week to week. This league has 32 fiercely competitive teams who can play for any coach.  All you have to do is make the plays.

1842510639_LIEFL495LOGO.png.19ff8d103c797a1931ab5e6798e2f747.pngCHICAGO BEARS (2-3) VS NEW YORK GIANTS (4-1). In a colossal matchup with their season at stake in the LIEFL NFC North and one of the toughest divisions in our league, Paddy Brannigan’s Chicago Bears (2-3) before the game really haven’t made much noise this season, until they woke today. Bears return man Willie Gault has been a great edition for the Bears, but today Gault rattled the Giants when his team needed him most, exploding for 212 yards on kick returns and he blazed Giants defenders with a 57-yard touchdown catch on third down, which helped motivate the Bears to their third win! (PHOTO: The Playoff hopeful Chicago Bears Willie Gault's blazing speed shook the Giants in the Bears Victory!)bears2art.thumb.jpg.84440ecae31acd81ea02c33c15bf239a.jpg

Saquon Barkley hung right with the Bears with eight rushes for 116 yards with two touchdowns, but it wasn’t enough to stop Chicago from controlling the clock and beating New York 17-14!

bearssss1.thumb.jpg.7510e5d17294d5bf29254f4940658669.jpgGiants Coach Joey Pizz said, “The Bears are a consistent football team, and we knew coming into this game that it would be a close game.” Brannigan said, “Pizz is having a great year with the Giants so by beating them we can build momentum from my team’s performance with the goal to make the playoffs.” The Bears (3-3) are the now the top team to make the Wild Card spot in the NFC. They travel to Minnesota for the season finale which is going to be an incredible game with who else? Coach Pizz Vikings! (PHOTO: Chicago's Paddy Brannigan sets his pass play up as Joey Pizz blows the coverage)

Does playoff spoiling happen in your league too? When the chances of a team getting into the playoffs come down to one game and the team you thought would get in, instead loses in an upset which destroys all of our playoff hopes …


1842510639_LIEFL495LOGO.png.19ff8d103c797a1931ab5e6798e2f747.pngARIZONA CARDINALS (2-3) VS DALLAS COWBOYS (1-4)

It was the Dallas Cowboys who played the Arizona Cardinals tough as nails. Cowboys Coach Levi Vick remains competitive regardless of the record. Vick turned the Cowboys around last season making the playoffs for the first time in 20 years. Vick said, “We did well, but I expected more, and I can’t believe how much more competitive the league is this season. There are lots of changes in players.  The Cowboys won the Division and then were upset by Washington in the NFC Wild Card Game last season 45-37. This season the schedule was brutal.

In this game, Vick spent the game biting his nails in the Cowboys 21-17 victory over the Cardinals. Dallas LIEFL All-Pro Terrell Owens broke out with 194 yards on special teams, including an electrifying100-yard touchdown run. Now everyone wants to play on the new stadium field.

dallasart.thumb.jpg.039e056644cc7475ea2c88e1f9fcac0e.jpg(PHOTO RIGHT: Terrell Owens loads up for the kick return)Terrell Owens also had a speedy 61-yard touchdown catch, finishing the day with 255 all-purpose yards! But on the other end of the receiving field for Dallas, Michael Irvin showed his blazing speed with an incredible 75-yard touchdown catch! Dallas may have just spoiled the tough Cardinals’ chances of making the playoffs!

Arizona LIEFL All-Pro Mel Gray had another explosive game. He touched the ball four times and did a lot of damage with 244 all-purpose yards, but he didn't score a touchdown. He is the guy who gets the Cards in striking distance, but he’s the most important guy on the field for them because without his yardage, that endzone seems so far away. The rest of the work was left to running back Otis Anderson who only rushed for 20 yards compared to last week’s 143 yards with two touchdowns against the elite Indianapolis Colts, but Anderson did have two touchdowns in this game against a strong Cowboys defense led by Leon Lett who continues to impress on the defensive line. Lett may be voted LIEFL All-Pro this season by the coaches. Like Owens and Irvin, he’s the bright spot for Dallas.

The Cardinals (2-4) face the Seahawks at home in the season finale and the Cowboys (2-4) are at the Eagles. Stopping Keith Byars is a huge test for the Cowboys defense. The Eagles could catch fire and make the Playoffs while the Cowboys are now mathematically eliminated.


