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32nd Hunger Games


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100_2069(1).png.9e8fa620bab16288e4c34f36834ad09a.png Knights are in Chrome uniforms and the Egyptians in green and orange. 

The 32nd Hunger Games are underway and District 3 (AKA Knights in White Satin) beat District 2 (AKA The Egyptians) by a score of 56 to 42. The Egyptians were definitely favored because they are two-time Fruit Bowl Champions. Here is the double-elimination brackets.


This season is called the Hunger Games season (just for fun) and the Hunger Bowl will be recorded as the 32nd Fruit Bowl.

Up next District 8 (AKA the Furies) are scheduled to play District 9 (AKA the Blue Jays) in a famous rematch... Wait. This just in. The Furies have been banned from the tournament by the Commissioner of the BeARTooth Electric Football League. The Owner of the Furies has been banned for illegally moving the Furies to a new location in the middle of the night. 🤣 The Furies will be replaced by the Quick and the Dead. Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe, and Leonardo DiCaprio will be starting for the Quick and the Dead🤣 (I think I'm getting my movies seriously confused.)

Here is District 9 (AKA the Blue Jays) and the new District 8 (AKA the Quick and the Dead).

100_2062.png.ef2ead3e6369e304686918054473ac6e.png Blue Jays are in blue and the Quick and the Dead are in black, gold and red.  NB stands for Nickel Back.

Enjoy the Journey.  T43.   🏈♾️

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39 minutes ago, Bob Davis said:

Love to see some stat lines from that game!

Hi Bob. I use stop-forward-progress tackling, rather than touch-tackling, which means a fast & straight running player can rack up the yards.

Here are some stats:

Knights Halfback/Kick Returner #34          (game MVP)

Kick Return Yards.          Attempts                   Touchdowns                      Rushing yards                      Attempts                    Touchdowns

229 yards                            4                                  2                                          115 yards                               5                                  1

Egyptians Wide Receiver/Kick Returner #88          (Egyptians' MVP)

Kick Return Yards.          Attempts                   Touchdowns                      Receiving yards                      Targets                    Touchdowns

167 yards                            4                                    1                                         72 yards                                  2                                 1

Knights Wide Receiver/Kick Returner #18

Kick Return Yards.          Attempts                   Touchdowns  

238 yards                            4                                    2

I spend a lot of time tweaking bases and practicing plays. When I find those very special players like #34, and #18, and #88, well, games like this game are my reward. 🥰

Enjoy the Journey.     T43.   🏈♾️

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District 8 (AKA the Quick and the Dead) just defeated District 9 (AKA the Blue Jays) in the 32nd Hunger Games Double-Elimination Tournament. The final score was 50 to 49 and the difference was a two-point conversion. 

Quick and the Dead WR/KR #4 was the game MVP.


Kick Return Yards          Attempts                   Touchdowns                      Receiving yards                      Targets                    Touchdowns

176 yards                            4                                    1                                        125 yards                               3                                 2

The Blue Jay's MVP was Rookie Halfback #24.


Rushing Yards          Attempts                   Touchdowns  

119 yards                        14                                  2

That completes Round One. Round Two starts next week with District 4 (AKA the Hoosiers) playing District 5 (AKA the GTO) in the... HUNGER GAMES!


Enjoy the Journey.    T43.   🏈♾️

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