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The final score was Meteor Storm 57 and Pink Panther's 54. Both teams rushed for over 600 yards (Meteor: 699; Panther's: 627) and the kick returners of the Meteor tilted the game in the Meteor favor. Meteor kick returner/wide receiver #5 had two kick returns for touchdowns and finished the game with 249 kick return yards and recovered the second Panther onside kick.


So, the Final Four are set. Before the Angels of Avalon, Baja Blast, Meteor Storm, and Welsh Dragons play there will be an interim game between the Angels of Avalon and the Welsh Dragons. Both teams are undefeated. Neither team has played in 4 weeks and I need to give my brain a refresher course before the Playoffs begin.

I always show the offensive highlights and today I thought I'd show a few defensive highlights. In Touch Tackling the defender touches the ball carrier and the play stops. Not so in Stop-Forward-Progress Tackling. Initial contact is just the beginning. I've named the different types of Stop-Forward-Progress tackles as the T-Bone, the Merry-Go-Round, the Broadside, the Friendly-Fire, the Front End Realignment, and the Clog-up-the-Drain tackle.


Regardless of the type of tackle there are always a gang of defenders around the ball carrier. Gang Tackling is the most important reason I use Two-Deep Stacking on defense. Open Field Tackles like the one in the final clip are way-cool but they rarely happen.

Enjoy the Journey.  T43.  🏈♾️

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Some bases are money in the bank. 💵🏦💰 The following Pink Panther players were offered contracts to start for the Meteor Storm against the Angels of Avalon in the Final Four Playoff Game.

Pink Panther's #12 Quarterback  ➡️  Meteor #12 Quarterback

Pink Panther's #16 Quarterback  ➡️  Meteor #16 Quarterback

Pink Panther's #66 Guard / Defensive End  ➡️  Meteor #65 Left Guard / Nose Tackle

Pink Panther's #11 Weak Side Corner  ➡️  Meteor #18 Nickel Back 

Pink Panther's #55 Strong Side Corner  ➡️  Meteor #71 Left Tackle 

Pink Panther's #99 Tight End  ➡️  Meteor #99 Tight End

Pink Panther's #81 Wide Receiver / Kick Returns  ➡️  Meteor #81 Tight End / Kick Returns

Pink Panther's #49 Tailback  ➡️  Meteor Tailback #49

Pink Panther's #26 Tailback  ➡️  Meteor Tailback #26

Pink Panther's #34 Fullback  ➡️  Meteor Fullback #43

Meteor Storm retained 14 of their original 23 players. 

184 bases started this Draft Tournament. Now only 92 bases remain. These 10 players are potential First Round Draft Choices.

The eliminated 92 bases are watching from their couches at home. 🛋️ RIP

Enjoy the Journey   T43.   🏈♾️

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Thanks Coach Collins. It's a labor of love. Do you remember this NCAA commercial:

“Almost all of us will be going pro in something other than sports.”

The point of the commercial is to remind high-level student-athletes that everyone doesn’t make it. 98% of them won’t make it. Hence, they will graduate and be professionals in their respective lines of work.

The NCAA guesses that 1% of D1 athletes ever go pro.

D1 athletes play at the bigger schools. Schools like Notre Dame, the University of Kentucky, and the University of Alabama. These athletes were the best in the country.

I started with 184 players and when I'm done I'll know — with confidence — I have the top players in their positions. 

1 hour ago, Daryl Collins said:

Crème de la crème

It's all part of the hobby for me. What did Mick Jagger and the Stones sing, "I know, it's only Electric Football, but I like it."

Enjoy the Journey   T43. 🏈♾️

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