1842510639_LIEFL495LOGO.png.19ff8d103c797a1931ab5e6798e2f747.pngDETROIT LIONS (2-3) VS SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (1-4)

A Dominant Beatdown! That is the words to describe the unbelievable performance Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks had today.  It's back-to-back wins for the Seattle, but for Coach Paddy Brannigan's Seahawks this was a huge knockout blow to his good pal Johnny Freeport-Chucker's Lions which brought the house down as the Seahawks awakened the league in the past two games with wins over the Chicago Bears last week 21-14, and today with a 28-10 thrashing and beatdown of a legitimate  playoff contender Detroit Lions team, who Brannigan's Seahawks just eliminated from contention! The season just keeps getting more competitive and intense, all for that $3200 dollar prize. After a (1-4) start for the Seahawks Coach Brannigan has his team playing spoilers, leaving the Chucker and his Lions numb and in shock. LIEFL All-Pro running back Marshawn Lynch went BEAST-MODE all day with no letting up against Detroit. buss24art.thumb.jpg.7cc117dbc14f30ecac033cef1062c44b.jpgLynch and his Possie was relentless. He exploded with two runs of 63 and 68 yards for touchdowns, and that's not all. He ran back two 100-yard touchdowns finishing with a magnificent 4-touchdown performance that earned him lots of respect around the league!

All Johnny Chucker could do is watch the scoreboard and stadium he built mentally collapse and fade away with Dexter Bussey trying to find answers from his endzone on the last run of the game.

LIEFL Commissioner Billy O'C said, "Let the league turf wars begin! No one saw this game coming the way it ended with the Seattle Seahawks dominating the powerhouse Detroit Lions. The question is what's going on in Seattle? To shut down Lions receivers Herman Moore and Calvin Johnson, two of the best guys in the league, that in itself is a statement about the Hawks defense. I am blown away. It's all about readiness. In the last few weeks Coach Brannigan after losing four straight with his Hawks moved personnel around and he replaced the player bases at linebacker and tackle that didn't perform to par. Those changes were the difference in the game because the Detroit Lions had no answers, they were lost and they caught the Chucker sleeping. Not in this league you can't do that because great coaches do great things."

Coach Brannigan said, "Bring on the best, we are ready! This was our day and once we saw that the 49ers (3-3) and Rams (2-4) were on the hot seat in the division, I realized that I have to make my move in order to try to make the playoffs. Don't forget, we had the biggest upset in the tournament beating the Rams 51-45 in the LIEFL 2020 NFC Wild Card Game against Billy O'C. We want Green Bay, we want the competition!" Even if the Rams lose to the 49ers, the Seahawks still have to beat a tough Arizona Cardinals (2-4). Whatever the case, it will be a roaring finished, with Johnny Freeport Chucker's Lions (2-4) eliminated from the NFC Playoffs.

Marshawn Lynch today absolutely exploded on the Lions defense exposing every and any weakness the Lions have. The speechless Coach Chucker said with his New York accent, "I am done, spent, and obviously pretty mad at the moment!" Chucker has to go back to fixing his Lions for next year after this crushing defeat as the Lions prepare for the season finale against Green Bay next week at Detroit. Again, Lynch finished the day with 4 touches and 331 yards of all-purpose damage with 4 touchdowns. That's hard for any opponent to swallow! For Detroit's Dexter Bussey he was held to just 16 yards rushing on five carries and he had four kick returns for 139-yards. It was one of the most dominant performances of their career for Seattle.













SF 49ers’ (0-7)











LA Rams (6-2)











Arizona (3-4)











Seattle (5-4)











Week #7

Seattle at Arizona 

San Francisco at LA Rams (Rams beat Seattle in Week #4, 21-14)

1842510639_LIEFL495LOGO.png.19ff8d103c797a1931ab5e6798e2f747.pngLOS ANGELES RAMS (2-3) VS BALTIMORE RAVENS (1-4)

This league is a Tug-of-War filled with emotions.  In a double-header of football, Coach Johnny Freeport Chucker had to suck it up after his loss between the Lions and Seahawks, and look onward to face the tough Los Angeles Rams and Billy O'C after a brief breather. It was a shootout in Baltimore between two high-octane offenses. ram1art.thumb.jpg.a8cffe688095e9afa853bff21637b6b7.jpgThe Ravens in the AFC are like Seattle in the NFC, they have found their game in the past few weeks. Johnny Chucker was gleaming after beating the best coach in the league, Ed Viggs. Two weeks ago Baltimore beat the Green Bay Packers 17-14, but last week they lost in Cincinnati to Coach Joey Bino in a tight 13-10 game. The Rams have not played their best this year and if you've been following the league, Los Angeles lost in a major upset against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-6 in LIEFL Week #3 action, which unhinged Billy O'C!

