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Located in Nashville, TN. Open to anyone living in Nashville, Middle Tennessee or willing to travel to the area to participate in a TOC Rules based league. All teams allowed: Professional, College, High School or Fantasy.
  1. What's new in this league
  2. Looks like a great league guys--I saw the posts on the finals season standings! Awesome! Who are your favorite teams in your league? What makes them fierce? What are your biggest challenges as coaches and in keeping the league committed?
  3. Reminds me I need to work on the RSFL logo. So-called because my wife wrote “Rick's Stupid Football League” on my folder of game sheets.
  4. With one weekend left to play Music City EFL is winding down. Here are the updated standings. The league is the Steelers to own although the Steelers have two games left with tough opponents. If the Steelers fail the Titans could slip in to win the league. Also don’t count out the Jaguars, Seahawks or the Bears/Cornhuskers. The Yanks are an extreme long shot and the TN Color Rush, Saints and Blue Raiders are chomping at the bits to get another shot in the 2020 tournament.
  5. What do we do on game day?
  7. October Game Day Meeting of the Music City EFL
  8. We will be meeting at the Clubhouse in Madison, TN at 10:00 am

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