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Long Island electric football league votes down zero stops

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Hugs and handshakes to all our electric football Brothers and sisters! The Long Island electric football league will kick off its 50th season in August after an amazing 20/20 season. We also want to congratulate our United Brothers of electric football worldwide for keeping the tradition alive. We especially would like to thank the innovative ideas of Chris LeMay for his national electric football museum initiative. 

For those of you who follow our league there was quite an argument about the league becoming a no stop League. Our league moves the ball very fast as it is with only one stop and no turns along with 40 second setups. Like most leagues this means a coach has to think very fast on their feet and make split second decisions.

On Monday the league voted down a zero stop League which would mean that if you're going to pass the football the game does not stop you have to do it on the fly. The league also voted down the 35 second setup rule with no turns. We will remain a 40 second setup with no turns.

After last year's spectacular super bowl of the Green Bay Packers defeating the Miami dolphins 52-49, the league is now putting together their seven game schedule. And if you follow our league on our page our draft went beautifully and it should be a tremendous 2021 season.

Coach Ed Viggs has won  back-to-back super bowls in the Long Island electric football league. Coach Viggs said, "We are ready to roll in late July I will start having a few practices to get my teams warmed up and play each other so that we can get ready for an exciting 2021 season."

Because we had poor readership last season in trying to share what we think is a terrific League with a full spectrum of details and statistics along with other data and records, the Long Island electric football league will not be doing game write-ups. It was an enormous undertaking and we probably should have done that for the 50th season rather than the 49th. Nevertheless for those of you who did read about our league our whole and sole purpose was to keep the game that we all love alive. We really loved reading about your leagues. It was so exciting see that people actually give a darn about this hobby at such high levels.

So stay tuned as the Long Island electric football league resumes August 1st.


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