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2020 Long Island EFL Week#5 Houston Texans (1-3) vs. Detroit Lions (3-1)

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September 21, 2020. Detroit, Michigan.

Ford Field

Football Stadium
Ford Field is a domed American football stadium located in Downtown Detroit. It primarily serves as the home of the Detroit Lions of the National Football League, as well as the annual Quick Lane Bowl college football bowl game, state championship football games for the MHSAA, the MHSAA State Wrestling Championships, and the MCBA Marching Band State Finals, among other events. The regular seating capacity is approximately 65,000, though it is expandable up to 70,000 for football and 80,000 for basketball.

WEEK#5 LIEFL-COUNTDOWN: Week#5 of this year's exciting Long Island Electric Football League is taking on it's own personality as rookie Coach Levi Vick takes on the smoking-hot Detroit Lions of trash-talker Johnny Freeport-Chucker in the first game of the week. The Lions only loss so far was to the 2020, undefeated LIEFL #1 Ranked Green Bay Packers who beat Detroit 14-7, in Week #2. But other than that loss, the impressive Lions have played near flawless football, beating Chicago in their home opener 24-21 in OT, Arizona 20-14, in OT on the road, and New Orleans, 21-14! With Detroit running back Dexter Bussy leading the LIEFL in total yards at a record pace, Bussy has 31 carries for 1,114 yards, with ten touchdowns! Bussy is on pace for a 2,000 yard season. He would be only the second player ever in that category in a seven-game season. That will be a huge challenge for the (1-3) Houston Texans to compete against on the road. Coach Chucker said, "It's too early to say how my Lions will do, but all of these coaches better watch their backs because they are far from safe on the field. I feel on-fire with this team, and if we get you in a back alley, it's over! We are here to mix-it up and beat any team who challenges us. This team has black-magic! We aren't great, but Bussy is! We aren't trying to stop Ron Dayne, Ron Dayne has to keep up with Bussy, how's that? Any coach playing electric football would love this guy on their team, trust me. I m coming after Vick and his Texans to give them his 14th coaching loss!"

Houston Coach Vick, had no comment for the 6-foot 4" Chucker before the game.

The Lions will not stop Houston running back Ron Dayne either, Dayne is explosive! He has 38 carries for 830 total yards, with four touchdowns, two of them 100-yard kick returns! If not for such a challenging schedule, the Texans might be in a different spot. 

THE PLAY-BY-PLAY Houston Texans (1-3) vs Detroit Lions (3-1)

Dexter Bussy launched the Lions offensive weapons early, right out of the gate with a sizzling, beautiful 100-yard touchdown run, his 11th of the 2020 season, and 5th 100-yard touchdown! WOW! Bussy is tearing up the League this year! It's not even about the statistics anymore for Bussy, it is about the legacy of who will be the lucky person to inherit this league when we are finished! These records dating back to 1972 in this league are by far one of the greatest components to the LIEFL!  The Lions jump in front with the lead over the Texans 7-0, with 14:20 left in the half!

On the Texans opening kick return, All-Pro running back  Ron Dayne buzzed downfield for a 47-yard beauty! On first down, Dayne ran the ball through the left side of the Houston line for a 21-yard pickup, bringing the ball to the Detroit 33-yard line for the first down! Dayne is a great player, but his Texans need work. Coach Vick looked a little stunned from the Bussy run. It seems no matter how much opponents prepare for Bussy, he holds the magic with his graceful ability! On the next Texan play, the Detroit defense stopped Texans quarterback  DeShaun Watson wing pass attempt and the Texans are forced to kick a field-goal from 40-yards away to make the score 7-3 Lions, with 6:35 left to go in the half!
The anticipation for Bussy's next kick-return brought a look of anxiety on Texan Coach Levi Vick's face. Bussy ran the ball right up the middle of the Houston belly, for a 50-yard kick return. On the Lions first run, the Texans defense marched right through the offense of the Lions for a 20-yard loss on first two downs! They answered Bussy's play!  Bussy earned 10-yards back, bringing the ball to the Lions 40-yard-line with 20 yards to go for the first down. That was a steep challenge for Detroit, but with Detroit's dangerous passing team with third down coming up with 2:34 left to go in the half, the Lions have the talent. And on third down All-Pro receiver, Calvin Johnson freed-up by outstepping the Texan defender for a huge first down on a 20-yard pickup! There is no messing with these Lions as the first half came to a close!
With the first down from Johnson, Detroit initiated a ground attack in the second half. Dexter Bussy had a beautiful run for 15-yards, taking the ball to the Houston Texans 25-yard line! We could feel the vibration change in the game has Coach Johnny Freeport-Chucker's Detroit Lions took control of the football with Dexter Bussey running for another 6, and 9 yard runs, taking the ball to the 10-yard line of the Texans! The Lions threatened to score their second touchdown of the game as the Texans tried to figure out Bussy. And on second down for the Lions, Bussy, instead of running left, he ran right into the end-zone from 8 yards out, to make the score 14-3, with 9:02 left to go in the game. Detroit was absolutely on fire playing playoff-caliber football! Dexter Bussey scored his league-leading 12th touchdown of the season!
On the Texans kick-return, Ron Dayne earned 40 yards. Dayne was stopped on his first two runs losing nine yards, and the Texans were pushed back to their own 31-yard line on third down as Dayne was tackled in the backfield by Herman Moore who came up with a huge defensive play for the Lions! On a huge play, Houston's Andre Johnson caught a beautiful pass from quarterback  pass DeShaun Watson for a big 35-yard first down to the Detroit 34-yard line, with less than three minutes left to go in the game! On a beautiful passing sweep by the Texans, Dayne caught a nice 35-yard touchdown pass from Watson to bring the score to 14-10, Detroit in the lead, with 1:32 on the game the clock, which was winding down fast!
On Detroit's last chance to score, Bussy just missed his second hundred yard touchdown of the game as he's tackled by Houston defensive tackle Brandon Frye, after gaining 84 yards on the kick return! Detroit set-up for a quick field-goal, winning the game, 17-10! What a beautiful victory for the Detroit Lions and Coach Johnny Chucker! The Lions go to (4-1), as they head to Tennessee to face the Titans! Detroit's Dexter Bussy again comes up huge for the Lions! He had 10 carries for an amazing 274-yards with two touchdowns, one of them for 100-yards, his 5th of the season, giving the star 1,383 total yards with 12 touchdowns for the season! Coach Chucker said, "We want the Titans!"
It seems the Lions are improving and constantly trying to find ways to win at home and on the road!
The Texans have a rough road ahead and they will need some big-time drafts in the next draft so that they can allow Ron Dayne to be Ron Dayne! Houston is (1-4), and their hopes to advance in their division were just crushed for Coach Levi Vick. Dayne finished with 137 total yards with a 35-yard touchdown catch. Houston will play their last two games at home against division rivals, Indianapolis and Tennessee to complete the season!


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He really is that player base is a good 40 years old. Thank you so much for your interest in the league  we love reading about other people's leagues as well. Dexter played from 74 to 84. He's a super player in this league but there are so many great players in the league. He's just having a great year and if you go to our league page you will see records dating back to 1975. The coach that coaches them was afraid that it would jinx his team if he changed the running back to Billy Sims and even the great Barry Sanders. We appreciate you my brother

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