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Hoosiers vs the Quick and the Dead

Four teams went into the Basement (lost their first tournament game) and only one team can make it out. The Hoosiers eliminated the Christmas Spirit and the Quick and the Dead eliminated the Golden Grizzlies. The loser of this game is eliminated. The winner joins the Knights in White Satin and the Egyptians in the HMEFC Playoffs.

To reach the Playoffs the Hoosiers will rely heavily on Power Sweeps featuring TB #22 and TB #37. Mostly it will be TB #22. In Game #3 of the Hunger Games Tournament TB #22 rushed for 133 yards on 12 carries against the GTO. TB #22 score three Touchdowns. TB #37 racked up 63 yards on 5 carries and 1 Touchdown.

In game #9 of the Hunger Games Tournament TB #22 had 86 yards rushing on 15 carries and one Touchdown. #22 was the MVP of the game. The other four Touchdowns were scored by WR #13 (100 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns) and TE #89 (74 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns). Watch for QB #11 to run a couple times in each half. Especially near the Goal Line.

This is the Quick and the Dead's fourth game in the Hunger Games Tournament. WR / KR #4 has pulled down two MVPs. Against the Blue Jays WR/KR #4 had 176 kick return yards and 125 receiving yards. He scored three touchdowns. #4 does most of his damage in the 2nd and 4th quarters. In a losing effort WR/KR #4 had 93 kick return yards and 94 receiving yards. He had a 55 yard touchdown.

WR/KR #4 was quiet against the Golden Grizzlies (103 kick return yards) because HB #23 rushed for 277 yards on 15 attempts. #23 scored 4 rushing touchdowns. However, HB #23 had -7 yards rushing against the Oughtin' Otters and only 27 yards rushing against the Blue Jays.

For the Quick and the Dead WR /KR #4 is the real threat.

Historically both of these teams have won Fruit Bowls. The Hoosiers won Fruit Bowl 19 and the Quick and the Dead recently won Fruit Bowl 27. Unfortunately history is against them. Only once has a team come out of the Basement to win the Fruit Bowl. 

Let's go to the Coin Flip.



Enjoy the Journey.    T43.    🏈♾️

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4 hours ago, Terry43 said:

... because HB #23 rushed for 277 yards on 15 attempts.

Quick and the Dead HB #23 is at it again. In the First Half #23 has 72 yards rushing on 5 attempts for 3 touchdowns. HB #23 also has a 61 yard reception. 

Hoosiers running backs have combined for 225 yards and all three touchdowns. TB #22 has 79 of the 225 yards which is what I expected.

Hoosiers wide receivers dropped the ball — literally. With about 15 seconds to play WR #33 dropped a pass and on third down WR #13 dropped a pass. This forced a punt. Two plays later the Quick and the Dead went up 28 to 21.

Just the First Half Touchdowns



I'm expecting a Second Half like the First Half and quite likely the winner will be the last team to possess the ball. Can't wait to play. I love this game❣️

This was better than Christmas Eve. 🎄 I'll finish the game in the morning.

Enjoy the Scoring    T43    🏈♾️

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The Quick and the Dead won the game 55 to 49 in overtime. A kickoff return for a touchdown ended the game.

Quick and the Dead HB #23 finished the game with 176 yards on 14 carries and 3 touchdowns. TE #83 received the game MVP for his stunning kick return that won the game in over time and he recovered the Hoosiers' Onside Kick. #83 ended the game with 184 kick return yards, 27 yards receiving, and 2 touchdowns.

Hoosiers TB #22 carried the ball 10 times for 140 yards and 2 touchdowns. If the Hoosiers were to select an MVP it would be FB #47. # 47 had two touchdowns, one on a 78 yard run and the other on a 78 yard pass reception. FB #47 also plays strong safety and he logged 3 tackles for lost yards. Definitely a franchise player.


I'm really excited about next week's game (game 14). The undefeated GTO play the undefeated Shamrock Bay. The winner has the automatic berth in Fruit Bowl 32.

The loser is the fourth team in the playoffs. The Egyptians will play the Quick and the Dead in the first game of the Playoffs and the Knights in White Satin will play the loser of next week's game. This is the kind of excitement that keeps me awake at night. Think about it. Terry43 is the Head Coach of four playoff caliber teams. Where else can you find a challenge like that? Don't worry AARP I'm keeping my brain exercised.

Enjoy the Journey    T43    🏈♾️

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