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  1. I’m not on here a lot but what I can say is that the New MPFL Manual is being worked on. The MPFL ( IS NOT A RULES SET ) I would ask that it not be referred to as such. The Football you watch ( NFL ) is what the MPFL is, it’s not someone’s idea of football where the actual rules are altered and or not enforced. Take the actual Rules of the NFL and basically apply it to the hobby in a multiple stop (4) format. The MPFL allows the players to think, and react the same way if these player were actually human. The real actual game of NFL FOOTBALL miniaturized, no tricks, not watered down, not altered to please a group or individual because they they don’t have knowledge of the game or understanding of the game procedures. Here is an example…… You as a coach have 11 players, it takes on average 3 seconds to put one player in position on the field, that’s 33 seconds to set up 11 player. We give you an additional 12 seconds making it 45 seconds ( The Play Clock ) This represents the NFL Play Clock that was once (45) and is now (40). For the sake of the game the play clock can either be (40 or 45 seconds depending on the league ). This process/procedures captures the feel and urgency of the actual game. The MPFL put the Laws and Rules of Football first, we don’t put the comfort of the individuals over the game of Football, and we don’t pacify their ignorance. Now there are many what you call rules set that are actually another persons variation of Football that was created to highlight what they do best and conceal what they are not good at and in doing so they refuse to obey the Laws and Rules of Football. The offense shouldn’t tell the defense if they are running or passing that’s just absurd and ignorant and isn’t a part of football. It takes away the responsibility and discipline of the game and it’s positions. You take away the intellectual part of the game, the player’s intelligence. On a defensive play there are actual two plays in one, one to defend the run and the other to defend the pass however you need to read the cues to know what your defending, cues like if the offensive line stands up it’s a pass if the fire out it’s a run. You simply do t tell the defense hey I’m passing or hey I’m running. The MPFL allows this to happen naturally and doesn’t give either side an advantage over the other no matter the type of play is run.
  2. In the pictures you will find that a 3 yard stick ranges from behind the LOS to 11 yards from the LOS. This is and represents the high percentage pass, it gives you slants, shovel pass, screens and outs just to list a few. The defensive still can contest the pass and reflect the laws of football. You have the two DB’s reading ( on a magnet ) and once the ball is in the air they react. The results are just what you would see in a real NFL game, the WR runs an out against zone coverage, the defender reacts, WR catches the pass and is immediately tackled.
  3. Yes the shoulder numbers are worth the effort, just think this team is a reflection of you. With the face mask I would suggest that you first bend them around a pencil or object match the circumference of the players helmet then if not painted prime then paint. Once dry put a dab of glue on each side of the face mask then place on the figure and hold it in the proper alignment with the helmet until the glue takes.
  4. Anything you want to know about the MPFL I’m hear to field your questions.
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