Since 1976 in the LIEFL, Los Angeles has made eight Playoff Appearances, won 4 Division Championships, 2 NFC Championship, 2 Super Bowl's in (2018, 2019). "It had an affect because my Rams have been the team to beat in this league, so to lose to a team like Tampa Bay just shows how the league keeps getting better and the competition rocks. The coaches and the teams are getting more fierce by the week. Don't get me wrong nobody likes to lose, but I am all about the league and how awesome it is, but I have to grow with the league to as a competitor. We have a great pool of coaches in this league who are competitors in life." When Baltimore running back Jamaal Lewis took a split open ONE-HOLE between Ravens Center John Ogden and left tackle Tony "The Goose" Siragusa to explode into the endzone that play changed the momentum of the game. The Rams stormed back with an 81-yard kick return by the Reverend, Isaac Bruce and then two plays later Ricky Prohel, who scored a 74 yard touchdown last week against the Minnesota Vikings in the Rams 17-14 loss, caught a 24 yard touchdown to tie the game at 14-14! With the Rams out of time, the Baltimore Ravens won their second game of the season in dramatic Fashion, 17-14!  The Ravens still have a slight outside chance to make the playoffs. 

1842510639_LIEFL495LOGO.png.19ff8d103c797a1931ab5e6798e2f747.pngDENVER BRONCOS (2-3) VS LOS ANGELES CHARGERS (4-1)

In other league action it was the Los Angeles Chargers and the Denver Broncos who played an amazing game!  Coach Eddie Viggs Chargers star LaDainian Tomlinson is in the hunt to return to the Super Bowl, and it still appears that they may very well be the team to beat in the AFC! Tomlinson lit it up with 382 all-purpose yards in the game, and he wasn't alone.  Broncos AFC Offensive Player of the year last season Terrell Davis didn't back down and neither did Coach Paddy Brannigan who has been in lots of battles. This division rival was taken to overtime in the battle for the AFC West. The Chargers beat Houston last week in a 14-13 brawl and the week before they rocked division rival Kansas City 21-7! The Broncos have had a tough schedule this season losing some huge games which could have gone either way. Remember in Week #5 they lost 35-28 in a thriller to Las Vegas.ab3art.thumb.jpg.c5537db5603f8f2707541d1a20326a48.jpg Davis went stride for stride with the Chargers and he literally ran side by side with Chargers defender Chuck Muncie on Davis 37-yard touchdown run in the first half. (PHOTO: Not Staged. Taken by Bill O'C) .

It was an outstanding defense that showed up for both teams and both offensive lines came to play in the trenches for the Chargers led by LIEFL All-Pro Earl Faison and for the Broncos, it was All-Pro Paul Smith paving the way for Davis. We will have a 30 player First Team All-Pro representing the AFC and NFC this season.  The Coaches will be the AFC Championship and NFC Championship Game losers. 

LaDainian Tomlinson added four kick returns for 205 yards in the game and he also had a 36 yard reception for Los Angeles. There were some unreal runs in this game. When all was said and done LaDainian Tomlinson finished the game with nine rushes for 141 yards with three rushing touchdowns. His nifty touchdown run of 30 yards with two minutes left in the game was sensational cutting right through the heart of a tough Denver defense led by tackle Andy Mauer who had five tackles in the game earning him Defensive Player of the Week for LIEFL Week #6. Denver's Terrell Davis had six rushes for 62 yards and one rushing touchdown! Davis finished the game with 8 touches for 172 yards with one touchdown and a long return of 63 yards. The Broncos (2-4) face Kansas City in the season finale and the Los Angeles Chargers (5-1) will play at the Las Vegas Raiders (3-3)!

