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MNF Tournament II

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The photo says it all. With no time on the clock and the Falcons heading for an inconsequential 6 points, a looping 49er thwarts the score. In the first half, Mattie Ice was 2 for 10 with 3 interceptions. Yes. 3. All turned into points by the 49ers. The final score was 48-20. And it wasn’t that close. 
Next up, the Commanders V. the Seahawks.IMG_2585.thumb.jpeg.2a6f5b1f092e575aaa0eec5c387c12f7.jpeg

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Wow. This has got to be considered the upset of upsets. ☠️

The 49ers — a team that has never played a game before — takes the field and dominates the reigning MNF Tournament champions? The dice never play favorites, but sometimes the universal balance has to be restored. ⚖️ It was just the Falcons' turn.

3 interceptions. Recovering from one interception is tough. Two is nearly impossible. Three is impossible.

Have you started your MNF Tournament Record Book? Most Interceptions, 1 team, 1 game:  3  San Francisco 49ers Game 1 Tournament 2.

                                                                                             Most points, 1 team, 1 game:   48   San Francisco 49ers Game 1 Tournament 2.

                                                                                             Most yards Rushing, 1 player, 1 game: 299 yards Atlanta Falcons #40, Tournament 1

                                                                                             Most Touchdowns, 1 player, 1 game: 4 touchdowns Atlanta Falcons #40, Tournament 1.

Enjoy the Journey.    T43.    🏈♾️

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I have now! It seems this whole tournament episode has snuck up on me a bit. I have to get my act together concerning the records. 
That three interceptions was uncanny. The 49ers also had one, and this was all in the first half! The score at halftime was 31-0. There was a 49er punt return to the 8. It was a freak of a game! 

Journey On!

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15 hours ago, Daryl Collins said:

The 49ers also had one, and this was all in the first half! The score at halftime was 31-0.

Every time you create a new team you are getting a little better at tweaking. A little better at recognizing base tendencies. A little better at calling plays. This is demonstrated by the 49ers' offense turning every interception into 7 points. The success of the little plastic peeps reflects the acumen of the coach. 😃👍

Enjoy the Journey   T43   🏈♾️

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