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I'm in the middle of quite an exciting electric football journey. It's like a trip 60 years into the past and the year is somewhere between 1971 and 1974. The location is a factory in either Haiti or China and 184 single-clip bases are starting life as liquid green plastic. The liquid plastic is injected into a mold and 24 single-clip bases come out of the mold.

Those 24 bases joined with over 300 of their brothers and sisters and made the journey across the Pacific Ocean to the United States. They got placed on a shelf and there they sat for next 60 years. Untweaked. Unplayed with. Unrealized potential.

I found them on eBay and purchased them. That was my post on 'Santa Claus arrived early'.

As I announced in, 'Santa Claus arrived early (part 2)' I've created eight new teams. Each team has 23 players and I tweaked all 184 players. In the tweaking process 33 proved impossible to tweak. 80 remain to be realized.

Joyously the 184 bases are tweaked, played with, and their potential is in the process of blossoming.


Angels of Avalon TB #37: 97 yards rushing on 6 carries; 1 TD

Angels of Avalon TB #26: 39 yards on 7 carries; 2 TDs

Angels of Avalon HB #9: 77 yards rushing on 5 carries; 1 TD

Angels of Avalon TE #81: 151 kick return yards; 2 TDs; Recovered Onside Kick.

Trans-Am Javelins TB #34: 133 yards rushing on 14 carries; 2 TDs

Baja Blast TB #22: 146 yards rushing on 13 carries; 2 TDs

Baja Blast TE #91: 90 receiving yards; 189 kick return yards; 2 TDs

Baja Blast QB #15: 85 yards rushing on 9 carries; 1 TD; 1 PAT

Baja Blast WR #6: 9 yards receiving; 52 kick return yards; 3 PATs

Meteor Storm TB #31: 288 yards rushing on 7 carries; 3 TDs; 1 PAT

Meteor Storm WR #9: 273 kick return yards; 2 TDs

Meteor Storm WR #5: 181 kick return yards; 1 TD


Enjoy the Journey    T43.   🏈♾️


Diamond Dawgs vs Metallians up next.


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