1842510639_LIEFL495LOGO.png.19ff8d103c797a1931ab5e6798e2f747.pngHOUSTON TEXANS (2-3) VS SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (2-3)

The Long Island Electric Football is on fire this week with some incredible and exciting games, with a schedule almost tailored for the drama and suspense of the end game worth $1,800 dollars to the LIEFL Super Bowl winner and $1,400 dollars to the runner -up!  Next week will separate the men from the boys in the league and the mouths and trash talkers who stand behind their product on the field or they are silenced by their opponents. Either way we know one guy who will be talking regardless , especially if he gets one of his teams into the playoffs. Johnny Chucker's Lions are gone, his Ravens (2-4) and Bengals (3-3) are battling for a Wild Card spot in the AFC and his best bet is his Atlanta Falcons (4-2) in the NFC South. Chucker said, "These guys will never respect my play. I am going to work hard with my three teams and I will be in the game , that I can guarantee. Watch out baby! When asked about his Lions Chucker said, "What can I say, it hurt, but I was shocked at how good Seattle played. We are no pushover, and Brannigan brought it and more. I would watch that team and put them on the radar."

We call the final week in our league, "The Clash of the Titans" because anything can happen! No one knows just where the LIEFL NFC West is headed. The Rams, Cardinals, and Seahawks are all (2-4). These 49ers have the chance to jump to first place and win the division after going (0-7) last season. It's been a strange year with not a single team dominating the division, but our best best is that Coach Viggs can get the job done with his 49ers today, but it won't be easy. Even if the Niners win they face the Rams next week at Los Angeles. Coach Viggs said before this game, "It's okay, one game at a time for me. I will worry about and plan for next week on Saturday because our games will play on Sunday. day1art.thumb.jpg.defa49bbe16732c150c6c80079f21358.jpgRight now I need to watch out and plan for Ron Dayne. We have to score, score, and score more to beat the Houston Texans." Viggs has put on the afterburners in the league with a (15 -8) coaching record at the start of the game. Dayne has been sitting at the top of the AFC at third in all-purpose yards with 1207 and 11 touchdowns on 58 tries. He has doubled his production from last season where he finished 2020/ with 63-1384-6/2X100TD!   (PHOTO: TEXANS RON DAYNE CROSSES THE LINE TO SCORE ON HIS 5 YARD TOUCHDOWN RUN)

Coach Levi "Country" Vick said, "This Texans team is loaded with talented and skilled players. My defense needs to stop or limit Jerry Rice and Ricky Watters."

San Francisco came to play . Ricky Watters and his crew unleashed 21 points and 115 rushing yards on just six carries for the 49ers. Obviously Coach Viggs planned to perform today. He knew he's be matched by a better offense, so the game went see-saw back and forth until the last man was standing. Watters was due for a big game and these two opponents rarely play each other so we couldn't predict the outcome. San Francisco's linemen Randy Cross Charles Haley and Fred Dean gave Watters just enough to pave the way with touchdown runs of 15 and 51 yards. (PHOTO: RICKEY WATTERS #32 ON HIS 15 YARD TOUCHDOWN RUN, THE FIRST OF TWO TOUCHDOWNS FOR WATTERS)

Houston didn't back down! Ron Dayne finished the day with 191 all-purpose yards, 92 of them rushing the football and 99 yards on kick returns with two touchdown runs of 5 and 8 yards! But it was Jerry Rice who had a big day for Coach Viggs. Rice squeezed through  Blitzing Texans defense to score on a 30 yard strike to put the 49ers ahead for good with just 25 seconds left in the game that saw the San Francisco 49ers (3-3) climb solo to first place in the NFC West only to face Billy O'C's two-time Super Bowl Champion Rams this weekend for a showdown in the NFC West! The Texans (2-4) will play the first place Tennessee Titans (5-1) on Houston's home turf in the season finale!

