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"Just have fun and play the game!!"


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Those of you who know me best, have probably heard me say this many times.

Yesterday in a FB post, I found the following statement:

"... decided to get back to the roots of EF by just playing and having fun!!!"

So often in our quest to add more realism to the game, we take away the fun of playing the game just for the fun of it. So, I will say it once again ...

"Just have fun and play the game!!"   



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So true. And I myself am guilty of that. It's so much nicer to stop worrying about minor details and play the game with all its quirks and imperfections. The way it was meant to be

Nearly ditched the hobby because I was too worried about details. It's a fun game and I don't see the point personally chasing things which will be difficult or impossible to replicate (but all the power to the people who take their time on these details and innovations to the game)

I'm in full agreement though. Play the game and have fun. Don't worry about the details, use your imagination. And don't worry what others think 🙂




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Just have fun and play the game.

I've been playing for 55 years and I have 32 teams and my experience is that electric football is very much Theater of the Mind. A lot of pretending has to happen for the game to resemble American football. For example, I pretend the center snaps the football to the QB.

I pretend the QB hands off to a running back.

I pretend the offensive linemen are pulling and blocking on a counter trey.

I pretend a defender tips the pass away at the last moment.

I pretend the players are to scale for my Tudor Ultimate field.


There are some things I don’t pretend when playing electric football.

I don’t pretend there are penalties. For example I don’t pretend in illegal blocks in the back, ineligible receivers down field, or holding. My plastic football players hold very still so I’ve never seen a false start.

I don’t pretend a plastic catapult resembles passing or kicking. I use dice — a D6 and a D12 for passing and a D6 and a D10 for field goals and punts, when I pretend pass and kick and that works really well for me.

I don’t pretend my players fumble because I don’t pretend my defensive players can punch out the ball.

I have other hobbies, but this theater is where I love to hang out.


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