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Rods for removing crown from old Tudor playing field


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Can anyone tell me what parts I need to install the rods underneath the playing field to flatten the crown? The pics I saw a long time ago looked like two pieces of threaded rod joined together by some kind of coupling that allowed you to adjust the the tension. 

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I just cut some all-thread rods (3/16” I think?) about 5/8” longer than the distance of the crimp flanges across the field.

Thread a nut on from each side followed by a steel washer then a plastic or rubber washer. To be clear, the washers will be able to fall right off so mind them. 

If your field was assembled with punch crimps (kinda like a plug weld), you’ll have holes in the flange already. If you have a later board, you’ll need to drill pairs of holes opposite each other. 

Slip one end of the all thread with nuts n washers into a hole far enough so you can do the same with the other end.  Then center the rod and  turn the nuts outward until there’s some pressure. 

You want enough outward pressure to remove the crown, but not so much you deaden the vibrations from the motor. Also, when you’re tightening the rods that gravity will help the field drop some—no need to crank on the nuts to get the field flat and tight, especially upside down. 




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