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Season 15 - Championship Games

Bob Davis

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AFC Championship - Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Colts

The Browns get the ball first. On the second play from scrimmage, QB Brian Sipe throws a short floater that is intercepted by DB Doug Nettles. After one first down the Colt drive sputters. K Tony Linhart hits a knuckle ball threw the uprights for the first score of the game. Browns RB Charles White fumbles the ensuing kickoff and the ball rolls out of bounds at the 2 yard line. On the very next play RB Mike Pruitt is tackled in the endzone for a safety giving the Colts a 5-0 lead. Colts FB Rob Carpenter returns the short kickoff 51 yards setting up the Colt offense. From there, Carpenter has a 31 yard run followed by an 8 yard run for a TD. The Browns are able to get their first 1st down of the game on the next drive, but a 4th down gamble ends the drive as LB Tom McLeod sacks Sipe. QB Bert Jones has two scrambles for 16 yards setting up Linhart's second field goal (34 yards) as time runs out in the first half. Colts 15, Browns 0. The Colt's first drive of the second half starts with an 11 yard run by Carpenter and ends with a Jones to WR John Jefferson 37 yard pass for a TD. The Brown's first drive of the second  half ends quickly as Sipe throws his second interception of the afternoon. The Jones to Jefferson combination works again, this time for 37 yards and another TD. The Memorial Stadium crowd begins to celebrate as the Colts now have a seemingly insurmountable lead at 29-0. Sipe goes right back to throwing as he airs out a bomb that is caught by WR Dave Logan who takes it all the way for a TD. The Browns special teams recovers the onside kick and threaten to make things at least a little interesting. But four straight incompletions is the final nail in the coffin. The Colts run out the clock and celebrate as they have earned their 6th trip to the Superbowl!

Colts 29 Browns 7


New Orleans Saints at the Denver Broncos

The Saints first drive gets off to a rocky start as Denver LB Randy Gradishar sacks QB Bobby Scott for an 16 yard loss. RB Chuck Mucie is then stuffed for a 2 yard loss. On 3rd and 28, Scott finds TE Henry Childs over the middle for a 31 yard gain and a first down. On the very next play, Scott throws a bomb that is caught by WR Wes Chandler resulting in a 69 yard TD. K Steve Mayer shanks the extra point attempt and the Saints remain up 6-0. The Broncos go on an 11 play drive that includes 9 rushes and eats up almost the rest of the first half. The final two plays of the drive were a 25 yard pass from QB Craig Morton to RB Jim Jensen of 25 yards on 4th down and a 23 yard run by RB Otis Armstrong for the tying TD. K Jim Turner breaks the tie with a successful extra point. With time running out the Saints next drive ends as quickly as it starts as the Bronco defense chalks up it's second sack of Scott. The Broncos lead 7-6 at halftime. 

The Broncos get the ball to start the second half. The seven play drive ends with an incomplete pass on 4th and 1. With the third quarter nearly over, the Saints begin their first drive of the second half. The forth play of the drive is a big one as Chuck Muncie reverses field and rumbles for 48 yards and the go ahead TD. Mucie then punches threw for the 2 point conversion giving the Saints a 14-7 lead. With only 5 plays left in the game, the Bronco offense begins the defining drive of the game. First is a Morton scramble for 20 yards. Next, Morton completes a pass to WR Steve Watson for 17 yards, followed by another scramble by Morton for 16 yards. Morton masterfully evades a tough Saints rush and completes to Armstrong for 23 more yards to the 15 yard line of New Orleans. On the last play of regulation, Morton finds Jensen in the back of the endzone for the game tying TD on the final play of the game. Turner knocks home the extra point sending the game into overtime. 

**Overtime is 8 plays long. Which ever team is leading after the period wins the game. If the teams are tied at the end of overtime of a regular season game, the game ends in a tie. If the teams are tied at the end of overtime of a playoff game, a second 8 period overtime game begins. The game goes on until one team is leading at the end of the overtime period** 

The Saints win the toss and elect to receive. The Saints 7 play drive ends with a sack of Bobby Scott. Armstrong gets a spectacular 59 yard punt return but is just short of field goal range. On the final play of overtime, Morton throws an incomplete pass. 

The Broncos win the toss and elect to receive to start the second overtime period. Armstrong has another exceptional return this time of 41 yards. Morton completes back to back passes to Jensen of 14 yards and 13 yards. He follows up with a 13 yard scramble and a completion to Armstrong of 15 yards to the Saints 5 yard line. From there, Jensen rumbles in for the go ahead TD. The Broncos go for a two point conversion leaving only two plays left in the period. The Saints get the ball back. Scott throws up two Hail-Marys both falling incomplete. The Broncos win in double OT 20-14. In only there second year in the league, the Broncos punch there ticket to the Superbowl! The Saints lose their third Championship game in as many years. They are now 0-7 in Championship games. 

Broncos 20 Saints 14 2OT


Superbowl 15 - Denver Broncos vs Baltimore Colts 


Superbowl 15.jpg

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