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Game 2 of the playoffs is getting underway with the coin toss.

Captains for Michigan: WR #27 John Aggie, QB #5 Josh Riptide, LB #52 Kenny Wilbur, S #0 Kris Lottimage.thumb.jpg.75b3723b3d85b2de57ff9c9a8a8c12b0.jpg

Captains for OSU: LB #43 Charles Martinez, DE #73 Warren Lowe, RB #28 Rashard Blues, WR #13 Evan Kresceimage.thumb.jpg.275c08825307829264bb8670ea19f804.jpg

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After 1 half of play the game has been all Ohio State. They have poured it on Michigan since the first possession. Score at half: OSU 28 MICHIGAN 7

First half recap:

The first two touchdowns I forgot to get pictures for but Shawn Ritter threw a TD to TE Rashad Simmons, and WR Nelson Strickland got a Punt return for a TD.

After a turnover Shawn Ritter throws his second TD this time to WR Lewis Spedman on a back shoulder fade:IMG_8899.thumb.jpeg.91c7e3d4935a78b9f6d5bb50d4d0d637.jpeg

Michigan gets a long 7 play drive down field and caps it off with a Doug Brown TD:IMG_8897.thumb.jpeg.1268d6ea8ac556c9637845d81e598f1f.jpeg

OSU immediately responds on a huge 80 yards TD run from none other than Rashard Bluee:IMG_8896.thumb.jpeg.b3203c6a6f040932ae878fdd4c56f472.jpeg

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After a long grueling second half OSU comes out with a big 35-10 victory looking dominant against Michigan. The only second half TD was a 98 yards KR from Nelson Strickland as he had 2 special teams touchdowns. Not sure where Michigan goes for next season as they’ll be losing SR All American Wr John Aggie to the draft as well as 3 time All American QB Josh Riptide. As for OSU they move on to have a rematch against Bama where they look to prove their worth.

Not quite sure who should win MVP so i’ll let you coaches decide: QB Shawn Ritter(6/8, 195 yards, 2 TDs) or WR Nelson Strickland(1 catch, 13 yards, 173 return yards, 2 return TDs) who do you think should get game mvp?

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16 hours ago, Jayethekxng said:

they’ll be losing SR All American Wr John Aggie to the draft

i made a mistake in this statement. WR Aggie is actually a Junior who will be returning for his Senior season so Michigan will still have a great playmaker💪👍

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