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Great Story!!

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It is stories like this that make this game and hobby so great. This is from a post on the MFCA Facebook page. The Miniature Football Coaches Association | Facebook

Austin Womack 

So I stumbled upon this picture here from a TOC in Cleveland, OH in 2014. To those who don’t know, This would be my first ever ”big boy” tournament at 12 years old, as my previous and first ever tournament was in Philadelphia, PA, as a 10 year old where my mom was kind enough to drive me to, pay for and sit in a hotel lobby ALL DAY while I played the game with a bunch of hand painted browns figures. This was also my first time meeting most of you and I to this day remember when I saw Big Kieth Chalmers for the first time. I told my mom “mom, that’s old salty! Big Keith!”, I was in some ways star struck. I’ll never forget that man walked up to me (due to my mom telling him All I did was watch EF) and said “what’s up youngster how ya doin?”. I still remember stumbling across EF on YouTube as a 9 year old. watching a miggle tournament game between Keith  and Norbert Revels. From then on I was hooked into the Hobby. This tournament here was special to me not only because I got to really see what the EF community was, but what it was able to become. I’m sure many of you remember this was also the tournament Charles Lane made me cry as he beat me in the round of 32 (never lettin you live it down charles 😂). However the help, love and guidance I’ve received from some of you has been beyond what I would’ve expected back then and it also goes beyond EF, but also life itself. There also have been some recent guys as well as guys in this picture who have helped me along that road. Some of the lessons I have learned not only about EF but about the world we live in I will carry with my forever. I just wanted to let you guys know that In the 10 years I have played this hobby we enjoy, you have all inspired me in some way shape or form to carry the game on as well as to be the best man I can possibly be. 
Thank you all for how far you have advanced the game and expanded my cultural education. 
Here’s to another 10 years of EF!
( P.S. if you can’t find me I’m the smallest guy In the middle, besides David Nickles lol).


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