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The 6-second Kickoff Return


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I just finished the 6th game of the Hunger Games Double-elimination tournament and the defending Fruit Bowl Champion Oughtin' Otters won 41 to 34.

In the 2nd Quarter Oughtin' Otters WR/KR #22 set a World Land Speed Record of 6 seconds for the 100 yard dash. The little plastic peep did this on a Tudor Ultimate Field. He's riding on a 1967, single-clip, Aqua-colored base. He weighs 5.37 grams.

Here's the video in real time.



That started me thinking, What if 6 seconds really is the fastest 100 yard dash on an ultimate field. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a Guinness Book of Electric Football World Records. Then I thought, why not the Tudor Forum? We could have categories like, Most Touchdowns, 1 player, 1 game; Most receiving yards, 1 player, 1 game; Most solo tackles, 1 player, 1 game.

Fastest Kickoff Return: Oughtin' Otters #22. October 10, 2023: 100 Ultimate yards, 6 seconds.

That would be a treasure. 

Enjoy the Journey   T43   🏈♾️

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Amazing! Then, there’s the randomness of how things turn out. On a recent play, Unitas was set to fade right and connected on a pass for 30 yards to Berry of the Colts. This took the play to the 9 yard line. I noticed had he run a naked bootleg, he would’ve scored. So the next play I set up exactly the same and the Browns got him for an 11 yard loss at the 20. I don’t know whether to be intrigued or disappointed. As for GBWR for electric football, verification would be the only drawback.

Journey On!

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1 hour ago, Daryl Collins said:

verification would be the only drawback.

Agreed, verification would be difficult. Probably impossible. Oh well, still fun to think about. 😃👍

1 hour ago, Daryl Collins said:

Then, there’s the randomness of how things turn out.

Drives me crazy. 😜  Here are Otters' #22's kickoff return yards from last season: 100 yards — 12 yards — 60 yards — 18 yards — 12 yards — 100 yards — 77 yards — 

28 yards — 100 yards — 22 yards — 13 yards — 39 yards — 16 yards — 16 yards. Consistency. What's that? 🤖

Enjoy the Journey  T43  🏈♾️

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