It's undeniable now that after beating Miami in overtime this week, the Titans are one of the top teams in the AFC. Losing to the Steelers doesn't sit well with Titans Coach Kevin Mac but he said he learned lots of lessons from that game and the Miami game. "Never quit, in this league you have to believe in your guys even if they are plastic figures, even if they are losing, you have to get the ball to the guys who get the job done. I tip my hat to my rookie guy Derrick Henry who I developed in the off season along with build the beef in the middle to pave the way for him. All of that was from the draft leftover player bases. Sometimes you never know what they can do and now this team and that guy are respected around the league. daveART.thumb.jpg.74d4159988f7228be8e492b3f5a42116.jpgOne game at a time. We upset Miami and whoever else comes our way I won't fold to the pressure of the playoffs, I will embrace it." Mac won a LIEFL Super Bowl in 2008 with the then Oakland Raiders in one of our most dramatic Super Bowl's in the history of the LIEFL. (PHOTO: THIS WAS WHEN WE KNEW NOTHING ABOUT DECALS. BOY HAS THE HOBBY COME A LONG WAY IN THOSE 12 YEARS). 
Mac battled his way through the Super Bowl Tournament that season beating Baltimore 14-7, upsetting New England 17-14, and finally beating Coach Joey Pizz' Giants 27-21, in overtime. Pizz felt the wrath of Super Bowl XI MVP,  Dave Casper who had a stunning 320 all-purpose yard game with two 100-yard touchdowns, one to start the game and the hundred yard touchdown run in overtime to give the Raiders and Mac their first title!

"That 2008 season was also the season of letting go of old ways of thinking and Billy O'C inspired a whole different direction for the LIEFL with new strict uniform codes, holding an incredible draft from both new and old player base bottoms, which produced players like Dave Casper and a long list of other offensive stars in the league," said Coach Joey Pizz. Coach Paddy Brannigan said, "All of Billy O'C's linemen from his old Dolphins were placed into the pool of bases to be running backs for other teams. That was a huge sacrifice, but we started to see the change in the league when we equalized the talent and player bases. We went from 15 really competitive teams to Monsters of the Midway with 25 competitive teams from 2008 to 2017, then today, every one of our teams is highly competitive through hundreds of hours of transformation. It's anybody's game and no team is safe in any game, that's how competitive the teams are I think. People would love playing in this league, but we locked it out because Billy O'C says we need people who we can rely on who have a proven track record. I say, just because you have some press and you can tweak bottoms doesn't make you a "G" in electric football, you feel me? We are bringing it every game." box1art.thumb.jpg.090ffe176107256e27ac367c9d18be47.jpg

As a result of our league changes, Stars emerged, DeShaun Foster from Carolina, Jamaal Lewis from Baltimore, Mark Duper from the Dolphins, Sterling Sharpe from the Packers, and more. O'C said, "We bought hundreds of new bases after each season since 2008, and we replaced hundreds of linemen to the point that whoever did not perform was fired!

There are exactly 352 player figures in our league, each accounted for and each housed professionally in their  box with a slot for every player and home and away uniforms, all professionally decaled.

The draft we created was like an NFL Draft. We took the best bases selecting from hundreds of possible draft picks and we matched them up against our All-Pro players to get the best results. It has served as the pinnacle to the league's success! Again, it took hundreds of hours of work and dedication just to get where the league sits today. Amazing! When I put a $$$ amount to the game, it changed everything, suddenly coaches cared more. They paid their dues and I saved and created this league on the basis of honor." 


 1842510639_LIEFL495LOGO.png.19ff8d103c797a1931ab5e6798e2f747.pngMINNESOTA VIKINGS (2-3) VS GREEN BAY PACKERS (4-1)

When Coach Pizz Minnesota Vikings and Coach Viggs defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers take the field today there is much to think about as a league member. There is also lots to be grateful for in life too. Due to Covid we cancelled the 2021 season, but we managed to get through half the Week #1 schedule.  That's where we picked up. Many people fell ill or had family members ill, and it put our fun league on hold for some time.

That memorable 2020 season when Green Bay won LIEFL Super Bowl XVI, three out of the four teams Coach Viggs plays with made it to conference finals. That fact cannot be ignored in his talent. Unless some magical potion allows him to be a great coach, we have to accept that he is our competition as a greater whole. He can take the punches and he keeps coming back for more. At Bay Shore High School he played on two Rutgers Cup winning teams. This cool, calm character and Wall Street Guru knows winning!

