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Throwing Off the Backfoot  

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  1. 1. Do you make allowances for throwing off the backfoot?

    • The moment the QB is touched by a defender the QB is sacked.
    • The moment the QB is touched by the defender the QB has the option of throwing off his backfoot or tacking a sack.
    • My rule is that, 'The moment the QB is touched by a defender the QB is sacked,' but sometimes I'm slow getting the power turned off so I make allowances for that.

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Here is a quote from a Tennessee Titan's forum about QB Marcus Mariota and throwing off the backfoot.

"This is the kind of stuff I find funny because Mariota does it several times and now all of the sudden Mariota throws off his Backfoot. 
In game situation especially when you don't have a good line more then half the time you probably are not going to be able to have the time for that beautiful 5-7 step drop and plant your foot then step in to your throw transferring your weight forward with your hips squared while Diagnosing the defense and you have the pressure coming within seconds. Lol This is  the NFL and that's not realistic. You will see every QB in the NFL every year several times a year throwing off his Backfoot with not the best release because it's the NFL. Sometimes you just have to get the ball out because the blitz is coming. Sometimes your window in the  secondary is going to be so small you have to get that ball out then. We have no way of knowing because we are not under center."

Here is a video of Pink Panther QB #12 rolling out to his left. The video stops and QB #12 is facing an all out blitz.



I always let the play run until the defenders actually touch the QB because — in my experience — NFL QBs do most of their throwing off the backfoot.

Do you make allowances for throwing off the backfoot?


Enjoy the Journey.  T43.   🏈♾️

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Just saw this on a Forum called, Welcome to Muthead, your Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team Database and MUT 24 Team Builder

"What is up with these back foot cross body under pressure dots?

Seriously, I have Kearse and Bruce Smith screaming in my opponents face and he throws off his back foot across his body and somehow gets a completion to his smothered receiver. EVERY TIME! I know theres a lot of stupid crap that goes on in this game, but that doesn't make any sense at all. I can never throw like that, yet these people are doing every single down.'

Enjoy the stupid crap, it's part of the Journey.   T43.   🏈♾️

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Tighten up little buddy, they comin’ after you!!

Now THAT was a blitz!

I don’t get the Madden reference. I never played a down of Madden.

In my experience, I can’t watch everything at once, so I do make occasional adjustments ie  throwing off the Blackfoot. I take into account the flow and the spirit of the game. Not to get all hippy dippy, but I do believe each game has its own vibe. Spirit, if you will.

Journey On!

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4 hours ago, Daryl Collins said:

I don’t get the Madden reference.

It's kind of like Fantasy Football. The author is complaining that the software created by EA Sports (Electronic Arts) allows the QB to do things that real, breathing QBs probably can't do and the software does it consistently. To which I reply, 'Duh. That's why it's called 'Fantasy.'

4 hours ago, Daryl Collins said:

each game has its own vibe. Spirit, if you will.

I feel that vibe also. Especially this last game between the Meteor and Pink Panthers. I hurt when they lose and I rejoice when they win. I know it's just my brain getting shots of endorphins, and adrenaline, and probably a few other Lymphatic chemicals, but hey, that's part of being human.

Enjoy the Journey    T43    🏈♾️

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I thought the coaches who use pressure sticks would be all over this Poll.  🤔

I found this GIF of Patrick Mahomes throwing while falling down. How do you duplicate that?

<div class="tenor-gif-embed" data-postid="24653836" data-share-method="host" data-aspect-ratio="1.77778" data-width="100%"><a href="https://tenor.com/view/patrick-star-patrick-mahomes-mahomes-chiefs-chiefs-bucs-superbowl-gif-24653836">Patrick Star Patrick Mahomes GIF</a>from <a href="https://tenor.com/search/patrick+star-gifs">Patrick Star GIFs</a></div> <script type="text/javascript" async src="https://tenor.com/embed.js"></script>

If you watch enough Patrick Mahomes' clips you see that he jumps and while in the air he squares his hips. This allows Mahomes to throw very accurately. The crazy thing is that Patrick Mahomes can still throw 65 yards down field. Incredible arm strength.


Enjoy the Journey T43

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"Sometimes you’ll hear commentators say that Patrick Mahomes looks smoother on the field than everyone else. And this is true. But it’s not because Mahomes is calmer than everyone else or having more fun.

It’s because the biomechanical laws that bind other quarterbacks do not apply to Patrick Mahomes. He doesn’t need his feet set to throw deep balls. He doesn’t need a balanced lower half. He doesn’t even really need proper kinematic sequencing in order to throw a good ball..

That’s because Mahomes is able to produce incredible amounts of torque just with his hips and upper body. The reason, according to Bobby Stroupe, Mahomes’ trainer, is because of Mahomes’ unique body type.

“He has the most athletic spine I’ve ever seen.”

Spine strength and flexibility allow Mahomes to make up for the ground force lost by not having a solid base. And not needing a solid base opens up Mahomes’ game to more creativity than we’re used to seeing at the quarterback position. It allows him to throw balls downfield from body positions that would be impossible for other quarterbacks.

When you couple this bizarre spinal flexibility with insane arm strength and preternatural touch, you get the baffling acrobatics and improvisation that Mahomes displays every Sunday."  The Bullwark, "This Is How Patrick Mahomes Works His Magic: His mechanics are different from everyone else in the league." DAVID KAGAN FEB 10, 2023

All the QBs in the Heavy Metal Electric Football Consortium have Mahomes-ability. Supple spine. Incredible arm strength. Preternatural touch. The only way I know to represent that magic in electric football is with dice. 

  • Play is stopped.
  • The Offense rolls a D10.
  • The Defense rolls a D6.
  • If the D10 is the larger number then the pass is complete.
  • If the D6 is the larger number then the pass is incomplete.
  • Ties are interceptions.
  • You may throw a pass to an eligible player that is touching a defensive player.

Enjoy the Journey.   T43    🏈♾️

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