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There are two games I call 'Limbo' in the Draft Tournament. I chose the word Limbo because the teams have one-win and one-loss. Are they Winners or are they Losers? The teams are in Limbo because their identity is uncertain. The first Limbo game featured the Baja Blast and the Diamond Dawgs. The Baja Blast won the game and punched their ticket into the Final Four. The Welsh Dragons and the Angels of Avalon are already in the Final Four.

The Best Players of the Diamond Dawgs will be absorbed into the Baja Blast team.

The second Limbo game features the Meteor Storm and the two-headed rushing attack of the Pink Panthers.

The Baja Blast have a potent rushing attack also. BB Fullback #43 is a genuine juggernaut. Here are a couple examples I slowed down to 20%.



Enjoy the Journey.    T43.   🏈♾️

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While Baja Blast #43 is a Juggernaut — Halfback #31 is calm and strong. In the second Touchdown run #43 gets to the End Zone 15 yards ahead of #31 but #31 pushes the whole pile in the direction he wants to go. Defenders whacking the back of his base, or hitting #31 broadside, simply won't stop #31. The Defense has to gang tackle this locomotive.

I love watching these players mature. From Game 1 to Game 3 some little plastic peeps dramatically change curve, or strength, or speed. Usually that dramatic change is followed by a journey to the circular file. 🗑️

Some plastic peeps just keep getting better in every category, curve, strength, and speed. I'm gradually finding the best. 🏆 But which two teams are the very best?

Enjoying the Draft Journey.  T43.    🏈♾️

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The Consolidation of two teams — the Baja Blast and the Diamond Dawgs — into one team (the Baja Blast) is complete.

The following Diamond Dawg players were offered contracts to start for the Baja Blast in the next game.

Diamond Dawg's Quarterback #2  ➡️  Baja Blast's Quarterback #2

Diamond Dawg's Center / Middle Linebacker #50  ➡️  Baja Blast's Center / Middle Linebacker #54

Diamond Dawg's Right Tackle #70  ➡️  Baja Blast's Wide Receiver #7

Diamond Dawg's Tailback #32  ➡️  Baja Blast's Tailback #32 

Diamond Dawg's Guard / Defensive Tackle #61  ➡️  Baja Blast's Guard / Defensive Tackle #61

Diamond Dawg's Strong Side Corner #38  ➡️  Baja Blast's Wide Receiver #6

Diamond Dawg's Tight End #89  ➡️  Baja Blast's Tight End #89

Diamond Dawg's Free Safety #21  ➡️  Baja Blast's Tight End #84


The Baja Blast retained 17 of their original 23 players. The addition of the Diamond Dawg players brings the total number of players on the Baja Blast team up to 25 players. I need to move one receiver from the Baja Blast to the Practice Squad. I need more time to figure that out. 🤔

Internally, Baja Blast's Center /Middle Linebacker #54 was moved to Right Tackle #76.

Enjoy the Journey    T43    🏈♾️

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17 hours ago, Terry43 said:

The Baja Blast have a potent rushing attack also. BB Fullback #43 is a genuine juggernaut. Here are a couple examples I slowed down to 20%.

Nice Video.  I love the way this figure runs!  Taking the handoff he hits his line and the pause this causes makes it appear as though he is picking his hole, and his success in finding the hole just amplifies this perception.

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