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1970 (I think) Model 620 (Packers v. Vikings)


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Hey All!

I thought I’d come to the experts to see if anyone knows an approx value for the NFC, Vikings vs. Packets edition on the Tudor Model No. 620, fully intact in original box. The Official Rule guide has 1971 listed at the end, so I figure that is the production date. I cannot find this edition anywhere fir comparison. I know the 1967 Browns vs. Giants edition is prized, but hadn’t seen this alternate, later edition around. I’d like to get an of what the market would command for such an item, if anything at all. Thanks in advance for your help!



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As The System mentioned, please provide a photo. The game would likely be one for interest by a collector, and if that is the case, the game must include all of its original pieces, no broken players, all bases, and the original cardboard scoreboard with all of its dials and grommets. Original rulebook is also highly desired. 

1971 was the year Tudor produced games with regional teams, so you had sets like Rams-Niners out west, Colts-Cowboys for the South, and so on. 

If the board is fine, that is, no rust, dents or scratches, and it runs, then you could ask a little more. It really depends on how good the item is. The '67 Browns-Giants 620 game is prized because it was the first and only 620 produced with the original 67 Big Men. Tudor scaled down the size of its figures for later years.  

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It should be a blue endzone game and was marketed in the north and midwest ....much would depend on the condition like mentioned before....the game should have  1969 hogleg vikings in white  and packers in dark....the more popular and more produced version would have the rams vs the cowboys.......the afc version would have been the gold endzone browns vs jets in honor of the first monday night football game on abc....in my experience the game in good shape would probably sell on ebay for 100 to maybe 150 on a good day....probably the most valuable of the old tudor big 620s would be the super bowl III ( jets vs colts ) ...super bowl IV ( vikings and chiefs ) ....and the mid 70s championship boards that featured 4 teams...the old grass endzone browns vs giants games of the late 60s were the best running boards ......good luck

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