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Inside TOEPRO Football 

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Inside TOEPRO Football 

The Ultimate Board Game 

Chess is a board game but the pieces don’t move simultaneously.  Electric Football does and if you play according to the laws, rules, rights and privileges of the NFL (TOEPRO Football), you will have the same things chess has. IMG_5425.thumb.jpeg.e79f0b70fb40bc03bf2871823ac4e02e.jpeg

No matter your age:
👉The board is defined based on the ability of the players to cover it. IMG_5426.thumb.jpeg.936ad0f636da6be171838cce8b501850.jpeg
👉The true first formation (kickoff) is mandated but your strategy following it isn’t. 
👉You don’t know what attack your opponent will make.
👉Your ELO-(rating) is based on talents (pass, punt; kick) and team execution, not wins-loses.IMG_5424.thumb.jpeg.08226e3a9e1fe161202fe66fc65f688f.jpeg
👉Any given day, the ball can bounce against your team. 
👉Rules established by higher documentation (NFL Rulebook)IMG_5427.thumb.jpeg.1982b2efe711bc9acced5d57309ef5aa.jpeg
👉Leagues, Organizations and Teams follow them, accommodating beginners. 

We at TOEPRO Football take seriously what we are doing with Electric Football.  We want to have the ultimate board game recognized the world over.  The question is do we want to play a serious board game or continue to play with our toys?

From my days as a kid, I offer you this,
Kit Kinchen
Commissioner, TOEPRO FootballIMG_2644.jpeg.fdd642a6e1e21047790c56aa77d2f8c8.jpeg

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2 hours ago, TOEPRO Football Kit said:

you will have the same things chess has.

Hi Commish. Thank you for drawing out the similarities between the NFL and electric football. Just a couple thoughts, Chess doesn't have a randomizer, i.e. the wave generator. Can you imagine if you turned on the chess board and the pieces started running around? What fun! 😵‍💫

Second, the Field isn't electric, the wave generator is electric. The field is metal.

2 hours ago, TOEPRO Football Kit said:

The question is do we want to play a serious board game or continue to play with our toys?

I asked my little plastic peeps and they said they wanted to keep playing football with my me! Wow. I feel like John Madden! 🤩

Enjoy the Journey.    T43.  🏈♾️

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