In many ways we can think of the Green Bay Packers as the ultimate renegades in this league. They were mocked, criticized by several coaches as being all fluff in the league, particularly Coach Chucker. That only stirred the swarm in the nest that was ready to unleash on its opponents 127 points to 103 as the Green Bay Packers owned the playoffs. One might say, he saved his biggest knockout punch for last by beating Miami in the Super Bowl 52-49! Coach Viggs knew he had something special in that team, and boy did he prove it! This is why we call Coach Viggs the master of preparation, because not many coaches could have pulled that magnitude of a win off! To win nine games and a Super Bowl in a hot League, makes it even more special. Why we say these things is because of the record keeping and the progress the league is made. Viggs is that guy you want playing from the two yard line with the score tied. His teams are going to either score or on defense or take your of scoring away. That's what makes a great coach and great competition, a Game Day guy. Viggs Cinderella underdog Packers coming back to beat the Dolphins, the previous year for AFC champs for two straight LIEFL season was incredible. It really showed the resilience and determination Viggs has for his teams and players.

All the changes that Coach Pizz made over the last few weeks with his Viking shined the light on a tough Vikings defense and a team who will come to compete. They came out to perform today. On the opening kickoff star return man Sterling Sharpe took it back 40 yards only to be hit hard by Sammy White. appart.thumb.jpg.87b4ffa5e5f9d9071222c9ce396df2f5.jpgOn the first set of downs the Vikings came up big and stopped the Packers by holding them to a field goal, 3-0 Packers. (PHOTO: VIKINGS STAR ADRIAN PETERSON SENDS THE PACKERS A CLEAR MESSAGE THAT THYE CAME TO PLAY).

The fireworks started on the ensuing kickoff when Vikings LIEFL All-Pro Adrian Peterson ran back 100-yard kick return for a touchdown to the left side of the field. What a run, 7-3, Minnesota stormed right back!

On the next kick Sterling Sharpe nearly returned the favor in what would have been 100-kick return, but he was turned out-of-bounds by his own man at the Vikings 30-yardline. Sharpe's return set Jim Taylor up along with Packers running back Terdell Middleton. Middleton ran the ball four times for a total 13 yards and the Vikings defense pressured the Packers front line in the trenches forcing a third down pass play at the Green Bay 25 yard line. Middleton would get the Pack to the 17 but Minnesota's front line led by LIEFL All-Pro John Randle wasn't having it and Green Bay found themselves back at the 25 again. One play later on 3rd down, Jim Taylor caught a rocket from Aaron Rodgers for a 25 yard touchdown, 10-7, Packers!  When Coach Viggs throws rockets like that pass, there's no mistake about the ball hitting a player when he connects with a player because you can almost here the thump but we can certainly see the ball bounce in the air.

On Minnesota's next drive they weren't finished. The Vikings drove downfield with Adrian Peterson rushing for 19, 10, and 33 yards prancing into the end zone to put the Vikings ahead 14-10, with under two-minutes remaining in the game. It looked like there would be a major upset for the Vikings. ab11rt.thumb.jpg.82706903cb0fda92914eddcaa02bcd12.jpgOn the ensuing kickoff Sterling Sharpe cut right through the center of the field on an absolutely gorgeous 100-yard kick return untouched to win the game 17-14, in dramatic fashion with a loud room filled with people!  The Vikings returned the ball the the 35 yard line but ran out of time and out of Field Goal distance. Viggs works his magic again! This is the magic that the Packers bring but they're line was tested and beaten today by a brutal Minnesota Viking defense. It's the luck of the draw and the Vikings are eliminated from the playoffs! 

In one of the toughest divisions in the Long Island Electric football league the Vikings have fared well this year. It's a constant improvement with every team in the league and the schedules are demanding. The league is improved so much that that is why we are seeing so many upsets because of the constant improvement after every game coaches are working with those overlooked extra player base drafts that could add any improvement to a team. Coach Pizz said, "It happens I'm sure in every League and it's up to the coach to find the best qualified player base to bring on the octane."

Adrian Peterson has always gotten the job done for the Vikings but they need to do a better job building a wall on defense and an explosive offensive line that can aggressively put points on the scoreboard. This is where coach Joey Pizz and his Vikings need to get better.
Isn't it strange how in our league and we are sure your league these division rivals no matter how good they are seem to have unreal competition against each other.
It's the one magical mystical things about electric football that has baffled us over the years. Teams in the same division that play amazing games against each other just like in the NFL rivalries. The battles seem real the competition is intense, and the coaches talk to themselves and talk to their players as though they are alive. What are we thinking?  Electric football is such an amazing competitive game and many articles poorly represent what electric football is truly capable of. You read negative articles about players bouncing up and down on the playing field, which is a simple speed adjustment for the amateur who doesn't know that, or players running in different directions which simply need to be redirected, and runners who run in circles which takes time, tweaking, and re-performing to get it right. As you know playing this game there's a difference between amateurs and potentially what we call professionals in the game. Every player in our league is built to perform and their mastery comes with hours and hours of testing. It's All for the Love of the game.
1842510639_LIEFL495LOGO.png.19ff8d103c797a1931ab5e6798e2f747.pngCLEVELAND BROWNS (3-2) VS PITTSBURGH STEELERS (2-3)

