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Shamrock Bay intercepted the Oughtin' Otters' bid for another undefeated season. Otters' running backs #39 and #29 combined for 153 yards rushing. Proving once again that the Otters are neither a right handed team, nor a left handed team.

The big story was Game 8 MVP, WR #46. 253 kick return yards, 97 receiving yards, and a Touchdown. At the end of the First Half, if WR #4 hadn't nicked the back of WR #46's base the might have been 120 receiving yards and 2 Touchdowns. It's the last pass play on the video highlights.


Shamrock Bay ran 25 plays compared to 45 plays by the Oughtin' Otters. Unfortunately for the Otters — in a league where the best defense is a good offense — the game hinged on one interception.

Enjoy the Journey    T43    🏈♾️

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In the Second Half the Oughtin' Otters were forced to try two Onside Kicks. Otters' #22 recovered both Onsides Kicks.



For the second Onside Kick I went to my rule book and the Otters lined up on their 30 yard line and Shamrock Bay remained at their 35. If there had been a third Onside Kick by the Otters they must kick from their 25 yard line and Shamrock Bay would line up on the 35 yard line again.

This prevents Coach Terry 43 from taking advantage of a really fast plastic peep and using the Onside Kick instead of a normal Kick Off. I have to keep my eye on that T43 guy. 😜

Enjoy the Journey    T43.    🏈♾️

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Now begins the brutal part of the Hunger Games Tournament.

It's Do Or Die.


First up are the Christmas Spirit and the Hoosiers. The Christmas Spirit certainly want to return to the Fruit Bowl a third straight year, but they must win four straight games to do that. The Hoosiers, Golden Grizzlies, and the Quick and the Dead all face the same four-game uphill battle.

The Battle of the Last Two Undefeated Teams will pit the GTO against Shamrock Bay. Shamrock Bay has been here many times before. This is a first visit for the GTO. I'm really looking forward to playing this game five weeks from now. Right about Thanksgiving! 🦃

Enjoy the Journey.   T43.    🏈♾️

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