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Wow! I'm exhausted. What an offensive shootout. The Pink Panthers won the game and will absorb the best players of the Metallians.


Up next The Baja Blast will attempt to curtail that offense of the Diamond Dawgs. Should be another shootout.

Pink Panthers Half Back #49 ran effectively from every formation: Power Sweep, Power I, Single Back, Upback, and Pro Set. He finished the game with 375 yards on 22 carries. The little plastic peep scored 4 touchdowns.




Enjoy the Journey   T43    🏈♾️


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Now, if you think Pink Panthers #49 is scary, just imagine two 300+ running backs in the Pink Panther backfield. Because the Metallians lost — all of the Metallians best players will join the Pink Panthers team. At the top of the Best Metallians Players list is HB #15. This little plastic peep rushed for 324 yards on 9 carries, 151 yards receiving, and 5 touchdowns. 



I can hardly wait for this Two-headed Panther to play the blistering Meteor. That game will be in two weeks. Whew!

Enjoy the Journey    T43.    🏈♾️

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Correction: In the first video, the Power I example, I label the Pulling Tackle as a Pulling Guard. Then in the Upback Formation I made the same mistake again. The Pulling Tackle is labeled as a Pulling Guard. Very sorry for those mistakes.

Clarification: I label the Gaps with letters starting at the Quarterback's far right. So the Gaps are Wide Right R, then A, B, C,  (center) D, E, F, and then Wide Left. L.

Enjoy the Journey   T43.   🏈♾️


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The Consolidation of two teams — the Pink Panthers and the Metallians — into one team (the Pink Panthers) is complete.

The following Metallian players were offered contracts to start for the Pink Panthers in the next game.

Metallian's #15 Halfback / Kick returner ➡️ Pink Panther Halfback / Kick Returner

Metallian's #69 Guard / Nose Tackle ➡️  Pink Panther Right Tackle

Metallian's #54 Right Outside Linebacker (edge rusher) ➡️ Pink Panther's Right Outside Linebacker

Metallian's #9 Wide Receiver ➡️  Pink Panther's Wide Receiver 

Metallian's #42 Free Safety ➡️  Pink Panther's Free Safety

Metallian's #26 Tailback ➡️  Pink Panther's Tailback

Metallian's #52 Center / Middle Linebacker ➡️  Pink Panther's Center / Middle Linebacker

Metallian's #87 Tight End ➡️ Pink Panther's Tight End

Metallian's #99 Tight End ➡️ Pink Panther's Tight End


The Pink Panthers retained 14 of their original 23 players.

Internally, Pink Panther #81 was moved from Tight End to Wide Receiver.

All the Metallian players were repainted into Pink Panther uniforms.


Those players with green platforms were formerly Metallians. Before the next game the platforms will be painted flat black to match the rest of the team.

Enjoy the Journey.   T43.     🏈♾️

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That’s just too dang cool, Coach T! Stellar paint job! 
BTW. Have you had any experience with the ITZ curved pliers created by “Mert Perkins”, as the ad states? With the trove of ITZ bases I recently came in possession of, (thank you!), I wondered if they would provide any advantage in tweaking said bases?

Journey On!

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I don't know. I haven't tried them. I have smooth pliers from Ace Hardware — that aren't curved — and those pliers were about the same price. So I think the price is reasonable. 

image.png.a56e700055108691800421f2b870a514.png Try them and let me know your experience.  😃👍

I'm curious if you discover the curve makes a prolonged difference in speed, or strength (do the prongs stay tweaked after they've been heated and squeezed with curved pliers)..

Enjoy the Journey     T43.     🏈♾️

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