It was another highly anticipated matchup between two powerful division rivals. The Cleveland Browns have had a strong year and the Pittsburgh Steelers have been in some battles. Both of these teams back down to no one. We couldn't predict who'd win this one but there is a lot at stake. The Browns are coming off of a tough loss to Green Bay in LIEFL Week #5, 14-10, are coming off a huge 14-10 loss against Kansas City in a low yardage game for the Steelers. This game pitted two tough defenses against each other in stopping both offenses, but Steelers receiver Lynn Swann was on fire! Swann made two big plays in the game. The Steelers were driving to the 24 yard line where the Browns forced a third down and long situation.  Swann caught two great passes right in the numbers for a 24 and 57 yard touchdowns blazing right through Cleveland! ABSWANNNEWART.thumb.jpg.d5189c44105ed20ddb6ff8e294e296fa.jpg

For the Browns it was Mike Pruitt's running that tested the Steel Curtain. Pruitt finished the game with four carries on 63 yards with a seven yard touchdown run. Swann finished the game with four touches for 190 yards with two touchdowns! The key to the game was limiting Jim Brown and that the Steelers did. Pittsburgh held Brown to just 73 total yards in the Steelers 14-10 win over the Browns! In the season finale Cleveland (3-3) plays Cincinnati (3-3) at home and Pittsburgh (3-3) is at Baltimore (2-4), so this race will be a heartbreaking finish. If Cleveland beats the Bengals they win the division and visa versa if Cincinnati beats Cleveland, and if Baltimore beats Pittsburgh both the Ravens and Steelers are eliminated. But, if Pittsburgh wins, they win the division because they beat Cleveland. What a finish!

1842510639_LIEFL495LOGO.png.19ff8d103c797a1931ab5e6798e2f747.pngPHILADELPHIA EAGLES (2-3) VS WASHINGTON REDSKINS (2-3)

In yet another highly anticipated game it was Coach Viggs 2020 NFC Championship Game runner up against Coach Matt Zoo-York's hard nosed Philadelphia Eagles. The game opened with Tony Green's 88 yard kick return, but the Eagles answered with all defense forcing the Redskins to pass the ball on third down. Then Art Monk broke free wide open and Coach Viggs took care of business hitting Monk who took it 57 yards for the touchdown 7-0, Redskins! The Eagles defense had ten tackles in the game, four of them by outstanding defensive end Hugh Douglas, and Philadelphia stopped Washington on a fourth down attempt from three yards out, but Douglas stuffed the run! The Eagles were now in possession of the ball at their own three yard line. abskinsart.thumb.jpg.bf21395f7fbb70dedd6c8fa88381d75c.jpgJust 97 yards in front of them was the endzone, and that's where things went wrong. Redskins back Charlie Taylor stopped Eagles star Keith Byars in the end zone for the safety, 9-0, Redskins!

The Redskins manned up and ran the ball back on the Safety. The Eagles defense rose to the occasion then scored on a 57 yard run by Byars after a kick return by Harold Carmichael who was hit hard by Charlie Taylor at the Eagles 41, Redskins 9 Eagles 7! Carmichael never touched the ball again. It was all Redskins from that point on with Tony Green running on four straight plays gaining 18, 13, 2, and five yards until and they managed to kick a field goal to add to their lead 12-7, final score! Green totaled 13 for 189 all-purpose yards with just 40 yards rushing and Byars finished with two carries for 60 yards rushing with one touchdown. Redskins ends Art Monk and Charlie Taylor helped give the Skins the win!

Viggs wins another one and the Redskins march back into the playoff picture. Washington faces the New York Giants (4-2) at New York in the season finale. It will be a war!  Dallas (2-4) will be at Philadelphia (2-4), both possibly eliminated from the playoffs! Viggs is on a mission and the playoff picture will be a little more clear in the standings.




big guybrannigan art.jpg






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